There are impressive resources out there to learn about blogging and one of the best is checking out blogs by experts in the blogging industry.

Well, there are many awesome bloggers out there, and many of them focus on the blogging niche and serve their audience the best content. You are reading one right now – the Female Blogpreneur blog. However, we’re going to dive into 100 other blogging websites that provide valuable content and insight on how to grow and manage a successful blog business.

Chances are that you’re looking for some blogging experts in the industry that would actually stand out by pouring to you some actionable knowledge or that which you can implement right ahead, instead of reading and moving without taking action.

You should be able to not only learn how to blog from these websites but also implement their teachings for your success as a blogger.

Without further ado, here is your list of awesome blogs and blogging experts to learn about blogging from.

Table of Contents

1. Backlinko

Personality: Brian Dean

Coverage: SEO

Backlinko is among the top and best blogging resources.

The personality behind Backlinko, Brian Dean happens to be one of the world’s top SEO experts.

He has gathered much knowledge in the field and continues to experiment with new strategies, and shares all his findings with the world.

He’d run into a lot of testimonies for his actionable teachings about SEO and traffic generation from his audiences that are seeing results.

2. Neil Patel

Personality: Neil Patel

Coverage: Digital Marketing

Neil has stepped his feet deep into the digital marketing world and tries to discuss it with the audiences on his blog, podcasts, and YouTube channel, etc.

If you have stumbled upon the popular Ubersuggest keyword search tool, it is likely that you have once set foot on Neil’s website.

He talks about blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, branding, SEO, and more.

3. Moz Blog

Personality: Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig

Coverage: SEO, Content Marketing, Blogging

Founded by the two personalities in 2004, then called SEOMoz, it is a place where the earlier streams of SEO experts share their ideas,  then grew into something even bigger.

Moz now offers some of the best SEO tools in the world and on its blog, there are a limitless number of posts to help uplift your blog and improve its ranking and bring more organic reach to your site.

4. Copy Blogger

Personality: Brian Clark

Coverage: Digital Marketing

Among the best blogging resources, here comes CopyBlogger.

Copyblogger started as a one-man blog, which the owner, Brian Clark founded to share his knowledge after launching a couple of successful online businesses.

Now, Copyblogger consists of some of the best minds in the industry, holding up the site together with Brian to update users with the best know-how about blogging, email marketing, SEO, and more.

5. BlueHost

Personality: Matt Heaton & Danny Ashworth

Coverage: Websites & Blogs

Bluehost is originally a web hosting company that offers competitive services with its commitment to WordPress.

The more successful the webmasters that are hosting their sites or blogs with Bluehost are, the more they keep patronizing the platform which in return gets the hosting company to make money.

Because of this, the company has a blog that talks about several tips and ideas for successful websites.

6. The Blog Starter

Personality: Scott Chow

Coverage: Beginner Blogging Guide

Starting a blog can be fun, but getting the points matter as well, this is why it is important to step on it, with the right foot.

The blog starter gives beginner-friendly guides on how you should go about starting a blog.

7. Quad LAyers

Personality: Juan Mastromarino

Coverage: WordPress

WordPress for its ease of use and robust features, powers about 35 percent of the web.

On the other hand, we can’t do away with the fact that there are a bunch of technicalities associated with WordPress.

To learn things that will help get you on the right track with WordPress, Quad layers is worth giving a try.

8. WPBeginner

Personality: Syed Balkhi

Coverage: WordPress Tutorials

Deploys beginner-friendly guides on WordPress, and a powerful resource for experts as well.

9. RyRob

Personality: Ryan Robinson

Coverage: Blogging & Business

Just as you begin to realize significant growth from your blog, you may want to unlock other streams of income within/beside your blog.

Ryan has a lot of tips and blog posts to keep you committed to this, and also teaches how you can start the journey as a blogger before talking about monetization.

10. Hubspot Blog

Personality: Brian and Dharmesh

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization, blogging and marketing

Hubspot is one large resource you can get top-notch ideas on how you can succeed in the digital space.

The site also has an array of marketing tools you may want to check out, but to talk about the Hubspot blog; it is where experts in the company showcase their best of tips on how you can succeed through SEO, social media, realizing sales and more.

11. Blogging Tips

Personality: Brett Helling

Coverage: Blogging

Whether you’re looking forward to learning the blogging basics, go technical about it, oversee your growth, find ways to get your blog monetized, reviews about tools that would come in handy for your blog, and more, this site may be a powerful resource for you.

12. Spice Up Your Blog

Personality: Paul Crowe

Coverage: Blogging

As the name implies, this blog will help spice up your blog by showing you features you may not have to think about leveraging as a blogger.

13. QuickSprout

Personality: Lars Lofgren & Corry Cummings

Coverage: Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO & Businesses

Quicksprout is one incredible among the blogging resources to quench up your thirst for ideas.

There are a ton of articles in the blogging categories and if you need to expand your scope, you can as well jump to other categories, most of which revolve around blogging and digital marketing.

14. MarkoSaric

Personality: Marko Saric

Coverage: Blogging

Started his journey in online marketing in the 90s, Marko is also the co-founder of Plausible, an alternative for Google analytics.

His blogs are mainly how-to guides, dedicated to bloggers.

15. Be a Better Blogger

Personality: Kevin J. Duncan

Coverage: Blogging tips, SEO, Content Marketing

Started blogging in 2005 and still doing it full time, I guess there more knowledge one can tap from this gentleman.

Well, he incorporated his blog posts with some humor so you never have to get bored while reading.

16. Blog Marketing Academy

Personality: David Risley

Coverage: Blogging

Adding some more personalized touches to blogs influences better understanding, and with Riley, you’re not just getting a library of articles to ease the business aspect and technicalities of growing a successful business from your blog, but also a means to feel some sense of entitlement on the way.

17. Blog on Your Own

Personality: Monika & Patryk

Coverage: Blogging

Shortened as “BOYO,” it is a how-to blogging tutorial site that discusses some of the challenging things bloggers are facing.

18. Lady Boss Blogger

Personality: Elain Rau

Coverage: influence, business, branding, blogging and marketing

Elain Rau is a full-time female blogger and ad been featured by hundreds of sites, including Forbes and Huffington Post.

Her blog, the Lady boss blogger focus on ways to succeed as a blogger.

19. ManageWP

Personality:  Vladimir Prelovac

Coverage: WordPress

Managing a WordPress site or blog can be daunting and time-consuming, and with the Manage WP service, you can aid your hassle.

Besides the service, along came a blog that teaches and discusses several things about WordPress and how you can be at your best with the CMS.

20. Smart Blogger

Personality: Dynamite Team

Coverage: Blogging & Writing

The team consists of awesome blogging masterminds with unique teaching and writing skills.

If you’re busy with some stuff, you can choose to listen to Smart Blogger podcasts hosted by Jon Morrow.

21. OptinMonster Blog

Personality: Thomas Griffin & Syed Balkhi

Coverage: Lead Generation & Conversion

When it comes to creating opt-in forms that could boost one’s potential for conversion, Optin monster is considered the best WordPress plugin for that.

Well, there’s a blog attached as well, which not only tells you how to use the plugin but also highlights some actionable ways to generate leads and properly utilize them for the best conversions.

22. Writing Revolt

Personality: Jorden

Coverage: Content Marketing

A youtube star who knows the nooks and crannies of providing a compelling write-ups, Jorden also manages her blog where she blogs about freelance writing, blog posts, email copies, and more.

23. Master Blogging

Personality: Ankit Singla

Coverage: Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO

Learn blogging free with one of the strong minds, Ankit Singla.

Should you be looking for ways to monetize your blog, the personality behind this blog had helped to secure a ton of bloggers with blog monetization options through his informative blog posts.

24. Blog Tyrant

Personality: Syed Balkhi

Coverage: Blogging and making money online

A free online resource where you gain insights, tools, product reviews and more about blogging and how you can make earn a living on the internet.

The same team of WordPress experts that manages OptinMonster, WPBeginner, are responsible for Blogtyrant.

25. Blogger Sidekick

Personality: Team

Coverage: Blogging

A blog management agency which also from its familiarization of the nitty-gritty stuff about blogging, has a side blog where powerful tips and ideas about blogging are being shared for the benefits of goal-oriented and fresh bloggers.

26. Blogging Org

Personality: Zac Johnson

Coverage: SEO, Email Marketing, Business Growth, and outreach

A unique resource to learn blogging free and on the way, get equipped with knowledge on how to incorporate your blog into your business or vice versa, for broader outreach.

27. Blogging from Paradise

Personality: Ryan Biddulph

Coverage: Blogging

A professional blogger who had climbed up the ladder of success, looking back and just to notice he’d left many others behind.

Passionate about taking other determined bloggers along, he writes blog updates about how you can succeed and earn a sustainable income from your blog.

28. Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

Personality: Jenise Uehara Henrikson,  Brent Csutoras, and Loren Baker

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization

To inspire and create a powerful means for the SEO community, Search Engine Journal was launched in 2003 and owned by Alpha Brand Media.

It is a place where you’ll get ideas and insights on the current happenings and things that are working in the SEO industry.

29. Reliable Soft

Personality: Alex Chris

Coverage: Digital marketing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging

A result-driven and goal-oriented digital marketing agency, Reliable Soft blog shares powerful tips, tutorials, and more on how to leverage the digital world for your success.

30. Crazy Egg Blog

Personality: Hiten Shah & Neil Patel

Coverage: Marketing, Conversion, Branding, Copywriting, Analytics, and Design

A website testing tool founded by world-renowned experts in digital marketing, that also has a blog that covers topics on a different aspect of digital marketing and website management.

31. Search Engine Watch

Personality: Blenheim Chalcot

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization, Marketing

Staying updated with the current happenings in the SEO industry is invaluable.

If you’re looking for a place to tap fresh information by reading what is happening in the industry and its recent developments, the search engine watch blog will come in handy.

32. Uniquely Women

Personality: Nicole Fross

Coverage: Blogging, lifestyle, travel, and crafts

A blog focused on empowering women so they could be at their best potentials, talks about different topics including lifestyle and food.

It also talks about blogging and has a whole category on that and for all that care to check the blogging section out, it consists of interesting topics on how to pursue a career in blogging and how you can succeed with your blog.

33. She Means Blogging

Personality: Arfa Nazeer

Coverage: Blogging, Freelancing, Social Media, Making Money

Blogging is an endless pursuit, so you need to stick with someone who could highlight to you working strategies they’re implementing themselves.

Arfa Nazeer is quick at this and shares with her audiences working strategies and tips about blogging.

34. Design Your Own Blog

Personality: Marianne

Coverage: Blog design, Graphic Design, Blog Content Writing

Marianne is a professional web designer and also blogs.

If you’re willing to stand out with your blog by giving it a professional and pretty look, her Design Your Own Blog topics will come in handy.

She also talks about blog content and designing your blog graphics or images.

35. Crunchify

Personality: App Shah

Coverage: Technical and Blogging

Not everyone wants to lay their hands on the technical aspects of their blogs.

One reason for this is because most of us aren’t good at it, and any effort could complicate things even further.

If however, you need to be familiar with those technical aspects of blogging, Crunchify blog is a great resource to look into.

36. WP Plugins Tips

Personality: John Darrel

Coverage: WordPress plugins

Add-ons are invaluable tools for bloggers and webmasters, and if you are on WordPress, you can have your pick and leave the rest for the greater good.

Plugins just make blogging easier and more enjoying but until you know what a plugin does and how it can be helpful to you, then you can leverage it for your success.

John Darrel on his blog, WP Plugins shares insights, and tips on different WordPress plugins, essential for site owners.

37. Blooming Blogger

Personality: Dinka (Dee)

Coverage: Blogging, Self Improvement, and Travel

Dinka is the Girl behind the Blooming Blogger site and while she discusses a couple of topics on her blog, her familiarity with blogging made her talk in-depth about blogging as well.

She’s written a dictionary that comprises 100+ blogging terms as well to help her audiences out.

38. Blogging Wizard

Personality: Adam Connell

Coverage: SEO, Traffic Generation, Monetization, WordPress, blogging and marketing

Blogging Wizard focuses on providing users with actionable tips and advice about how to succeed with a blog that covers not only blogging but other things that revolves around it such as social media and email marketing.

39. OpenVine Blog

Personality: Bill Germino

Coverage: Websites, Marketing, and Web Content

An internet solution company that also blogs about building a solid presence on the internet and marketing to the right audience by leveraging different means.

40. Orbit Media Blog

Personality: The Orbiteers

Coverage: Web design and development, content creation, Social Media, SEO

There’s a great team of experts behind Orbit Media, they call themselves, the “Orbiteers.”

The Orbit Media blog has actionable tips about how a website can take full charge of things and realize significant growth in the process.

41. Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

Personality: Joe Pulizzi

Coverage: Content Marketing

The best way to sell your blog to interesting visitors is by knowing your way through content marketing.

It just makes it easier to grab people’s attention and if you need to convert your audience, it is as powerful as it is.

With Content Marketing Institute, you get a lot of informative posts on how to go about marketing your content to a wider audience.

42. Smart Passive Income

Personality: Pat Flynn

Coverage: Monetization

Known for his interesting and informative podcasts such as the Ask Pat 2.0 episodes and the rest, geared toward helping others earn a passive income through what they do, Pat Flynn also pass on his words through his blog about a similar cause.

43. John Loomer

Personality: Jon Loomer

Coverage: Facebook Advertising

When it comes to generating leads for your blog or any other business, Facebook advertising is a great one and has great ROI with the right approach.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, Jon Loomer is one person you may want to be with, on his blog.

44. Awario Blog

Personality: Aleh and his team

Coverage: Analytics, Social Media, Influencer Marketing

Whether it is doing market research, lead generation across a multitude of platforms, pushing for success by leveraging social media, among many others, reading the blog posts on Awario is a great way to get crafted with the best know-how.

45. Ask Aaron Lee

Personality: Aaron Lee

Coverage: Social Media Marketing

A skillful social media manager and marketer, Aaron has a blog under his name, with several blog posts about how to leverage social media to generate leads for your blog, business, organization, and more.

46. Mari Smith

Personality: Mari Smith

Coverage: Facebook Marketing

Mari is a Facebook marketing expert and shares on her blog powerful tips and strategies on how to get the most out of Facebook marketing that can easily be implemented for business growth.

47. Gravitec

Personality: Team

Coverage: Blogging, Social Media, Marketing

Started as a team of 4 people in 2013, and now with a team of 20 professionals in their respective areas of expertise within the realm of digital marketing, Gravitec is realizing more growth.

The Gravitec blog is an idolized section of the company that every success-oriented blogger can read and use as leverage to improve the stand of their blogs.

48. Code in WP

Personality: Ionut Neagu

Coverage: WordPress

Code in WP is a blog that discusses, tutors, guides, and tells users things about WordPress.

All the topics you may find here are geared toward making you understand both the basic and complicated things about the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

49. WPForms Blog

Personality: Syed Balkhi & Jared Atchison

Coverage: WordPress

A simplified drag and drop WordPress plugin, founded by the same crew with OptinMonster, and on the other hand manages an informative blog, determined to bring forward the best content that would make blogging with WordPress more interesting and rewarding.

50.  Blogging Basics 101

Personality: Jessica Knapp

Coverage: Blogging and Social Media

Blogging Basics 101 is an internationally recognized site that has been featured on Mashable, Hubspot, Huffington Post, and several others.

The blog is dedicated to helping bloggers that are just starting out, and those with intermediate knowledge about it.

51. Learn to Blog

Personality: Bradley Will

Coverage: Blogging

Although it had been long since I saw Bradley make a post update, the blog remains one of the powerful resources to get an insight about how blogging works and what you need to do to become the best blogger version of yourself.

52. Start Blogging Online

Personality: The Kingmakers Team

Coverage: Writing, Blogging, and Marketing

For anyone who gets gingered up to learn blogging free and when there’s a bit of sense of humor attached, the starting blogging online site is a splendid resource for that.

Topics covered here are geared toward helping newbies and intermediate bloggers tiptoe their feet into blogging and overcoming the odds.

53.  Iain Broome

Personality: Iain Broome

Coverage: Writing, Publishing, and Technology

The author of A is for Angelica, Iain Broome is also a freelance content who talks about on his blog topics that have to do with writing and publishing, in addition to discussing tools that will make you a better writer.

54. Social Media Today

Personality: Team

Coverage: Social Media Updates, Content Marketing, and Digital Strategies

For fresh, trending, and inspiring news covering the spheres of social media, it doesn’t need to get cold before you pick a hit if you choose to keep track of the Social Media Today’s blog.

55. Kristie Hill

Personality: Kristie Hill

Coverage: Blogging Tips, Pinterest Tips

There are huge traffic potentials that some bloggers are missing in real-time, and with the tips that Kristie shares on her blog, you can leverage that for your blog’s growth.

Moreover, there’s a particular section where she shares pure blogging tips that you may want to check out.

56. Create if Writing

Personality: Kirsten Oliphant

Coverage: Social media, Writing, and blogging

Geared toward blogging and writing, Kristen also hosts her create if writing podcasts to keep the company of her audiences when they don’t feel like reading.

Either the blog posts or podcasts, there is an immense value you can get, visiting the Create if Writing blog.

57. Shout Me Loud

Personality: Harsh Agrawal

Coverage: SEO, Web Hosting,  WordPress, and Social Media Marketing

An authoritative blogger, award winner, and speaker who have been known across different edges of the internet, Harsh Agrawal is accidental, an engineer by education.

On his Shout Me Loud blog, he touches different aspects of blogging and how to realize significant growth with a blog.

58. Free Code Camp

Personality:  Quincy Larson

Coverage: Coding

Learning to code as a blogger would save you a lot of frustrations and with this non-profit community, there are several web programming languages to learn and implement.

59. Income Diary

Personality: Michael Dunlop

Coverage: Traffic Generation, Make Money Online, Business Tips, and Inspiration

If you’re looking for proven ways to make money online, income diary is a source for that.

It doesn’t just stop here, but also treats ways to generate traffic, use social media marketing as leverage, among several others.

60. Missing Lettr

Personality: Benjamin Dell      

Coverage: Blogging

A platform that leverages natural language processing to drip social media campaigns, Missing Lettr also has a dedicated blog with weekly posts about how to build awesome blogs, connect with your audience, and be known for that.

There’s also a podcast channel where CEOs and digital moguls are being invited to discuss their working strategies so smaller bloggers can implement them.

61. Growth Marketing Pro (GMP)

Personality: Hailey and Mark

Coverage: Marketing, SEO, Web Hosting, Software Reviews

Growth Marketing Pro is an informative resource where you’ll gain insights on different aspects of digital marketing and reviews about useful software.

62. The Blog Academy

Personality: Gala Darling

Coverage: Blogging

You haven’t attended a blogging school I guess, but would you take that opportunity if permitted to attend one?

If yes, the blog academy is worth checking out, and hopefully, you’ll be schooled for blogging there.

63. Hostinger Tutorials

Personality: Team

Coverage: Web Hosting, Monetization, Ecommerce, Blogging

A world-renowned web hosting service provider, and beneath the site, lies a powerful section where there are a ton of insightful topics that bloggers could learn and turn the tides in their favor.

I frankly am not a fan of the blog section of the site because the topics there, are geared toward the company, but the tutorial section is the real deal and that which you’ll need to check.

64. Kinsta Blog

Personality: Seth Kravitz

Coverage: WordPress, Programming, Email Marketing

A renowned web hosting company that came to view in 2013 and has now grown into something priory unimaginable, Kinsta also got a powerful section for insightful ideas on how to become a professional blogger, all can be found within the resource center.

65. Website Builder Expert

Personality: Jeremy Wong & Connie Wong

Coverage: Web Content Management, Social Media, Cyber Security, Blogging

A team of experts determined to answer the most basic and complicated questions within the scope of website management and blogs about different essential points that would help you stay current with recent developments and equip you with the technical know-how of operating a site.

66. Bloggers Passion

Personality: Anil Agarwal

Coverage: Blogging, Affiliate Marketing

Started Bloggers Passion in 2010, Anil shares with his blog visitors proven ways they could pursue a career as bloggers and earn decently from it.

67. Hongkiat

Personality: Team

Coverage: Technology, Marketing, Social Media, WordPress, Design

A leading resource for gathering knowledge about things that are related to the above coverage that keeps readers inspired, enlightened, and up to date with current information about the areas touched.

68. Jeff Bullas

Personality: Jeff Bullas

Coverage: Blogging, Vlogging, Social Media, Email Marketing

A Forbes acclaimed Top Influencer of Chief Marketing Officer and world top social media channel, Jeff is one personality that could inspire you to keep pushing your blog further to success.

His blog is compacted with information and tips about the digital marketing industry.

69. Make Use of (MUO)

Personality: MUO Team

Coverage: Tech Lifestyle, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Gaming, Productivity

A blog that covers different aspects of technology, Make Use of also has special categories with interesting topics related to blogging that you may want to check.

70. Dream Host Blog

Personality: Michael Rodriguez & Chris Ghazarian

Coverage: Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, blogging and marketing

A web hosting service provider which from its pool of ideas, generates blog posts to help give webmasters a better view of how things are working in the web industry.

71. Onblast Blog

Personality:  Matt Banner

Coverage: Blogging, Lead Generation, Monetization, Social Media

Onblast blogs offer step-by-step guides to start a blog and when you’re done with that, you can head up straight to other topics on the blog to help keep you going.

72. Outbound Engine

Personality: Mark Pickren

Coverage: Social Media, Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Customer Success, Email Marketing, Wellness

A  digital marketing company that on its blog covers a wide array of topics for which a couple is relevant to blogging, while others may cover topics including automotive and lifestyle.

However, all the areas are categorized so you can easily scroll through the topics that are related to your cause.

73. Lyfe Marketing

Personality: Sean Berry

Coverage: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing

A social media marketing agency that has got a lot of traction internationally, Lyfe Marketing decides through its team’s pool of ideas to help through its blog with insightful topics that will help businesses grow digitally.

Most of the blog posts here are a perfect suit for learning and implementing by bloggers.

74. Entrepreneur

Personality: Peter Shea

Coverage: Growth Strategies, Technology, Social Media, Blogging, Finance

A magazine dedicated for business minded individuals with helpful topics that has potentials to not only guide you manage your blog finances, but also help you promote the blog to greater heights.

75. The Blogging Buddha

Personality: Mike Brown

Coverage: Lead Generation, Content Management Systems, Blogging, Social Media,

Passionate about helping bloggers to design and build profitable blogs, Mike Brown decides to help out on his blog by opening up to the audiences with experiences he’s got in the blogging field.

76. Website Setup

Personality: Team

Coverage: Web Hosting, Web Design, Digital Marketing

An awesome resource that will drive you through the process of setting your blog up, and wouldn’t just leave you idle there, but would take you along in learning how to monetize and  generate blog traffic as well.

77. Do You Even Blog

Personality: Pete

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization, Blogging Tools, Monetization

Pete on his blog gives tips and tutorials across different areas of blogging which include traffic generation, technical blog tutorials, among many others.

He also hosts podcast about a similar cause that you may want to listen, along with a YouTube channel for that.

78. Copy Hackers

Personality: Joanna Wiebe

Coverage: Copywriting, Growth Marketing, Freelancing

While Copy Hackers is a company that supports businesses with the best of words to attract clients, it also teaches how you can do the things yourself, with easy-to-follow guides and courses.

79. Rara Themes

Personality: Raushan Jaiswal

Coverage: Blogging, Web Hosting Reviews

A premium WordPress themes provider, Rara themes also has an impressive blog that gives reviews about different hosting companies and issues helpful guides for website setup and effective management.

80. Adam Enfroy

Personality: Adam

Coverage: Blogging

Adam like several bloggers keeps diving into the blogging world, but perfectionism and doubt are his two major habits that kept drawing him backward.

He managed to overcome the odds and now earns a lot from which he also teaches so others can carefully follow his steps through his blog.

81. Sellfy

Personality: Maris Dagis & Kristaps Alks

Coverage: Ecommerce, Website Monetization

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform with a blog that covers a wide array of topics that are geared towards helping businesses and entrepreneurs to realize more sales.

82. Host Papa

Personality: Team

Coverage: Web Hosting, Web Design, SEO

A web hosting provider, with its blog geared towards helping small business owners to realize significant growth, together with freelancers, digital professionals, bloggers, and other digital entrepreneurs.

83. Startup Bros

Personality: Will Mitchell

Coverage: Digital Entrepreneurship, Vlogging, Blogging, Monetization

In this digital age, not everyone is fit for a job, some are just too huge to fit in. This is what Will Mitchell wants people to know.

In lieu, people could build large money-making empires for themselves, and for this, provides helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks to help the growing community of digital entrepreneurs.

84. Five Design

Personality: Mellisa

Coverage: Squarespace Content Management System

Mellisa is a skilled website designer, with a major focus on the Squarespace CMS.

In her blog, she does talks about different ways to succeed as a website owner on the Square Space cms.

85. Fizzle Blog

Personality: Corbett Bar

Coverage: Content marketing, Email Marketing, Monetization

Fizzle is a vibrant community that contains some of the best minds in the spheres of digital marketing, including Patt Flynn and Data Shultz among several others.

Alongside comes the blog where if you could open your mind a little wider, can consume and take home a great deal of knowledge within the areas covered.

86. Webflow

Personality: Sergie  Magdalin, Vlad Magdalin, and Bryant Chou

Coverage: Web Design, Blogging, SEO, Ecommerce

A company renowned for its effort to empower web designers to create responsive and customized websites, Webflow is also an interesting resource to learn your crafts when it comes to blogging.

87. Diggity Marketing

Personality: Matt Diggity

Coverage: Search engine Optimization

A search engine optimization specialist by profession, Matt Diggity on his blog covers topics related to optimizing websites for search engine rankings.

89. Monetize More

Personality: Kean Graham

Coverage: Monetization

There are several ways to monetize a blog but seems a little bit difficult to find a source that discusses in-depth this aspect, especially for the complicated areas.

Monetize More blog could come to your aid with informative posts about monetization networks and solutions.

90. First Site Guide

Personality: Team

Coverage: Blogging, Freelancing, Content Marketing

First site guide is a unified learning ground for online businesses to thrive and succeed, while those that are just starting, get equipped with the things to help them start and achieve real growth.

91. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Personality: Abby

Coverage: Organization, Home decor, Blogging, Productivity

Abby loves sharing her passion, and her blog is geared towards home decorations and organization.

However, she knew how blogging makes her work at her own pace while looking up for her family.

To help others also achieve the comfort of working from home, and through blogging, she has a whole category where she teaches about blogging within her site.

92. Learn Woo

Personality: Vijay Chelakkat

Coverage: Ecommerce, and WordPress

Learnwoo comprises a team of e-commerce enthusiasts and software developers.

Their central focus is the popular eCommerce plugin, Woocommerce, and since it has some things to do with WordPress, you can find tips and ideas about both on the learnwoo blog.

93. Dear Blogger

Personality: Greg Naravan

Coverage: Web design, Digital Marketing, Monetization, SEO, WordPress tutorials

Dear blogger is a resource and community where you can get free and useful tips on how to become a better blogger and had been on its lane since 2012.

94. Salvador Briggman

Personality: Salvador Briggman

Coverage: Crowdfunding, Blogging, Digital Marketing

Passionate about Crowdfunding, Salvador also talks about freelancing, blogging, and digital marketing on his blog.

95. Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Personality: Jerry low

Coverage: Web Hosting

Driven towards guiding users to choose a suitable hosting company that could fit into their website needs, the web hosting secret revealed blog gives tips and bits of advice to help users make the best decisions with web hosting companies.

96. Hobo With a Laptop

Personality: Mike & Oshin

Coverage: Blogging, Marketing

Inspired by the digital nomadic way f life, the Hobo with a Laptop blog is crafted with interesting ideas, tips, and advice that encircles digital marketing and making money online, which of course includes creating and managing a blog.

97. SEO by the Sea

Personality: Bill Slawski

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization

Bill is an SEO professional and had been putting up content on his blog since 2005, so you can check his blog archives to see what works in the past and what is now working presently in the SEO industry.

98. Search Engine Round Table

Personality: Barry Schwartz

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization

This site reports attention-driven threads within the search engine marketing forums, in addition to providing a synopsis for a broader elaboration of the SEO threads.

99. Ahrefs Blog

Personality: Dmitry

Coverage: Search Engine Optimization

Ahrefs has a range of SEO tools that could help promote your website to a word standard, in terms of rankings, and will also help give you that competitive edge.

On the other hand, the Ahrefs blog is a powerful resource where you could learn blogging free and strategies that are working in the SEO industry.

100. Content Champion

Personality: Loz James

Coverage: Content Marketing, Blogging, WordPress, Business Growth

A great way to improve the stand of your blog is through your content, and with Content champion, there are incredible ideas about how to succeed by leveraging content marketing.

The blog also covers website and blogging advice, tips, and ideas that would help to push you forward.

Final Thoughts

There you go, the top 100 Blogs to learn about blogging.

As we all know that there are tens of hundreds of others, my friends, the above are my picks for anyone wishing to find the most out of their blogs.

Which other blogs can you recommend to someone, eager to learn more about blogging?

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