It is difficult to find the best SEO tools in one place. A number of applications and websites offer solutions, but they can be confusing and overwhelming. This article will help you find the right SEO tool for your business needs.

Getting a taste of any VIP treatment gives you confidence. If gaining exclusive features that will help turn the tide in your favor, nothing can beat that. This is what is happening in the SEO industry.

The more you’re willing to pay, the better features and feasibility you’re going to get, that will make SEO even more fun and easy to implement.

You also adapt to SEO best practices quickly.

However, not all SEO tools are natural bangs for your bucks.

That is why you need to gather as many as you can, then sieve them up by comparing the functionalities they provide with what you want.

The exercise can be a daunting process sometimes.

That is why listicles like this are the most promising when it comes to having a glimpse and making a comparison between the respective SEO tools out there.

As expected, in this article, we’ll discuss paid SEO tools that are natural bangs for your bucks.

Without further ado, here we go, the premium SEO tools that are worth checking out.

1. Ahrefs

When it comes to leveraging crawlers to ascertain or audit your site in terms of SEO, Ahrefs is arguably the best in the industry.

Ahrefs provides you with tools that you can leverage for your site to implement SEO best practices and insights about your competitors.

If you know how best to use the competitive insights to your advantage, the chances are that you’ll gain a massive edge.

You can use several tools on Ahrefs.

Some of the eye-catching and splendid ones are the web traffic analysis tool that audits your site and points out places you need to perform an overhaul.

Another essential tool on Ahrefs is the keyword analysis tool.

When it comes to giving you premium insights in optimizing your keywords to rank better on search engine result pages, it has your back.

A handful of tools can help you optimize your site’s performance when it comes to SEO.

As a result, Ahrefs never thinks twice about its decision not to offer a free trial for any of the plans to users.

Therefore the least you can pay for their plans is the $7 trial for seven days as a new user.

You then pay fully for either the lite, standard, advanced, or agency plan, with a respective and gradual increase in features and pricing.

2. Semrush

Moving to the top position of search engine results is always the goal of every SEO practitioner, and Semrush moves you further steps to achieving your goals.

The reason is that Semrush has a combination of tools to increase your potential to rank higher on SERPs.

There are about six keyword research tools on Semrush.

The Keyword Gap tool helps you with keyword comparison of your site and competition.

The tool alluded to above also assists you with the Organic Traffic Insights that provide you with more data to help you evaluate your organic search performance and four others.

Also, Semrush has on-page SEO audit tools, competitive insights or analysis tools, Rank tracker, and more features.

When it comes to pricing, Semrush provides free trials for their Professional and Guru plans.

The third and the ultimate plan you can opt for on Semrush is the business plan that offers exclusive functionalities.

3. Moz Pro

Moz is one of the early SEO tools and has entirely made a name for itself that the SEO community will never forget.

Remember the famous Domain Authority (DA) website metric?

The Moz company founded the website mentioned above.

The fact stated above alone will give you the impression that Moz, as an SEO legend, will also offer top-notch premium plans.

Moz offers specific tools for free, and for you considering upgrading, you just unlocked premium features and are now a Moz pro user.

Moz Pro gives you access to an advanced keyword research tool, domain analysis, backlink analysis tool, SEO audit & crawl, in addition to more.

When it comes to pricing for Moz pro, it starts with the lowest, designated as the standard plan, followed by the medium and premium plan.

You may want to check the features for the individual pricing plans on Moz pro, so you can go for the plan that offers you the best SEO insight and flexibility.

I believe Moz Pro has what it takes in contributing to your organic search traffic growth.

4. Ubersuggest

Many out there believe Ubersuggest is a 100% free SEO tool, but it isn’t.

There are limited features available to free users.

Ubersuggest reserves most ideas to the premium users (aka paid users).

Let’s now get ourselves familiar with this incredible tool.

Ubersuggest is a keyword research and analysis tool owned by the famous digital marketer Neil Patel.

So far, keyword research is the area of focus.

Therefore the chances are that one can not end the discussion without mentioning the Ubersuggest keyword research tool in the discussion.

The fact is that it is an incredible tool that can be leveraged by new and professional bloggers when it comes to on-page SEO.

The web app gets its keyword analysis feeds from Google and improves it to serve its users at different levels.

Now more than ever, Ubersuggest is improving by the addition of better features which include domain analysis and competitive insights.

If you must upgrade to the paid plans, you have a wide choice.

The first and the least of them is the individual plan with standard features, the business plan that contains more features, and lastly, the enterprise plan that gives you no limitations.

Something interesting about Ubersuggest is that you’ll get top-notch SEO value at crazy low prices monthly or yearly.

Moreover, Neil Patel seems to be very confident in this app and offers seven free trials for all the paid plans.

5. Grammarly Premium

One of the most remarkable ways to improve your search engine visibility is by bringing forward great content that aligns with SEO best practices.

To achieve this, here comes a tool that is perfect for the job.

Grammarly has two sets of plans you can go for, and the best depends on the features you want.

For the free plan, you can use Grammarly to correct spelling mistakes, punctuations, Grammar and increase your content conciseness.

However, better content marketing deserves an even better dedication.

That is why these features may not suffice for your cravings.

Now, here comes the Grammarly Premium plan.

This unlocks you all the features of Grammarly, coupled with what is already available in the Grammarly Free Plan.

Now, let’s see the features Grammarly Premium membership offers.

I’d love to start with the robust Grammarly plagiarism checker.

It is hard to come across a plagiarism checker that yields accuracy by checking billions of sites for uniqueness, like the Grammarly plagiarism checker.

It is arguably the best in the world.

Tone adjustment, fluency, advanced suggestion, and more features will be available to you on the Grammarly premium plan as well.

The thing is that Grammarly is an all-in-one content writing package for better content.

6. Majestic

I come across this tool often on the internet, but the thought of checking it out never crossed my mind in the past. Just when I did, I learned why Majestic is among the best SEO tools every blogger needs.

Majestic has a couple of tools that you can leverage for SEO.

These include the majestic million that list and rank websites based on their subnet referrals.

The Majestic site explorer backlink analysis tool gives you backlink insights on defined web pages and more.

With Majestic, you can grab more data that can help you rank better on search engines and outrank your competitors.

As one of the most preferred by website auditors, there is a wide selection of pricing plans.

I will mention first the lite plan that offers a ton of moderate features for the lowest price possible.

The professional plan is second in line, which is the medium, and lastly, the API plan that renders a FULL API offer.

7. Copyscape Premium

You have to pay for the best things, and when it comes to checking your content for plagiarism, it pays to save yourself from copyright strikes by using search engines for your content.

We’ve previously talked about the Grammarly plagiarism checker and how it’s one of the best paid SEO tools that helps with writing quality content.

Well, here comes its rival.

When it comes to checking for plagiarism, Copyscape tends to showcase dominance.

Copyscape premium has all it takes to make a bang for your bucks if you consider its time in the industry and content uniqueness.

Although you can leverage Copyscape for free, the feature you’ll get is limited to only checking for plagiarism on an already published blog post.

If you want to check for plagiarism in your content before hitting that publish button, you’ll need to upgrade to the Copyscape premium plan.

8. SpyFu

Sometimes, it takes more than direct approaches to rank higher on search engines.

Another way is by analyzing other successful sites out there and using the information you’ve got to your advantage.

This is where competitor research with SpyFu will come in handy.

With SpyFu, you can do competitor research to find data relative to SEO and also PPC.

Moreover, there are extra keyword research tools for your perusal.

You can choose three plans for its pricing and start with the basic plan, which happens to be the lowest in terms of features and price.

The next is the professional plan which stockpiles more features for its price.

The third is the team plan, which is the ultimate plan users can pay for on SpyFu.

For the pricing, SpyFu is cheap for its services, and to give you more peace of mind, your subscriptions come with 30 days money-back guarantees.

9. RavenTools

Except if your platform makes it easier, but running a complete SEO audit for a site isn’t a piece of cake.

Raven is one of the platforms that make SEO audit of an entire site look a lot easier and gives you results of found SEO issues in hierarchical pattern from their level of severity.

This way, you can easily employ a routine fix to meet the SEO best practices by leveraging the audit report as a checklist.

Moreover, if you require sharing your result with an expert or someone who could help, you can easily do that.

Besides the site auditing tool, Raven also has a backlink analysis tool, website rank tracker, keyword research tool, making it an SEO toolbox for web admins.

In terms of pricing, RavenTools are bundled down into five paid plans and depending on your preferences.

You may choose the small business plan, start, grow, thrive, or leadership plan.

The price and the unlocking of more features increase down the list.

However, Raven SEO offers a free trial for seven days dedicated to its new users.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing in paid SEO tools, there are a lot of options. These tools will help you build a better website, find opportunities that can improve your rankings, and more.

Even with the complications, SEO is supposed to be fun, and thankfully, some tools will help us practice SEO with passion.

Some are free, while you have to pay for some.

Having a dual entitlement will have you achieve your most realistic goals.

More also, paying for top-notch SEO tools is an investment and will pay its dividend when you realize the desired improvements in your site ranking in search results.

Nonetheless, it is good to scrutinize the heck out of those tools so you can sieve down the less essential ones and go only for the best.

There you go, those are the 9 best paid SEO tools that are commercialized.

Although this list isn’t an exotic one, it could help give you insights into the potentials of paid SEO tools to help you rank better in SERPs.

Which other paid SEO tools have you tried? Share them in the comment section below.

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