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Unlock the full potential of your digital journey with our handpicked resources tailored to elevate every aspect of your online presence. From reliable web hosting to enriching learning platforms, dive into a curated collection that empowers both budding bloggers and digital entrepreneurs as well as seasoned pros.

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Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love or have used ourselves.

Hosting Tools


A beginner friendly web hosting for those who are new to WordPress and want an easy to learn platform.


My recommended web hosting for intermediate b sites who want reliable support and a secure hosting platform for their site.


A cost effective and reliable web hosting solution for those looking to start their website without breaking the bank.


Buy and secure your domain with this affordable domain hosting platform.


An all-in-one alternative to WordPress hosting. Great for setting up websites, hosting courses, digital products and webinars, as well as affiliate and email marketing.


The best ecommerce hosting platform for setting up your online store and selling your products online.

Email & Marketing Tools


My favorite email hosting and marketing website. User friendly with all the features you need to grow your email list.

Constant Contact

An all-in-one email and digital marketing platform to grow a loyal audience for your small business.


An all-in-one CRM platform for all your digital marketing, customer management and managing your business efficiently.

Social media & Design Tools


The best platform for scheduling content and growing your Pinterest account. Schedule pins on autopilot, join communities of like minded creatives also looking to grow their tribes.


The best graphic design platform for non techy people. You can design and schedule your content for different social media platforms and you can also print them for physical copies.


Etsy is the best place to buy digital templates to use for your business. From Instagram templates, to themes you’ll find all the resources you need to build your brand.

Learning resources


An online learning platform designed for creatives. Learn, grow and improve your creative skills with easy to follow courses.


Build your existing skills and take yourself and your career to the next level with professional courses with certifications from big names like Google and Microsoft.


A great platform for coaches and course creators to sell and host your online courses, digital products and sell your coaching services. 

Themes & Stock Photo Sites


All the stock photos and videos you need to make your brand look professional and stand out from the crowd.

Envato Elements

The number 1 marketplace for WordPress themes, graphic templates, copyright free music, stock photos and videos.


Best platform for 3D mockups, logos, and design templates. Makes it easy to launch and market your brand with easy to create digital assets. 

Business & Writing Tools


Manage your team and projects with this user friendly project management software. This will help you get organized whether you’re managing your business solo or you have a team of people helping you.


The best marketplace for hiring people to help you with different aspects of your brand. From web designers, virtual assistants to graphic designers, you will find talent to help you bring your ideas to life.


The best plagiarism checker and proofreader. Use Grammarly to check your blog posts for grammatic errors and proofreading.

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