• working on email delivery

    How to Avoid Spam Filters: Email Deliverability Tips

    Let’s face it, spam filters are the ultimate inbox bouncers. Remember all those late nights you spent meticulously crafting the perfect email campaign, an email that distilled the very essence of your brand’s value proposition? You hit send with a surge of anticipation, only to be met with…radio silence. Your carefully constructed message, instead of […]

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  • a woman with a towel on her head and a jar of organic skin care cream on her face

    How to Use TikTok to Promote Your Organic Skin Care Brand

    Have you scrolled through TikTok lately? It seems like everyone and their grandma (literally, there are grandma influencers on there now!) are glued to the app, churning out short, catchy videos. From dance challenges that have you tapping your foot to hilarious skits that leave you in stitches, TikTok has exploded in popularity, especially among […]

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  • white and orange floral textile craft

    How to Collaborate with Brands as an Easy Crafts Blogger

    Do you spend your free time transforming simple materials into beautiful creations? If you’re passionate about easy crafts and have a blog brimming with creative DIY projects, then brand collaborations might be the missing piece to elevate your online presence. Sure, brand partnerships might seem like an exclusive club reserved for mega-influencers with millions of […]

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  • a group of three different colored subscription boxes on a blue background

    How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Subscription Box Business

    In this digital age, it’s almost impossible to imagine a successful business without a strong social media presence. Social media isn’t just about sharing cute cat videos anymore; it’s a powerful marketing tool that can connect you with your target audience, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. And for subscription box businesses, in particular, […]

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  • woman in black and pink flora shirt working on her drift campaign plan

    How to Use Drip Marketing to Promote Your Female-Led Startup

    Imagine walking into a store where the clerk immediately knows what you’re looking for and offers help tailored precisely to your needs. This kind of personalized engagement can make all the difference. In the digital marketing world, achieving this level of customization is also possible through a strategy known as drip marketing. Drip marketing involves […]

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  • a woman shaking hands with another woman sitting after a sponsorship deal is signed

    How to Secure Lucrative Brand Deals as a Female Blogger

    Ready to dish on the exciting world of brand deals as a blogger? Remember those days when the only influencers we knew were celebrities on magazine covers? Well, those days are officially over. The digital marketing space has been revolutionized by a new wave of powerhouses: female bloggers. We’re talking makeup moguls with millions of […]

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