Step-by-step guide to start your own blog


Starting a blog is a practice I would recommend for anyone with a passion they want to share with the world. It will build you, challenge you and grow you.

To start can be a hustle but with this step-by-step tutorial you can easily start building one at a low cost for the best service. It’s never been easier!

Bluehost is your best bet, for reliable and affordable hosting with unmetered web space and bandwidth. It simplifies the process for beginners and provides reliable support.


Step 1: Visit the Bluehost site (Click Here to access the Bluehost discount)

You should land on a page that looks like this.

Start A Blog 1 Bluerock Home 300x168


Step 2: Select your plan

Start A Blog 2 Select Plan 300x170

Take a minute to compare the different plan and see what they offer.

Choose the first one if you only intend to host one blog or website.

Choose the Plus Option if you want to host multiple blogs or websites, without domain or automated backups (you will have to backup manually). This is ideal if you are hosting your domain from a separate domain provider like

Choose the Prime Option if you want to host multiple domains, with domain privacy and automated site backup.


Step 3: Choose a domain

Start A Blog 3 Domain 300x141

If you don’t already own a domain name, then enter in the domain name you would like. This can be your brand name or your name e.g. or

If you are hosting your domain name separately from a domain provider like, then enter your existing domain under the second tab.


Step 4: Enter your details

 This is where you enter your details and billing address, as well as see the total of your purchase.


Start A Blog 2018 03 07 300x300

Tip: You save up more if you purchase hosting for more years.


Step 5: Enter your payment details for the domain and hosting to be yours


 Start A Blog 5 Payment Info 300x177


Step 6: Enter a password for your account

Start A Blog 6 Password 300x87

Choose a strong password for your account that you will easily remember.

Start A Blog 7 Password Step 2 300x163


Step 7: Login to your new account

You will get this as a confirmation for your password setup. Then you can login to your newly setup account.

Start A Blog 8 Login 300x128

This is the dashboard you will see each time you login.

Click the “Login to WordPress” button to start setting up WordPress. You’ve paid for your hosting so this will be totally free.

Start A Blog 13 Bluerock Cpanel 300x177

Well done for purchasing your domain and setting up your hosting! Now all you need to do is set up WordPress and start with your blogging!

This brings us to the next step.


Step 8: Click on the “Start Building” button to setup your WordPress.

Start A Blog 10 WP Login 300x104

Your WordPress will be automatically setup and you will be redirected to an admin page that looks like this.

Start A Blog 11 WP Dashboard 300x168

Here you can either click one of the options for extra help or you can click “I don’t need help”.


Step 9: Enter your site title and description

Here you will be asked to enter your Site title and a description. This can be your brand name and a short catch phrase. Your site name can be the same as your domain name or different and a description is optional (you don’t necessarily have to have one).

They will both appear at the top of your site.

Start A Blog 12 Launch Site 300x160


Step 10: Choose a theme for your site

A theme is the design of your website. WordPress has lots of free themes but these come with their limitations and may be difficult to personalize if you are a beginner but you can purchase premium themes from websites like Themeforest, Creativemarket and many others. These will have one-click design installs that you can easily modify and get support if you struggle along the way.

You can also pick a free theme for now, see if you can modify it to look like you would like and if you struggle then you can always purchase any one from the market places listed above.

Start A Blog 9 Pick Theme 300x177

Congratulations! You have personalized your site and you are ready to launch and start blogging!

Start A Blog 12 Bluehost Tools 300x171

Tip: Only launch and tell people about your blog when you have at least 2 or more posts.


Browse the rest of my blog to gain some other helpful knowledge that will help you become a successful blogger.

The best of luck!


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