“Fake it until you make it” Have you ever wondered how to fake it as a blogger until you make it? Well, the best way to fake it until you make it as a blogger is to invest in a professional looking design for your blog, otherwise known as a blog theme.

Your blog’s theme is basically the makeup or design of your blog, and just like any other form of branding, it speaks of you and your brand or business on your behalf.

So it’s important to make sure your theme looks professional and it represents or communicates exactly what you want it to.

Some years back only coding professionals had the ability the create outstanding themes for both websites and blogs, but thanks to our evolving world, there are thousands of templates available for any regular person to use. All you need to do is buy the theme template upload it to your blog and edit it to personalize it.

Yes, you can just buy any that fits your visual needs, but there are other things you should consider before you buy a theme. The design could be the most important factor for you, but you should also consider the following before buying a theme:

  • Whether there is support from the theme designer. If you encounter problems or you want to add a feature but don’t know how then you can always ask support for help but this is mostly available on premium themes only


  • It’s adaptability to the software you are using, especially if you are using WordPress. ones with a “One-click demo import” option are usually most user-friendly. They will save you time and effort so look for this feature before you buy a theme


  • The availability of updates. Check the last time the author updated the theme before you buy. WordPress is always updating its platform; therefore, your theme should be adaptable to every update through its own updates from the author. So if the author is not providing regular updates then your theme will someday be outdated when WordPress develops.


With that said, here is a list of the best and largest online marketplaces to purchase your theme. All the factors above have been taken into consideration for these but pay extra attention to details provided before purchasing. Most of these are for WordPress only and you will need to buy hosting from here, to be able to install them.


Themeforest – probably the largest marketplace for WordPress themes. You will most likely find every kind of theme you may need or want at a variety of prices, ranging from unbelievably low prices to high ones. Their themes have to meet a certain standard to be put on the site, therefore you can trust to find some high-quality themes and plugins, as well as other great resources on their mother site called Envato Market.

Creative Market – another large marketplace for WordPress themes, with a large variety of themes to choose from especially for bloggers. It not only has themes but also has a number of design goods and social media templates that will help your blogging experience and make your everything associated with your blog including its social media look professional.

Elegant Themes (Divi theme) – home of one of the most powerful WordPress themes on the market, the Divi theme. It is a versatile and modern looking theme with a front-end editor that is user-friendly for almost any type of site, speeding up the design process. A web developer’s best friend and can be used for blogging as well.

Restored 316 Designs

Pretty Darn Cute Designs








If you look through those and still don’t find one you like (which is unlikely) then here are 14 more sites you can find good themes:


MOJO Marketplace














I recommend you look at at-least the top five marketplaces before you make your decision. You might find your favorite one on the sixth or ninth one.

Remember to check for the following features on your theme before you purchase:

  • Support (active, quick & responsive)
  • Updates (regularity & date of the last update)
  • One-click demos (preferably with different demos)
  • SEO optimization (some platforms will offer SEO optimized themes only and will not mention it individually)
  • Positive reviews (more positives than negatives)

Before you start designing your blog, you will need a domain and host. Start here to purchase a hosting for less than $3 per month and get a free domain name.

When you’ve bought your hosting and a good theme, you can grow your blog traffic by drawing visitors from Pinterest using Tailwind.

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*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.