• Best Content Management Systems for Bloggers

    7 Best Content Management Systems for Bloggers

    A content management system is more like a framework to a site and allows for publishing website content without implementing heavy coding. You can create a website from scratch without a web content management system. That would, however, mean you’re going to develop every bit of code that involves mapping out the entirety of your […]

  • 8 Creative Ways to Market Your Blog Posts

    One of the hardest things about blogging is actually coming with a blog post. But it’s not the only challenge when it comes to blogging. The other challenge is actually getting people to read your work. And for them to read it, you need to first attract traffic to your blog by marketing your blog […]

  • 25 Top Places Pro Bloggers Buy Blog Themes

      “Fake it until you make it” Have you ever wondered how to fake it as a blogger until you make it? Well, the best way to fake it until you make it as a blogger is to invest in a professional looking design for your blog, otherwise known as a blog theme. Your blog’s […]


    Looking to start a blog or build a website? A lot of times people rush to start a blog or build a website before they do enough research. Do research on the best hosting platforms to use and all those important details often overlook. For you to start a blog successfully or build successful website […]

  • 7 Most Powerful Blog Post Types To Grow Your Traffic

    Not sure what blog post types or topics to blog about to improve your traffic and search engine ranking? One of the best ways to increase your SEO ranking is by having good and clickable blog post titles. When your blog title is interesting, people are more likely to click on it when it appears […]

  • Top 5 Web Hosting Companies For Blogs & Businesses

    Having a good web hosting site is important when setting up a website or blog. Below is a list of all the things affected by whether you have a good or a bad host: Site speed Site performance Customer support I’ve compiled a list of the top four site hosting companies and this is purely […]

  • 20 Smart Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

    Are you a newbie blogger needing some blogging tips and advice to help you on your journey? There are a lot of things no one tells you when you start blogging, and you kinda have to make mistakes and learn along the way. Some things are just not that obvious and can be missed if […]