• How to start a business blog

    How to Start a Business Blog In 5 Easy Steps

    Ever considered creating or starting a business blog? Well, this is a guide to help you start a business blog that will open more doors for success for your business. The fact is that no business is ever satisfied will sales or customers, and with the Internet placing its shadow right on the head of […]

  • 7 signs you need to hire blogging coach

    7 Undeniable Signs You Need a Blogging Coach

    Blogging may be easy to start but it is not everyone who manages to scale it into a money-generating business. This is where a blogging coach comes in, to help you identify what you are doing wrong and realize what you need to work on in order to turn your blog into a business and […]

  • seo checklist

    The Ultimate 7 Step Blog Post SEO Checklist

    Blog post SEO is one not many understand is important but are not sure how to execute or what they are missing out. It’s an essential part of ranking websites on search engines and when done well can make a difference in the success of your site. Here we’re going to dive into 7 important […]

  • top 100 blogs to learn blogging and seo

    Top 100 Blogs to Learn About Blogging & SEO

    There are impressive resources out there to learn about blogging and one of the best is checking out blogs by experts in the blogging industry. Well, there are many awesome bloggers out there, and many of them focus on the blogging niche and serve their audience the best content. You are reading one right now […]

  • collaboration and sponsorship

    10 Blogging Trends & Predictions For 2021

    Blogging has evolved a lot over the years, much more in the past year alone due to the changes that have had a worldwide effect on the way content is both created and consumed. Because of this, blogging trends are constantly changing and evolving every year. Many people have asked the questions “Is blogging dead?” […]

  • 15 Must-Have Apps For The Everyday Blogger

    Now I know you’ve heard of most of these apps before but do you know how experts in the blogging industry are using them to stand out and effortlessly manage their blogging careers whatever niche they are in, and how you can also use them to make your blogging journey and experience much better?  These […]


    Everyone has at one point or another encountered ads while browsing through the internet or watching videos on YouTube. Have you ever clicked on ads while reading a blog or watching a video? Or do you normally skip past them and pay no attention? If yes, then you’ve been a consumer of the Google Adsense program. […]

  • 5 Characteristics Of A High-Quality Blog Post

    Would you classify your content as high quality, ok quality or low quality? And why? What really makes up a good blog post? There’s more to content than just putting it out. The quality of your posts can play a very significant role in the success of your career as a content creator. Many bloggers […]