Blogging may be easy to start but it is not everyone who manages to scale it into a money-generating business. This is where a blogging coach comes in, to help you identify what you are doing wrong and realize what you need to work on in order to turn your blog into a business and scale it to six figures.

Competition in ranking for search result positions, algorithm updates by search engines, and other factors complicate matters when it comes to blogging.

A decade back, blogging was something you could learn on your own and earn massive traffic, which definitely will count to your success.

The need for support and backup is becoming more prominent among non-expert bloggers because they require mentorship from professional bloggers and as much coaching as possible.

It’s true that you can learn as you go and figure things out by yourself. However this is the mistake I made when I was new to blogging. It took me years to figure out what it took to scale my blogging business and that was time that I could have saved if I got a blogging coach and mentor to teach me what they know and what I needed to do to make it.

If you want to see better results faster and compress years of trial and error then it’s important that you consider getting a blogging coach.

I’m saying this for various reasons, and if you need some convincing reasons on why you should consider getting coached by someone as you dive deeper into blogging, I’ve got a few right reasons for your grasp.

In this article, I’ll outline for you seven significant reasons why you should hire a professional blogging coach who can help you achieve the results you want to see in your blogging business.

If you are ready, I am too, so let’s get the ball rolling.

1. You’re Not Sure Which Niche to Focus on

The importance of narrowing your focus as a blogger to a particular area or niche can never be over-emphasized.

Still, most people are guilty of covering multiple niches as topics or categories in their blogs.

The thing is that while you strive to please everyone with your vast-area expertise and make your audience have a feel of your spontaneity, the chances are that you’ll end up not impressing them at all.

Due to this, it is essential to narrow down your scope to a particular niche area and then build an outstanding reputation and have people see you as an authority within that specific realm that you choose to cover as your niche.

This way, people will learn not to see you as a generalist. Instead, you can be seen as a specialist in the niche you narrowed down to.

There you go, the importance of niching down as a blogger, but now you may ask; what’s the connection with the need for a coach?

Good question.

As I mentioned earlier, many bloggers struggle to stay in a specific niche circle for their audience.

Even when they try staying on their lanes, they become tempted to discuss topics that are obviously out of their lane, particularly off-niche.

If you’re also struggling with having yourself focus on your particular niche or are struggling to define your niche in the first place, seeking the guidance of a coach will be your best bet.

Learning more about what a niche is.

2. You Want to Launch a Blog But Don’t Know Where to Start

One of the most critical, pleasant, and yet scary moments in blogging is the period of time before you publish your blog.

I say this because it marks the opening of a new chapter for your passion, your business, and your career.

It’s also a pleasant moment as you are about to reap all the benefits you can get from becoming a blogger.

The moment may also be scary as you become afraid or worried not to step on it with the wrong foot by doing something that may make success take a long time to come.

I’m sure you may already have read different guides to starting a blog.

While most are insightful and will also make you want to start a blog as soon as you may want to, they can, on the other hand, be confusing, especially the fact that you’re starting as a person without prior experience in blogging.

As the confusion can be disruptive and confidence-killing, you may want to cut the crap by finding a practical path, and if you’re wondering what that could be, getting a coach could be the answer you seek.

Since a coach is someone with broad experience, as they’ve launched a couple of successful blogs before, they’re in a better position to help you launch your blog the way you suppose to.

3. If You’re Not Getting Your Desired Results

Whenever I discuss blogging and other forms of digital marketing, I always recommend aspirants or starters and even the experts to leverage platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Groups, Quora, and other online forums.

You have to exploit those forums to learn and stay up-to-date with new trends currently working in the industry.

While all these sources of information and more are relatively helpful, not everyone finds them actionable enough to the tune of seeing the results they crave, despite implementing different strategies they learned from those information sources.

Suppose you’ve also watched several YouTube videos, leveraged how-to articles or tutorials, and have enrolled in different blogging courses but are still unable to reach your goals or start seeing results.

 In that case, this may be the right time to try doing things a different way.

Have someone review your blog’s performance and guide you on what to do to begin seeing results.

4. If You Want to Monetize Your Blog

Some people, who are passionate about blogging, have taken it upon themselves to venture into it.

It may be a different reason for some other people as earning or becoming influential may trigger their need to start a blog.

Whatever the reason that leads you to launch a blog, you may find how you want to get your blog monetized.

You may have tried searching for this search phrase or question on Google; How do I monetize my blog?

That will throw up different results, and you can make a fortune from your blog; if you dig deeper within those search results for your query, you’ll find that they are different and countless methods to monetize a blog.

Some blog monetization methods include affiliate marketing, PPC Ad networks, sponsored posts, etc.

It can help if you find which is more promising, and head on to learn how to find the best platform for that and maximize your earnings from your selected means of monetizing your blog.

That can be hectic of a process and can make you earn just a meager amount of money off your blog if not correctly taken care of.

For this, you may want to seek external assistance for getting your blog monetized in a better way, and hiring a coach can be an excellent idea for that reason.

5. If You Want to Do Things Better

There may be a point at which you will feel that you are not doing enough or simply not sure of yourself when it comes to the efficient management of your blog.

That can cause you to lose confidence in your blog, undoubtedly hurting its growth.

A remedy for this can be brief, like motivating yourself or someone to check your site and analyze the efficiency of your strategy.

Other times, it can be that you need a significant change in your current strategy, motivation, and much more.

For this, you’re looking not only for someone to get your blog back on its supposed track but also to take you through how to manage it so you can achieve your goals effectively.

Who do you think could help you with all this?

A coach you are likely to suggest, and yes, that’s it!

6. If Something is Wrong and You Don’t Know What or How to Fix It

While there are On-page and off-page elements of your blog, there’s a third which defines the technicalities associated with its operation.

One element may shift from its normality and make you discover some irregularities within your site.

It might be that your blog isn’t ranking well in search engines, seems to be slow, or just anything that you have no idea of the cause or why things aren’t as they might be about your blog.

Since you aren’t an expert, you may end up ruining more parts of your blog or its SEO on the quest of fixing things.

If you’re worried about something on your blog that you don’t know what is, you can hire an expert to audit your site and help fix things up.

Expert in this array would be someone to come and get things fixed indeed, but what if that expert will be someone you hire to coach you so you can get it done yourself?

That means you are guided to know what needs to be done to bring things back to normal when the following problem occurs.

7. If Your Site Lacks Engagement

It may be that you have a decent number of followers, subscribers, or readers to your blog, but things don’t just add up as user engagement is so poor.

Poor user engagement signals that something is wrong with how you take things with your audience and implies that it will be a much herculean task to get them to convert into sales leads.

Some of the reasons for poor readers’ engagement may be that they aren’t your suitable audience, you don’t sound engaging in your post, and people don’t like what they’re reading on your site, in addition to many other reasons.

The reasons may be easily outlined, as examples above, but sparking up the engagement is different.

So, you may want to hire an experienced person to coach you by helping you identify your target audience and/or suggest some ways to spark up the light of engagement by being strategic with things like hosting giveaways, asking user-centric questions, and more.

Wrapping Up

There you go, seven reasons why you need a blogging coach that will help you turn your blog into a business and move to the next level in your blogging career.

Have you tried hiring a blogging coach before? What are you struggling with right now that needs coaching? You can check out my coaching packages here.

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