Have you ever had a specific piece of content that you are so proud of and brings you the most views on your site but you wish the traffic would never cease to come? With time, you see that the views on the piece of content start to decline until they get to a point where they are so low that you no longer cherish or fancy its views. This is where evergreen content comes to the rescue.

In general, the mechanics of a regular piece of content is that it is seasonal and when its time passes or newer content is produced, it is not only outshined but also outranked by others.

However, there is a way you can have an always kindled article that is non-seasonal and can go live for many years; despite the year of its original publication; bringing in a continuous stream of website visitors that will still find the content useful.  

Content like this is the new trend, and the clever bloggers are now looking for ways to host as much content of this kind as possible.

It is what separates high ranking blog posts on Google and other search engines from low SEO and low ranking blog posts. 

Here is an easy to follow A-Z guide to evergreen content so that you can be one of the “smart bloggers” and start making the kind of content that will increase your search engine rankings while driving continuous traffic and earning you continuous revenue from each piece of content for a long time.

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What is Evergreen Content?

Inspired by the Evergreen tree, which is iconic to perpetual life; Evergreen content is a kind of content that remains relevant and looks fresh or very recent to the audiences even after being published a long time prior.

A simplified evergreen content definition is “content that maintains continuous relevance over time”. 

It’s what content creators refer to as “timeless content”

Evergreen content requires periodic updates so it can always remain fresh even past its original publication date.

Evergreen content performs well when it is continually optimized, bringing in a continuous surge of site traffic and visitors.

What are examples of Evergreen Content?

There are a few different examples of content forms that can be evergreen. 

Being strategic in how you create content so that it is evergreen is a skill that can help you to generate a lot of traffic and see results from just one blog post over a long period of time.

7 Evergreen Content Examples

Here are 7 evergreen content examples that you can strategically start creating to increase your blog traffic:

  • Reviews
  • List Topics
  • Testimonials
  • Problem solving
  • Tips and tricks 
  • Visual imagery
  • Historical Data
  • Tutorials or How-To Guides

These are the different forms that evergreen content can come, however, having content that falls into one of the categories above doesn’t guarantee it being evergreen, but content in this form when strategically done has higher chances of being evergreen.

For instance, an instructional content that teaches people how they could sew their Jeans if torn might last several years compared to a less practical one.

Another good example is a topic that lectures on how to lose weight. Regardless of the content being published in the 90s or just recent, people will still be interested in losing weight, and such articles will keep reigning. 

List topics are potentially evergreen as well. Example: “5 Easy Ways to Reach Your Destination” and “10 Things Girls Do When They are Scared.”  

What is the opposite of Evergreen Content?

On the other hand, there are styles of content that aren’t evergreen friendly most of the time, and when they are no more trending, then chances are that visitors would stop coming for them.

Examples of Content that is not Evergreen:

  • Fashion Trends
  • News contents
  • Trending Devices
  • Statistical Updates

It is important to know that evergreen content has no foreseen expiration date, therefore, news content or content that talks about a trending fashion may not scale through for a longer period.

Another example is news about politics or sporting events like Football or the Olympic championships that come and go within a short period of time; when normal life continues, no one cares about reading them anymore.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important For Your Blog?

Now that we know what evergreen content is and the different forms it can be presented, let’s dive into why it is important for your blog.

There are many benefits of evergreen content and reason why you should take time to strategically create content that is evergreen for your niche of blogging.

8 Benefits of Creating Evergreen Content

1. Higher search engine ranking

Search engine bots keep crawling through different web pages and analyzing them to pick up their relevance, so they can feed them to users that are making specific search queries. 

These bots are able to figure out if your content is evergreen. When they identify your content as evergreen, they’ll always recommend and rank it higher than alternative that loses relevance over time.

2. More web traffic

If search engines rank your evergreen content higher, this will not go without rewarding you with more traffic to your site.

Unlike trending content which tends to lose its audience within a short period of time, evergreen content steadily keeps the traffic coming over a longer period from the time it was published.

It is a good way to keep getting new website visitors and consumers of your content. And if they find it useful and relevant, old visitors will keep coming back to the content.

When your content is good and timeless, other websites may link back to your content because of its relevance and the value it provides.  

The longer it remains relevant, the better your chances of getting citations from other websites through backlinks, bringing in more traffic and increasing your domain authority.

4. Great for social media

Evergreen content on social media has the potential to continuously attract social shares which will in return drive more traffic to your site. 

People will keep referring back to it and sharing it as long as they find it relevant. This is a great advantage of timeless content.

When your content is evergreen, it can be easily turned into social media content (e.g infographics for Pinterest, or educational posts for Instagram and Facebook).

5. Increases brand awareness

When you have high search engine rankings, a lot of traffic, backlinks to your blog and many social media shares of your content, this increases awareness of your blog or business. 

It establishes trust for your brand and is a great way to establish brand authority in your niche.

6. It increases blog income

When you keep getting continuous traffic to your monetized blog you have higher chances of converting that traffic into income through ads or affiliate marketing. 

If the content is attached to a product you sell, it also increases your sales on that product.

Click here to see a list of 20 possible ways to make money from a blog with evergreen content.

7. It is economical

Time wise and money wise. 

Here’s how – If you are someone who outsources content or pays someone to produce content for your website, then, evergreen content is a great bang for your bucks. 

This is because the content you paid for will last for a long time, while you keep reaping the benefits; a great benefit compared to paying for trendy or news content that goes out of fashion.

8. It is efficient

You’ve probably heard someone talking about the need for you to keep publishing tons of content on your blog every week, for you to maintain a steady inflow of traffic.

Well, this may be true to an extent because if you deal with non-evergreen contents, then chances are that you might need to go through that stress. 

Meanwhile, if you’re a content creator that chose to focus more on evergreen topics, you don’t need to go into that rigorous process as you are assured of continuous traffic on your old posts both from an old and new audience.

While these are all some great evergreen content benefits, it doesn’t go to say you should neglect content that is not evergreen as it can also reap you the same benefits.

Benefits of Creating Evergreen Content
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What is an evergreen website?

An evergreen website is a website that is in an evergreen niche and contains mostly evergreen content topics. 

This is a website like Entrepreneur for example that covers topics like entrepreneurship which is a niche that although may evolve, will always be of interest to people.

One way to have an evergreen website is to pick an evergreen niche and create content on topics that are evergreen.

What is an evergreen niche?

An evergreen niche is a niche that is relevant is all seasons of life and sometimes to all groups of people. People will always be interested in that niche even decades or generations later.

Finances, health, love, parenthood and food are good examples of evergreen niches you can blog about.

Evergreen niches are usually the safest niches to go into when looking for a niche to start a blog or business in. It is a good way to establish authority in your niche.

What is an evergreen topic?

An evergreen topic just like an evergreen niche is topic that never gets old and is always interesting to people over a long period of time.

It always remains a “topic of interest” and provides information that people will continuously need.

Hair loss, budgeting tips and pregnancy are examples of evergreen topics. There will always be an interest and audience for such topics.

What is an evergreen content strategy?

This simply put is a skill where you strategically create content that has high chances of remaining relevant over a long period of time.

It is providing content that content consumers will find useful over many months or even years.

What is an evergreen score?

An evergreen score is a score that was developed by BuzzSumo to help measure, understand, and analyze how evergreen a piece of content is.

It takes into account the total number of backlinks and social actions taken from a piece of content 30 days after it has been published and compares it to other content published within that same time period.

12 Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

1. Choose an evergreen niche

Picking an evergreen niche from the beginning makes life easier for you because it will be much easier to create content that is also evergreen if it falls under an evergreen niche.

Make your niche is one that is not dependent on latest trends but is one people will be interested in for a long.

2. Choose evergreen topics 

 This basically means pick a topic that does not go out of style and that you can keep promoting for a long period of time after you create content on it.

Topics that never get old will have both old and new website visitors consuming your content years after you create it.

3. Do keyword research

Keyword research is a very important aspect of blogging that a lot of bloggers ignore. It is essential to carry out keyword research on a topic before you write about it so that you can rank well for those keywords.

If you don’t already carry out keyword research for your blog posts then you should consider starting now.

4. Try not to draw inspiration from current affairs

When intentionally trying to create evergreen content, it is usually a good idea to avoid drawing inspiration from current affairs or writing based on that and instead writing on topics that timeless and limited to what is happening in the now.

5. Write long form content

When creating evergreen content, you ideally want it to rank well on search engines, possibly on the first page of Google. 

One great way to increase your chances of ranking first on Google is by creating content that is longer than the competition. When you have more to write about a topic, it works out to be a reason for search engines to rank your content well and push your content up on the search engine rankings.

You can enter the keyword of your content into the Google search engine, and check the word count for the number 1 ranking blog post and try to beat that. 

However, while this is a good tactic it should not be a reason to produce low quality content in the name of a bigger word count.

6. Write comprehensive content 

Writing content that is easy to understand goes a long way for your content’s success. 

When people find your content easy to understand, they are more likely going to share it or bookmark it so they can go back to it. 

They also stay on your site longer while consuming the content because they are understanding what you are saying and this boosts up your SEO.

It is also a good way to get backlinks to your blog and be referenced by other blogs which will increase your domain’s authority.

7. Cover a topic in-depth 

Paired up with simplicity is the need to be exhaustive when creating content.

When you pick a keyword or topic and try cover as much detail about that topic and answer most of the questions that your readers may have about the topic, it removes the need for them to go elsewhere for answers while also keeping them on your site for longer. 

This increases what in SEO terms is referred to as “dwell time”-how long people stay on your site, and boosts your rankings on search engines.

A good example is how this article tries to cover everything you need to know about creating evergreen content, examples of evergreen content, its forms and tips to create evergreen content.

You give your a greater chance of success by putting it in popular, digestible forms like lists, infographics, how-to guides, visuals, reviews and other forms. 

These are generally more popular with content consumers so why not use them for your evergreen content?

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9.Be more objective than subjective 

One of characteristics of most evergreen content is that it is more objective than subjective. This means it is usually less about personal opinions (subjective) and more general or factual information (objective).

Personal opinions  can be argued and their reliability can be questioned if not immediately then over time.

However, a balance should be made because your experience and views of a certain topic (like motherhood for example) can be relevant and found useful by people for a long time.

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10. Create multiple forms of the content

As a content creator, one good way of getting success on a piece of evergreen content is turning it into multiple content forms.

When you write a blog post, you can turn it into an explainer video for YouTube, a Reel for Instagram, a quick video for Tiktok, an explained post for a Facebook page or an infographic for Pinterest.

This way you give it a greater chance of going viral, by reaching a wider audience and getting more shares across different platforms.

11. Strategically market the content

Marketing your content is one of the most important things you need to do after creating evergreen content. You want to place it in front of as many people as possible.

There are many ways you can market your blog post so that it reaches many people. 

Click here to see a list of 8 Content Marketing Ideas you can use creatively and strategically to market a blog post after hitting publish.

12. Repurpose, rebrand and update

Last but not least, a great practice to always go back to old posts and look for ways to improve them, whether in word count, keyword density, format or title structure.

The only exception to this is when a piece of content is already ranking number 1 on Google.

In this case you don’t want to do anything that will disturb whatever the algorithm used to rank your content in that position by adding or subtracting anything.

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When you create evergreen content, you are putting up a time investment that will potentially keep rewarding you in the long run. They are great for brand growth and trust.

However, evergreen content require periodic checks so that you can figure out what information needs to be added, removed, or updated.

Finally, while evergreen content is ideal for the long term success of your blog, content that is not evergreen like trending topics should not be neglected as it has many great benefits, especially when it comes to providing you with a surge of traffic. 

Therefore, a combination of the two will go a long way in helping you generate a loyal following over time.

Have you been creating evergreen content? Do you have a strategy in place so that your content is evergreen?

How about your niche? Is it evergreen? Let me know in the comments below!

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