I always get asked the question ‘’Epie, what should I do
that will grow me and make an impact in the world?’’. My answer ever since I
started blogging is “why don’t you start a blog?’’.

Although I get a diverse number of answers to that questions
depending on whom I’m speaking to, the reason why I always suggest blogging
each time is because of two reasons; I believe anyone can be a blogger as long
as they are willing to commit to, and secondly because I believe there is room
for more bloggers in the blogging world.

Blogging is unique to the person doing it and has an
unlimited scope. Because of this I believe anyone who has a story to share with
the world or has a passion for a particular topic can start a blog. Others may
disagree, but I believe there’s room for everyone. However I don’t believe
blogging is for everyone, because it requires time and commitment, as well as
patience because you don’t usually start seeing the results of your hard work
immediately, unless you are a rare case.

If you have ever considered starting a blog but were not
sure what the reasons to start were, then here are nine reasons why you should
consider starting one. Hopefully one of these can inspire to start a blog and
share your potential with the world.

  1. It’s
    easy to start

No prior knowledge is needed to start a
blog or become a blogger. It’s one of very few professions that are unique and
specific to the individual.

You can literally blog about anything that
interests you, and because it’s such an undefined thing to do, there is no
specific standard to start or particular topic you have to do.

On the technical side it’s also not that difficult to start a blog. Here’s a step by step guide you can use to start a blog from scratch in less than 20 minutes! [Start a Blog]

  • It’s
    a possible source of income

Blogging can become your second source of
income or even your primary one. There are several ways to earn money from your
blog that could easily make it a reliable source of income. There are bloggers
who earn as much as millions of dollars a year from blogging, so it can have a
lot of potential financially if done well. Making cents of sense is a good
example of a blog that is making such amounts of money a year.

If you have a passion for a particular
niche then this is a way to get paid for something you love.

Here are 20 ways you can make money from running a blog of any niche.

  • It
    will improve your writing skills

My favourite thing about blogging is the fact
that you don’t have to be the best writer to become a blogger. You just need to
have a niche that interests you and that you are passionate about.

The great thing about it is that just like
everything else in life, you get better as you go. So the more you write the
better a writer you become. No one grades your blog’s English so there’s no
pressure to be perfect from the beginning. What’s more important rather is that
people understand what you are writing and are enjoying it.

On the hand, there are tools like Grammarly which can cover that gap for you if you are not the most grammatically talented person. It corrects your grammar for and suggests more appropriate phrases and words.

  • You
    can help other people

With a blog, you have the potential to reach
a massive range of people from across the world that you would not be able to
reach otherwise.

If you are writing valuable and insightful
content, you can reach and help number of people. I have grown so much from
reading other people’s blogs and have gained valuable knowledge from a number
of blogs I have read.

It’s such a great opportunity to be able to
influence people on a worldwide scale. And change the way people think by your
writing. And because of that I believe blogging is silently one of the most
important careers in this information driven world. The internet is such a huge
part of our world today and a huge chunk of it runs on the sharing of
information. Blogging is a good way to be part of that. No matter how small
your blog is, it contributes to the availability of information in this day and
age, which is not an insignificant role.

  • It
    can boost your creativity

Having to come up with blog posts often can
grow your creative side. Your brain will have to come up with new ideas to blog
about and new ways to grow and market your blog as well. This will stretch you
to think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to run your blog.

You will also need to come up with ways to
stand out from the others and be memorable to your readers so that they can
come back. This may sound difficult but once you figure out what can make you
unique it’s not all that hard.

  • It
    will challenge you to grow

Because you have to come up with several
posts for your blog, you will need to constant update your knowledge on what
you are blogging about. This grows your knowledge of that topic and other
related things.

Besides that, blogging also grows you as a
person. There’s just something about other people depending on you for
knowledge and information that just grows you. Blogging can also be a learning
experience for the blogger in as much as it is for the readers. There’s so much
to learn about the topic of blogging itself let alone the topic whose knowledge
you blog about and need to learn more about.

  • It
    can establish you as a professional in a field

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to
establish yourself as a professional in a specific niche. If this is your
intention, I would recommend you focus on one specific niche that you can be
known and remembered for. On the other hand, if you are blogging about a number
of niches at once, it might be more difficult to be known as a professional for
those niches or one of them, unless maybe you are exceptionally multi talented.

With blogging, as long as you can talk
about a specific topic well enough for people to learn and be informed from it,
you can easily become recognised as one who is knowledgeable on that topic.
Because you also have to do a lot of research about what you are blogging about
you will eventually know a lot a more about it as you grow your knowledge of
it, and this can easily make you a very knowledgeable person about the niche.

  • You
    can develop new relationships

The blogging community is one of the most
friendly and supportive communities out there. It’s incredibly easy to make
blogger friends as a result. You just need to join Facebook blogging groups,
engage with blogger retweet trends on Twitter, comment on other bloggers’
Instagram posts and you could just make a new friend in the process.

Networking is the best policy for any
business and blogging is no exception. This is how you can also get
opportunities for guest posts both on your blog and while doing others’ blogs.
These can boost your traffic and build your reputation if you partner up with
people who are more successful than you, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

You should also try to answer all the comments left on your blog posts by readers. I know I need to work on this 🙂 But these are your most loyal readers because they take time to engage with your content, so it’s easier to build a relationship with them than those who don’t engage with your content. You never know who you will impress in the process, and who else they will share your content with as well.

  • It
    can create opportunities

With networking and engaging with other
bloggers, you can have a door of opportunities opened up to you.

You can easily be invited to be a speaker
for the niche you blog about. Your blog tells people on your behalf that you
know what you are talking about, and if you can write about it then you can
talk about it. A speaking or coaching career can come out of being a blogger.

There are many other opportunities that can
come from blogging, like being an author or writer. You can compile your blog
posts into a book that you can sell or share for free on your blog.

You can also become an entrepreneur via
blogging. Read more on how you can turn blogging into a money making career from
here [20 ways to make money from blogging]

If you’ve read up to here and not even one of these eight
points have stood out or stirred something in you, then I guess it’s safe to
say blogging is not for you, which is fine because like I said, it’s not for
everyone. If something here stood out for you or if you have been considering
blogging but weren’t sure why and one or more of these have confirmed or
stirred something in you then I recommend you start doing your research now.

If you’re not sure where to start, start here. Take a browse through this entire blog; there are several posts that will help you on your journey.

Which of these have stood out for you or what inspired you to start your blog if you are already a blogger? I would love to hear from you!

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