One of the hardest things about blogging is actually coming with a blog post. But it’s not the only challenge when it comes to blogging. The other challenge is actually getting people to read your work. And for them to read it, you need to first attract traffic to your blog by marketing your blog posts. I call it a challenge because once you have mastered it, you can overcome the challenge.

So here are
8 strategic ways that I’ve used myself and have proven to work for my blogs,
but first and most importantly, you need to come up with good quality content
that will be worth people’s time, so that once they visit they can come back
again and even subscribe to your blog’s content.

Once you’re done writing the good content, couple it with an eye-catching and interesting title that will draw people to your site. When you’ve done those two things then you market your high-quality blog post in one of the following eight ways.

1. Share with family and friends

This is the easiest and way to get a couple of people reading your blog.
Family and friends should be your first target audience because they are more
likely to stick with you for a long time.

So make use of this free source of blog traffic especially if you are
just starting out and haven’t yet established your brand/blog’s reputation.

While at it, also ask your friends and family for some constructive criticism; because they are closest to you they will be able to let you know any helpful advice that may help you grow your blog or business. Take them as your first audience and take what they advise you seriously because that is what strangers may most likely observe as well.

2. Share on a Facebook group

This is a strategy I, unfortunately, discovered much, but you can generate a lot of traffic if you join the right Facebook groups. There are several blogger support Facebook groups you can join, to share your blog posts and have other people and bloggers find and read your content. In these groups, everyone is looking for exposure for their blogs and so they are willing to share, read and visit other people’s blogs if it means others will do the same for them. Plus they also can get inspiration from other people’s blogs, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Apart from marketing your blog posts, you can also connect to other bloggers and build connections from these groups.

3. Update the Instagram & Twitter bio

You can do this whether you have specific accounts for your blog or
business or you are currently using your own personal accounts.

Instagram currently doesn’t allow you to include a clickable link in a post but you can add one to your bio. Because it is clickable, it is an easy way to get people who are visiting your profile to click and visit your site.

4. Market on Instagram stories

Once you’ve updated your bio with a link to your latest blog, you can then direct people to it via an Instagram stories post. This can be a marketing post and you can be as creative as possible, just making sure it is appealing to viewers and will lead them to visit your bio for a possible click-through.

5. Include a Pinterest graphic at the end of the post for repining

Having share buttons at the end or top of your posts is a good way to
have your content shared by readers who come to your blog. But another way to
have people share your content is to have a nicely done Pinterest graphic for
your post, with a “Pin for later” text somewhere.

If readers like your content and would like to refer to it later they can simply save it by pinning it to their Pinterest account. As they do this, it may give you exposure to other people from their Pinterest accounts who may be interested in the same content you blog about.

6. Repin to your posts on Pinterest

Again just like Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards can drive a lot
of traffic to your blog, and if you can master how to use them, this could be
easy traffic to your blog posts.

The more Pinterest group boards you post to, the more exposure your pin gets and the more times it can be repined. The more repins you can get, the more traffic can be driven from Pinterest to your blog.

7. Share on Tailwind

Pinterest is a fast-growing social network/search engine and has the potential to get you tones of traffic, if you can master how to use it and Tailwind is the best way to help master the Pinterest algorithm and harness its potential to benefit your blog or business.

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool, which also recently added Instagram to its service. What makes it unique is its “Tailwind Tribes” that enable you to share your blog posts with other bloggers so that they can also schedule your pins to their Pinterest audience. This enables you to get a wider reach as their audience may potentially become your audience as well.

8. Run a marketing Ad (Facebook/Instagram Ads)

If your post is monetized (i.e. it is has sponsored links or ads) and you believe it is high quality, then you can pay for social media ads, to get more organic traffic from people who are specifically interested in your niche.

The best platforms currently to run ads are Facebook and Instagram. The
beauty of running ads on these platforms is that you can target a specific
audience (you can be as specific as your local suburb). You most likely get
better results if you market on these two social media sites because of their
unique service function that allows you to select a specific audience.

Another way to market your content is via Google ads. It may not be easy to run ads on Google as it is to run them on a platform like Facebook or Instagram but you can get very good results from it too.

There are several other ways to market your blog posts and get traffic to your blog after writing your high-quality content. Find two, three, or maybe four ways that will work best for you and apply them each time you post a new blog post.

I recommend
you try at least most of them so you can see which ones will work best for you.
You may be surprised which one will bring you the most traffic.

Which other ways do you use to drive traffic to your new blog posts?

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