Content creation is not the only part of the blogging process. Marketing is the other part. But many bloggers often focus on creating content and neglect marketing their content. This method of hoping that people will magically learn of your content and guess that your blog or website exists on the internet doesn’t produce much results if you are looking to grow your audience past the current. So here some content marketing ideas that will help you grow your influence and blog traffic.

Just like any other traditional business, marketing is very important in blogging and when done well and strategically can draw massive traffic to your content. 

Of course there is a stage where traffic starts to come naturally without needing to put in much work into marketing but to get to that stage, you will need to put in some time, effort, and sometimes money into getting your content out there and establishing authority in your niche before you can reach that stage.

So here are 8 marketing ideas that most bloggers often neglect and sleep on, that can bring in a significant amount of traffic;

1. SEO

This is first on the list for a reason. SEO is the most important part of blog marketing and it is often ignored by a lot of bloggers.

If this term is foreign to you and you don’t know what it means, here’s a brief explanation. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms, it refers to how well you rank on search engines and how easily people can find you on those search engines.

When your SEO is in order it brings organic traffic to your blog and readers that you won’t have to go out and vouch for. It comprises of many elements and would take up most of this blog post if I went into detail about it but here’s a post that goes in-depth explaining SEO for beginners.

If you are serious about getting more traffic to your blog, then I recommend you to embark on a journey to learn and understand SEO and make it your best friend. It is an art and so it takes time to master it. But knowing one or two things about it can take you a long way.

2. Pinterest (Repins & Boards)

Pinterest is a popular place people go to find things that they are interested in. It works as a picture version of traditional search engines like google. However, Pinterest is one platform that is often neglected or underestimated by most bloggers but it is one of the best content marketing ideas to grow your traffic. 

But with some high quality pin images and regular pinning, you can attract a significant amount of traffic to your blog or website. Here’s an example of an eye-catching, good quality pin image below.

8 Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

3. Twitter Engagement Threads

This is one of my favorite. Twitter is a great place to gain exposure for your blog content. There’s a great blogging community that supports each other daily on Twitter. And there are many retweet accounts dedicated to sharing other bloggers’ work, as well as daily threads where you can share your links for other people to find and reach a new audience.

If you look up the hashtag #Writingcommunity for example, you will see what I am talking about. There are different threads that are posted under hashtags like these that you can participate in to grow your traffic and gain exposure for your content.

To make life easier for you, you can follow this blog’s account @FBlogpreneur so you can participate in threads that are posted daily to help bloggers like you gain exposure for your content and meet some awesome people in the writing and blogging community.

4. Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups that are specifically for bloggers, writers and Youtubers. In these groups you will find like minded people who are interested in what you blog about and who are ready to read and engage with your content.

These are often called engagement groups and they come in different types. Some are specific like “Makeup bloggers” or “Instagram engagement” groups where influencers support each other’s Instagram posts and help to grow each other’s IG accounts; while others are more general like “Blogger engagement groups”

There are so many to discover and because the blogging community is generally very supportive you will not only get people who are interested in your content but you will also get the opportunity to network with other bloggers that share similar interests.

So if you’ve been sleeping on Facebook groups as a form of marketing for your content then I would jump right on it as soon as possible. Starting is as easy typing “Your niche of interest” + “engagement group”. You’ll a few that you can start with and discover more along the way.

Join our Facebook community group to connect with other like minded people.

5. Friends & Family

Not what you’d expect on a list of content marketing ideas or tips but never underestimate the power of word of mouth in any form of marketing.

For most people friends and family are not always a reliable form of marketing. Simply because they tend to be less inclined to support you than strangers are. But sometimes this is just simply because we don’t ask or they don’t know exactly how they can support.

So simply asking your friends and family nicely, to recommend or share your content with their friends and colleagues can encourage them to share your work and help you market your blog.

6. Collaborations

The beauty of the blogging world is that there’s no competition. What I mean is that it’s one of the few industries out there where you succeed and go further by supporting and advertising each other.

Collaboration is when two or more creatives work together on a project or piece of content and put out the work together to cross market each other.

Cross marketing works very well in the blogging industry. By sharing each other’s content, you raise awareness of each other’s content to each other audiences. Your audience consuming my content does not away from you and vice versa. It just means that they now consume both your content and mine, and we both win.

When I leave a comment on your blog to support you, I will also be marketing myself because one is often required to leave an email address or website link when posting links. Not only am I advertising myself, but I am also increasing the number of back links I have to my site which improves my SEO greatly. 

So by supporting others and collaborating on content we are all winning!

7. Instagram 

Instagram is a great tool for blog marketing. Its often overlooked when it comes to content marketing ideas because its harder to drive traffic from Instagram to an external site than it is on other sites.

But if you don’t have a blog account on Instagram then you are forfeiting a great opportunity to grow your audience and expose your content to more people. By building an audience on Instagram, you are building a tribe of people who are interested in the content that you put out and potential readers of your blog content.

Now it’s not a walk in the park, to build, grow and maintain an instagram account but if done well and tactfully can produce good results. And if you have a business account, there are more tools to advertise your content.

Some free ways to expose your blog on social media are through hashtags, links in your bio, stories, reels, using Instagram influencers, shoutouts, creating ads, sending DM’s to people that may be interested in your content, etc. There are many ways to advertise on Instagram and many ways to gain exposure for your content.

8. Q&A Platforms 

This is one of those ignored things by bloggers. But Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit, and others are great places to market your blog, improve its SEO and improve your organic traffic greatly.

One way to do it is to go on these platforms and look up frequently asked questions and then create content around that to answer those questions. This means a lot of people are asking those questions and if you address them well, you will appear on search engine results whenever people type in those questions. You can also learn some more content marketing tips and ideas from other people’s responses to questions.

Another way is to answer the questions directly on the platforms and then leave your links at the end of your contribution. This creates backlinks for your site that help your SEO as well as give people who are searching for answers in your niche, a direct link to find your content.

Which of these content marketing ideas have you been using for your blog? And which ones have you been sleeping on? I’d love to hear from you, so head over to the comment section below!

8 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic