This article discusses the top 100 Female YouTubers on a global scale.

As the second most visited site on the Internet, YouTube is also a search engine second to Google.

Another interesting fact that you may want to know about YouTube is that about 16.4% of its total traffic comes from the USA.

YouTube happens to be a remarkable resource for collecting visual insights and inspiration, thanks to YouTube content creators.

However, consuming the best content on YouTube and the topics you are interested in requires more than just watching anything the YouTube algorithm randomizes for you.

While the male YouTubers have been breaking barriers, the female YouTubers have been making equal waves with their unique video content.

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This article will go through a list of the top 100 female Youtubers.

YouTubers, their channels, and what they are known for.

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1. Maria Castrejon Castaneda

Subscribers: 24.6 Million

Channel: Yuya

While most of her content isn’t in English, the Mexican female YouTuber, mostly known as Yuya, happens to be among the first line of YouTube content creators to scale above the 20 million subscribers milestone.

This made her fit into the 30 biggest channels on YouTube as of 2017.

She began her journey on the platform when she was 16 years old, and with the years gone by, she still maintains her course as a beauty and fashion vlogger.

2. Jenna Nicole Mourey

Subscribers: 20.1 Million

Channel: Jenna Marbles

An American female Youtuber who climbed up the rail of content creation on the platform since 2010, Jenna blogs writes about her lifestyle and incorporates some senses of humor, which doesn’t derail from her line of comedy shoots. 

Unfortunately, Jenna stated in mid-2020 in one of her videos that she is quitting YouTube and not sure of coming back.

 Still, it sounds like she kept the word because nine months later, to the point I’m writing this article, she is yet to post any video on her channel.

3. Zoe Sugg

Subscribers: 11.1 Million

Channel: Zoella

While Zoe fits nicely into the list of top female bloggers the world has ever witnessed, she is also a renowned YouTube star.

 Her Zoella YouTube channel clocks over 11 million subs that focus on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

It may also interest you that Zoe has a second channel named Zoe Sugg and has clocked up more than 4.8 million subs.

3. Kimberly Loaiza

Subscribers: 30.3 Million

Channel: Kimberly Loaiza

Kim started in 2016 and had about 100k followers in just one week.

This signifies a lot of potential ahead, and yes, this rose to 18 million subscribers within two years of her journey on Youtube, with double the number now.

She focuses on challenges and tutorials and is considered one of the top internet personalities in Mexico and beyond because she’s in the 16th position of most followed influencers on TikTok.

4. Elizabeth Shaila Koshy

Subscribers: 17.8 Million

Channel: Liza Koshy

Liza is an American, a Hollywood actress, which you may be familiar with if you’ve watched the Movie “Workit,” and also a comedian.

She started her first channel in 2015, which is geared towards entertainment & humor, and now owns a second channel titled; “Liza Koshy Too,” which has 7.69 million subscribers.

 She is one of the most popular female YouTubers.

5. Tiffany Garcia

Subscribers: 6.94 Million

Channel: iHasCupquake

Popularly known for her gaming videos, the American Youtuber Tiffany also makes DIYs and cooking videos, and she published her channel in 2011.

Having turned down a couple of opportunities, including Cartoon Network’s, to pursue social media as a career happened to be one of her best decisions and had scored her a ton of success.

6. Rosanna Pansino

Subscribers: 12.8 Million

Channel: Rosanna Pansino

Despite being one of the top paid female YouTubers, Rosanna Pansino also topped the list of Forbes Top Influencers: Food in 2017.

Some of the videos you’ll find on Rosanna’s YouTube channel include that of cooking, DIY, challenges, gaming, and more.

7. Lauren Riihimaki

Subscribers: 8.7 Million

Channel: LaurDIY

Canadian YouTuber based in Los Angeles, Lauren is known for her DIY projects and exceptional craft she teaches on her channel while sharing a few vlogs.

Plus, she has another channel where she shares her vlog and podcasts and is clocking to 300k subs.

8. Safiya Jaffer Nygaard

Subscribers: 9.14 Million

Channel: Safiya Nygaard

Formerly known to BuzzFeed Yellow and the series she co-founded; Ladylike, Safiya had quit BuzzFeed and launched a YouTube channel under her name.

One of her peak times was when she got 2.5 million subs in just six months.

 Since she is a beauty blogger who also speaks from the heart, it is no luck that she’s realized above 9 million subs now.

9. Emma Frances Chamberlain

Subscribers: 9.99 Million

Channel: Emma Chamberlain

The NY Times called her the funniest person on YouTube, and for her humor and relatability, it is no surprise that her YouTube channel clocked almost 10 million subs in just four years of getting to the platform.

Though you may want to call her influencer, Emma thinks the word is disgusting for her work and prefers to be called an entertainer.

10. Eleonora Pons Maronese

Subscribers: 17.6 Million

Channel: Lele Pons

She’s a Venezuela-America citizen, and besides being an internet sensation, she’s also a film actress and plays music videos.

One of her famous programs is The Secret Life of Lele Pons, where she talks about her own life.

11. Nikkie de Jager

Subscribers: 13.8 Million

Channel:  Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager is a makeup artist and the first global artistry adviser Marc Jacobs had.

She started sharing makeup tutorials on the internet in 2008.

 Her makeup video s value is close to 14 million. These videos are shared with elements of humor.

12. Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook

Subscribers: 8.92 Million

Channel: Tati

American makeup artist and internet celebrity Tatiana has been on YouTube since 2010.

Her first million subscriber milestone was reached in 2016.

 With her becoming one of the go-to beauty YouTubers, her channel is now a few subscribers short of reaching a 9 million milestone.

13. Colleen Mae Ballinger

Subscribers: 8.5 Million

Channel: Colleen Ballinger

Famous for her internet egotistical weird character Miranda Sings, Colleen had gotten successful at YouTube, with her channel flowing in above 1.7 billion views.

She also has her second channel called Colleen Vlogs, having 3.17 Million subscribers with it.

14. Lilly Singh

Subscribers: 14.9 Million

Channel: Lilly Singh

Lilly goes by her pseudonym, Super Woman, back in her early YouTube days, and she’s one good comedian you may never find her kind sooner.

She started YouTube in 2010 and had achieved decent milestones for the time being, and is among the most popular female YouTubers out there.

15. Meg DeAngelis

Subscribers: 4.77  Million

Channel: Meg DeAngelis

Meg uses her screen name, My Baby.

 She’s an actress and the vocal behind Moxie Dewdrop in Trolls and her role in other films, including Summer Forever and Yak: Giant King Movies. 

Her YouTube channel features videos that include her music and vlogs.

16. Imane Any

Subscribers: 6.57 Million

Channel: Pokimane

Image is a fan of video games, and on her channel, she shares some of her live feeds, including that of Fortnite and League of Legends.

She is also active on Twitch and has built up many followers there.

17. Huda Kattan

Subscribers: 4.15 Million

Channel: Huda Beauty

Huda left her position in finance and plunged into the beauty industry in 2010 with the launch of her blog.

Along the line, she decided to support her journey with a YouTube channel that has now gotten to above a hundred million lifetime views.

18. Tana Marie Mongeau

Subscribers: 5.48 Million

Channel: Tana Mongeau

Tana is an American and is well known for her storytime videos and comedies.

She joined YouTube in 2015, but with her demonetized channel, she had to leverage other means.

19. Patricia Caeli Santaolalla Lopez

Subscribers: 15.8 Million

Channel: Caeli YT

Caeli is a well-known Mexican YouTuber, also known as CaELike.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2010, and her YouTube videos are primarily vlogs which she does in Spanish.

20. Alia Shelesh

Subscribers: 26.7 Million

Channel: SSSniperWolf

A British woman increasingly famous for sharing her passion for gaming, Alia started her channel in 2013.

Since then, her posts have been about gameplay and reviews, and she now shares vlogs and challenges on her channel.

She’s one of the most popular female YouTubers in the gaming niche.

She best goes by her pseudonym, SSSniperWolf, inspired by a villain in the Metal Gear Solid video game.

21. Rachel Claire Levin

Subscribers: 14.6 Million

Channel: RclBeauty101

As her channel name implies, Rachel is a beauty vlogger and started posting videos on YouTube in 2015, just when she was 15 years old.

Rachel was a Shorty Award nominee in 2017 under the Best YouTube Guru section.

22. Wendy Jie Huang

Subscribers: 14.1 Million

Channel: Wengie

Wengie is a Chinese-Australian YouTuber who posts videos on her channel about DIYS, Fun Experiments, Craft Ideas, and pranks.

Her channel is vast because she also gives hair, fitness, and fashion tutorials.

Concerning Australia and YouTube, Wengie is one of the best YouTubers you can find in Australia.

23. Chloe Ting

Subscribers: 19.4 Million

Channel: Chloe Ting

Chloé Ting, an Australian vlogger, launched her YouTube channel in 2011.

Google’s trend of 2020 reveals that Chloe is only second to Joe Wicks when it comes to most searched no-equipment workouts in the U.K.

24. Veronica and Vanessa Jo Merrel

Subscribers:  5.96 Million

Channel: Merrell Twins

Famous girl YouTubers, Veronica and Vanessa, are identical twins, and while they are known for their acting and singing videos, they also like to make people laugh.

They have a second YouTube channel called Roni and Nessa, with more than 800K subscribers, and a third channel called “Merrel Twins Live,” with more than 700K subscribers.

25. Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

Subscribers: 6.86 Million

Channel: Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight are twin sisters and have achieved enormous video views, about 1.3 billion views on their YouTube channel.

They are also identical twins, with Bailey, two minutes late from her sister Brooklyn.

While YouTubing, they are also excellent entrepreneurs and musicians.

26. Lauren Weber

Subscribers: 5.51 Million

Channel: LaurenzSide

Lauren is from the United States and began YouTube in 2007.

She’s a self-proclaimed “Gaming Comedian” whose channel is geared toward gaming and comedy-related videos.

In addition to her main channel, she also manages a second channel with 300k+ subscribers dedicated for her live videos called LaurenzLiveside, and the third channel of about 300k subs, LaurenzOtherSide.

27. Bethany Noel Mota

Subscribers: 9.78 Million

Channel: Bethany Mota

An American YouTuber who started YouTube in 2009, Bethany is well known for her flair for fashion.

When it comes to popular female YouTubers in the fashion niche, Bethany fits into the top of the list.

As she reviews various fashion items and outfits, she also makes videos on cooking, comedy, travel, positivity, and more.

28. Kiera Bridget

Subscribers: 4.07 Million

Channel: Kiera Bridget

A finalist in the YouTube comedian awards nominated by the Shorty Awards, Kiera Bridget is well known for her entertaining videos.

The videos on her channel include comedies, pranks, challenges, and random activities and have garnered a considerable audience, over 400 million video views on her channel.

29. Alisha Marie McDonald

Subscribers: 8.15 Million

Channel: Alisha Marie

Starting her journey on YouTube in the first quarter of 2008, Alisha is well known for her fashion videos and other aspects, including her daily routines, makeup tutorials, and frugal fashion tips.

Although she started YouTube in 2008, her first video upload came two years later, i.e., in 2011.

She has a second channel dedicated to her vlogs, named “Alisha Marie Vlogs,” with 3.13 Million subs.

30. Justine Ezarik

Subscribers: 6.84 Million

Channel: I Justine

Justine Ezarik has been on YouTube since 2006.

 With over 2k videos available on her channel, she is an inspiration that it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to realize significant success on YouTube.

Her channel had over 1.2 Billion video views.

31. Brianna Paige Arsement

Subscribers: 3.34 Million

Channel: Brianna Playz

A registered nurse who aspires to further her career in this line, but inspired by her Husband Preston Arsement, a successful YouTube channel about Roblox and my Craft games, Brianna dived into YouTube and owned a similar channel.

She has also discovered the gift and talent in music and is prepared to explore her potential in this aspect.

32. Daniella Russo

Subscribers: 11.8 Million

Channel: Dani Russo TV

A Brazilian who started her Non-English channel in 2015, Daniella posts videos about her activities, including her daily chores and lifestyle.

 She incorporates some touches of humor to keep her audiences engaged and entertained.

She also makes music that you can find on her channel and Spotify.

33. Eva Marisol Gutowski

Subscribers: 11.4 Million

Channel: MyLifeAsEva

She is an American YouTuber who graduated from Brea Olinda High School in Brea, CA.

She has been active on YouTube since 2011.

  Some of the milestones she never forgets include when she attained 100 subscribers in 2012, 10K subs in the first quarter of 2013, and later reached up to 100k subs in 2013.

Her channel now is 11+ Million subs with 2.4 billion video views.

34. Nicola Teresa DeMartino  and Gabriella Nelida DeMartino

Subscribers: 9.59 Million

Channel: Niki and Gabi

They are twin sisters, and very famous girl YouTubers, officially known as Niki and Gabi. 

They’ve been active on YouTube since 2012, and while they’re twins, their fashion tastes and many other things vary, making their videos especially interesting.

35. Rachel Bunny Meyer 

Subscribers: 8.23 Million

Channel: Grave3YardGirl

Starting YouTube in 2010, Bunny made her earlier videos to focus on paranormal experiences and visits to graveyards; this inspires her channel name.

That was back then, and now, she mainly covers beauty-related videos on her channel.

36. Elizabeth Dwyer

Subscribers: 5.91 Million

Channel: LDShadowLady

Joined YouTube in 2010 and so far realized over 2.6 Billion views to her videos, Elizabeth D uploads on her channel gaming videos, and Minecraft kind of games to be specific.

However, LD Shadowlady doesn’t have an upload schedule on her videos; her understanding audience get that as well since her best videos came to be when she’s in the mood, while the opposite of that seems draining.

37. Natalie Alzate

Subscribers: 8.38 Million

Channel: Natalies Outlet

With one video a week, Natalie is one YouTuber you surely will love to connect with if you’re fond of DIY, life hacks, beauty, or fashion.

Natalie’s Outlet YouTube Channel also hosts Natalie’s lifestyle videos, and she hopes to amuse and inspire her viewers with her content. 

38. Alissa Violet Butler

Subscribers: 3.76 Million

Channel:  Alissa Violet

Alissa is also a Music artist, and while she runs a successful YouTube channel with almost a quarter of a billion views, her fame rose from platforms like Instagram and Vine before shutting it down.

39. Julianna Grace LeBlanc

Subscribers: 4.05 Million

Channel: Jules LeBlanc

Business Insider called her one of the “most famous teens in the world” in 2018. Julianna’s official name is Jules LeBlanc, while others call her Annie LeBlanc.

She’s been making videos for over four years.

 Her parents manage the channel for her, and now she’s around 17.

40. Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna

Subscribers: 5.73 Million

Channel: The Gabbie Show

Gabbie started creating video content on Vine as Gabbie show, and after about a year, she came on YouTube with that same name, and here she is, among the top 100 female YouTubers.

She has also made her way into the music industry with the right foot since her first single in 2017, entitled “Out Loud,” and writes songs.

41. Kathleen Belsten

Subscribers: 3.32 Million

Channel: Loser Fruit

Kathleen has the second-largest channel on Twitch for female gamers, and her YouTube channel is doing pretty well.

Some of her popular streaming games you can find on her channel include Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

42. Jaiden Dittfach

Subscribers: 9.85 Million

Channel: Jaiden Animations

One thing that makes Jaiden an outstanding YouTuber is making her videos stand out from the crowds.

 While others make talking head videos, Jaiden chooses to impact her animation.

Her channel’s videos revolve around her personal life and animated avatar.

43. Jessica Bravura

Subscribers: 9.14 Million

Channel: Aphmau

Best known as Jess or Aphmau, Final Fantasy changed her life in 2005.

Not only that her pseudonym was inspired by Aphmau, a Final Fantasy character, but also that her gaming partner, Don, whose name is Jason, turned out to be a life partner to her in marriage.

 Her channel is gaming, and she posts videos almost every day.

44. Yasmin Uddin

Subscribers: 2.72 Million

Channel: Yammy

If you know Yasmin online, then chances are you know her as Yammy or with her previous online alias, Yammy XOX.

Her channel deals with playing video games and gaming commentaries.

45. Tessa Brooks

Subscribers: 3.47 Million

Channel: Tessa Brooks

Tessa is a Finalist in the 10th annual Shorty Awards nominations for the “Best in Dance.”

She’s also an actress, and on YouTube, she posts beauty videos and vlogs on her channel.

46. Karina Garcia

Subscribers: 9.37 Million

Channel: Karina Garcia

Created her channel in 2012, Karina started posting videos on the YouTube channel three years later, i.e., in 2015.

Videos that you can find on Karina García’s YouTube channel include DIY, reviews, makeup tutorials, and more.

47. Sara Marie Lawler

Subscribers: 10.5 Million

Channel: Sara Beauty Corner

Sara is a Norwegian and one of the famous girl YouTubers; she’s gifted in what she does.

She makes DIY videos, makeup tutorials, comedy, and more.

 She likes to incorporate something funny and cool into her videos to entertain her viewers.

Sara currently has over 2.1 billion views on her channel for a well-done job she’s done.

48. Yolanda Gampp

Subscribers: 4.35 Million

Channel: How to Cake It

How to Cake: People learn to turn eggs, butter, sugars, and more ingredients into cakes.

Plus, these cakes are exceptional, and in every new video she makes, the processes guide her cake-loving fan base.

49. Jordan Mae Williams

Subscribers: 2.27 Million

Channel:  Just Jordan33

Born in Florida in 2002, Jordan is fond of making challenge and prank videos on her channel, drawing more than 700 Million views.

She also has a second channel for her vlogs, with almost 400K subs.

50. Ariel Rebecca Martins

Subscribers: 3.02 Million

Channel: Baby Ariel

She is an American singer, as well as an actress.

She became famous thanks to her videos on the social platform, now known as TikTok.

Videos you can find on her channel include her lifestyle, music, vlogs, compilations, etc.

51. Joelle Joanie Siwa

Subscribers: 12.2 Million

Channel: Its Jojo Siwa

An American actress, singer, and dancer, Jojo started YouTube at the age of 10, back in 2013.

In 2020, Time’s annual list identified her as one of the “100 Most Powerful People in the World”.

52. Jennifer Flagg

Subscribers: 5.26 Million

Channel: Gaming With Jen

Also known as Jen, Jeniffer is a female gamer who loves streaming with her YouTube fans, and whether she’s playing solo or with her friends, she cares about sharing that with fans.

Her games are Roblox and Minecraft video games, with her “Minecraft Frozen (Custom Map)” video being her most viewed, having about 18 Million views.

53. Amber Brittany Scholl

Subscribers: 3.44 Million

Channel: Amber Scholl

A U.S. national, born August 13, 1993, making her zodiac sign, Leo.

She makes DIY videos, and for her ability to make a luxurious life out of budget, she shares budget-friendly ways to live life to the fullest.

54. Trisha Kay Paytas

Subscribers: 5.06 Million

Channel: Blndsundoll4mj

She created her main YouTube channel in 2007, and on every corner of the internet, whether it is on  Facebook, Twitter, or more, you’ll find Trisha making waves.

She earlier stated that while she doesn’t give a damn about being rich, she craves attention, keeping her going.

Her second channel with 1.45 Million subscribers is her vlogs and comes under her name, Trisha Paytas.

55. Summer Mckeen

Subscribers: 2.24 Million

Channel: Summer Mckeen

Summer rose to fame through her YouTube channel and for her love for fashion, makeup, and video making; there are a lot of tips and ideas you can consume on her channel on that basis.

56. Hanna Maud Hart

Subscribers: 2.34 Million

Channel: MyHarto

Famous for her My Drunk Kitchen YouTube series, a weekly show on her channel where she gets drunk and cooks, Hanna is also widely known as MyHarto, or simply Harto.

Her audience is those who enjoy Cooking, Travel, pans, and Hugs.

57. Azra Bajrami

Subscribers: 13.5 Million

Channel: AzzyLand

Her other name is Azzy, a Canadian who cherishes the good things that come her way in life.

For this reason, her goal on YouTube is to inspire positivity through her videos and help other people connect.

58. Grace Anne Helbig

Subscribers: 2.67 Million

Channel: Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is an American actress, comedian, and YouTube content creator, born in September 1985.

While she’s consistent in her video uploads, with 2-3 videos a week, she’s a little bit inconsistent at her topics and covers fashion reviews, tutorials, challenges, her monthly favorites, and more.

59. Nicolette Gray

Subscribers: 1.34 Million

Channel: Nicolette Gray

A Beverly Hills resident and a professional model, Nicolette Gray likes to be called a Beverly Hills Brat.

Her main channel is about her lifestyle, and she got a second channel with Nicolette gray Vlogs, with nearly 300k subs.

60. Cristine Raquel Rotenberg

Subscribers: 7.68 Million

Channel: Simply Nailogical

Her YouTube channel is mainly for nail arts.

 While she shares different and inspiring videos about nail beauty, her videos are coupled with touches of humor, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

61. Sophia Grace

Subscribers: 3.36 Million

Channel: Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace is a kid influencer and one of the famous girl YouTubers who rose to fame with her performance in the 2011 Nicki Minaj music, Super Bass.

This was a duet performance in the Ellen show with her cousin, three years younger, Rosie McClelland.

She vlogs through her channel, sharing makeup tutorials, music, and more.

62. Cassey Ho Vinh

Subscribers: 5.53 Million

Channel: Blogilates

The Shorty Awards nominated Cassey Ho in Social Fitness, an entrepreneur, blogger, and YouTuber that focuses on fitness.

She’s determined to help people achieve their health and fitness goals by helping them derive joy in fitness.

63. GloZelle Lyneette Green

Subscribers: 4.64 Million

Channel: GloZell Green

GloZell is an American actress, comedian, T.V. host, and of course, a YouTuber.

When you find her, you’ll know you do by her unique and exciting signature green lipstick, and one of her unique videos is that which she interviews Barack Obama in a YouTube Livestream in 2015 at the white house.

64. Kefera Buchmann de Mattos Johnson Pereira

Subscribers: 10.7 Million

Channel: 5inco Minibus

She’s a Brazillian and one of the promising young women in Brazil, named by Forbes.

Her channel is in Portuguese and happens to be the first female lead channel to cross the first million milestones in Brazil. 

65. Inanna Sarkis

Subscribers: 3.8 Million

Channel: Inanna Sarkis

Sarkis is a Canadian YouTuber who has been active on the platform since 2017.

Her YouTube videos were often comedy and sometimes with a mix of action.

She also shares her vlogs and has close to half a billion views on her videos.

66. Hannah Stocking Siagkris

Subscribers: 7.73 Million

Channel: Hannah Stockings

Hannah Stocking is an internet personality from the United States and has been active on YouTube since 2013.

Her YouTube video line includes the one about comedy and vlogs.

She’s one of the funny female Vloggers on YouTube.

67. Queen Naija Bulls

Subscribers: 4.88 Million

Channel: Queen Naija

Also known as Queen B, she’s an American singer and a songwriter who rose to fame via her YouTube channel and her contest in the 13th season of American Idol; Queen Naija has been active on her YouTube channel since 2014.

Videos found on her channel include her songs and vlogs and seem very transparent in that, although she’s more of an introvert.

68. Rachel Hofstetter

Subscribers: 3.32 Million

Channel: Valkyrie

Rachel Hofstetter goes by her online alias, Valkyrie, gaming with her YouTube channel.

She Livestream her gameplays and is considered one of the on-demand gamers, with her videos being among the most viewed game live streams on YouTube.

69. Anna Kay Napualani Akana

Subscribers: 2.79 Million

Channel: Anna Akana

Anna Akana is a filmmaker, actress, comedian, musician, and video shoot.

You’ll find videos including music, comedy, and mental health on her channel.

One of my favorites is her personal development video, “A Question to Ask When Someone Doesn’t Like You.”

70. Kandee Johnson

Subscribers: 3.77 Million

Channel: Kandee Johnson

She’s been doing makeup for a while and launched her YouTube vlog in 2009.

 A year earlier, she had already started blogging.

 Her grandparents shot her first vlog.

 Now she can afford all the fantasy she needs in her videos with a beautiful camera as she’s now one of the best female bloggers on youtube.

71. Sam & Teagan Rybka

Subscribers: 7.34 Million

Channel: The Rybka Twins

Sam and Teagan are identical twin sisters and together manage their channels.

They are Australian acrobats, and on their channel, you’ll find their videos, including their dances, fitness, beauty, fashion, and much more, including their vlogs.

They have a video release schedule that takes effect on Thursday, plus a few bonus videos beyond the schedule.

72. Gigi Loren Lazzarato Getty

Subscribers: 2.81 Million

Channel: Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous started with YouTube in 2008 and had achieved almost a half-billion views to her videos.

Her channel is full of videos about beauty, fashion, and challenges.

73. Tanya Burr

Subscribers: 3.27 Million

Channel: Tanya Burr

Tanya is a U.K. native who began creating content on YouTube in 2009.

She is a beautiful YouTuber, and all her videos focus on beauty and fashion lines.

74. Laura Ann Lee

Subscribers: 4.58 Million

Channel: Laura Lee

Laura started with YouTube in 2013 and 4 years later; in 2017 started her blog to get things expanded.

When she first started YouTube, she was a Medical Assistant who goes to business school at night but inspired to make others look and feel good in how they appear.

Now she has turned her dream into an enormous influence by creating videos worthy of attention about fashion beauty, in addition to her vlogs.

75. Jaclyn Roxanne Hill

Subscribers: 5.74 Million

Channel: Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill loves everything about beauty and started her YouTube channel to teach her millions of YouTube fans.

She has the cosmetic line, Jaclyn Cosmetics, to serve other women who need to look and feel special as she does.

76. Pratigya Tamang

Subscribers: 5.88 Million

Channel: Dope2111

She is widely known as Promise Phan and famous for her incredibleness in beauty, fashion, and transformation videos.

Pratigya transforms herself to resemble celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson.

She also has a second channel named Promise Phan with 1.35 Million subs.

77. Yuka Kinoshita

Subscribers: 5.51 Million

Channel: Yuka Kinoshita

Yuka Kinoshita debuted in Japanese eating competitions.

 Five years later, she started her YouTube channel on that.

 She captured the attention of many people through her competitive eating of huge calorie meals.

Her video uploading schedule is daily, and while her videos are in Japanese, they come with excellent captions for English viewers.

78. Mafer Cantu

Subscribers: 8.69 Million

Channel: Hello Maphie

The machine is from Mexico and started her YouTube channel in December 2009.

She’s a nail artist, and an excellent place to derive inspiration from her activities is through her blog and YouTube channel, where she posts DIY tutorials, beauty videos, craft projects, nail art tutorials, etc.

79. Yoseline Hoffman Badui

Subscribers: 8.75 Million

Channel: YosStop

She started her career as an Internet personality in 2010 with Facebook and Twitter, and one year later, in 2011, she started creating content for her YouTube audience.

She now has a second channel titled JuStYoss with over 5 million subscribers, and both of the channel videos are in Spanish.

80. Kelli Maple

Subscribers: 1.66 Million

Channel: Kelli Maple

Kelli Maple started her self-titled and self-owned channel in 2014.

She began uploading videos based on her love of dolls and other things that earned her up to 1.4 billion video views.

81. Bianca Heinicke

Subscribers: 5.93 Million

Channel: Bibis Beauty Palace

Bianca Heinicke is a German, and for the love, she has for looking good, she created her beautiful palace on

YouTube, where she does videos about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

82. Madison Nicole Ziegler

Subscribers: 3.72 Million

Channel: Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler is an American dancer, model, actress, and author.

She is well known for Dance Moms’ reality show from 2011 to 2016.

Her channel is her small space where she shares her vlogs and other things her fans would like to see.

She’s one of the fantastic female vloggers on YouTube that anyone can find.

83. Jess Greenberg

Subscribers: 1.46 Million

Channel: Jess Greenberg1

Jess was born in London, England, and is famous for her YouTube channel.

She’s a singer acoustic guitarist and does cover songs of famous artists on her channel.

84. Lauren Curtis

Subscribers: 3.4 Million

Channel: Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is well known for her fashion and beauty talents; she is one of Australia’s top in her line.

Lauren Curtis’s channel encompasses makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, hauls, product reviews, and more.

85. Rebecca Zamolo

Subscribers: 10.5 Million

Channel: Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca began her career as a competitive gymnast and won regional and national titles.

On YouTube, she’s best known for her family-friendly comedy videos, with over 3 billion views on her videos.

86. Alexandra Teran

Subscribers: 8.51 Million

Channel: Inquisitor Master

Alexandra Teran, also known as Alex, is a YouTube gamester.

Alex loves live-streaming her video games with her viewers, which she plays with her group of friends called “The Squad.”

She plays Roblox and Minecraft games and owns a second channel, Princess Alex, having about 1.33 Million subs.

87. Nikita Dragun

Subscribers: 3.69 Million

Channel: Nikita Dragun

Nikita is well known under The Mother of Dragons or Mama Dragun and is a beautician and makeup artist.

Her channel is a collection of different beauty tutorials, vlogs, and challenges, with over 220 million total video views.

88. Karen Sarahi Gonzalez

Subscribers: 1.14 Million

Channel: Iluvsarahii

She began with a beauty school in 2004 and, after graduating, began working with a famous beauty brand, Lancome, before going on to another job.

She began YouTube in 2014, publishing makeup tutorials, hair-styling tutorials, product reviews, and other relevant content.

89. Jackie Aina

Subscribers: 3.59 Million

Channel: Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina has been active on YouTube since 2009, focusing on fashion and beauty.

Her channel description tells her she’s up to changing the standard of beauty one video at a time.

90. Corinna Kopf

Subscribers: 1.77 Million

Channel:  Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf started as an Instagram model and later posted her attention-worthy videos on YouTube related to beauty and lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll find prank videos of storytime and challenges on Corinna’s channel. 

91. Addison Rae Easterling

Subscribers: 4.79 Million

Channel: Addison Rae

Forbes stated Rae as the highest-earning personality on TikTok, and she is also the second most followed on the platform.

She went active on YouTube just when she was at TikTok, but the difference is that while she’s well known for her dance videos on TikTok, YouTube is a space for her to vlog.

92. Amanda Cerny

Subscribers: 2.78 Million

Channel: Amanda Cerny


Born in Pennsylvania, in the USA, she attended the State University of Florida.

Determined to bring joy to others, she shares hilarious comedy videos on her channel.

93. Dixie Jane D’Amelio

Subscribers: 7.39 Million

Channel: Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie is an American internet sensation and the eldest of the D’Amelio sisters.

She’s been active on TikTok and YouTube since 2019, and her YouTube channel mainly hosts her vlogs, her music videos, and the D’Amelio show.

94. Charli Grace D’Amelio

Subscribers: 9.42 Million

Channel: Charli D’Amelio

She has been a competitive dancer for about a decade and then pursues her social media career.

Here she is, with almost 10 million subscribers and 248 million views of her videos.

She has been active on YouTube from 2019 to date and shares her vlogs on the channel.

95. Avani Gregg

Subscribers: 1.29 Million

Channel: Avani

Avani is Indiana born TikTok star; she’s also an actress and owns a YouTube channel with over 23 Million views.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to her vlogs, makeups, questions & answers, and prank videos.

96. Remi Cruz

Subscribers: 2.53 Million

Channel: Miss Remi Ashten

Founder of the HoneyPop skincare brand, Remi Cruz is also a finalist in the eleventh edition of the Shorty Awards in the lifestyle category.

Her channel includes DIY, cooking tutorials, fashion, makeup, dance, and music videos.

“Rem Life” is her second channel where she shares her vlogs and where fans can meet her family and friends.

 In the second channel, there are 1.4 million subscribers.

97. Moriah Elizabeth

Subscribers: 6.27 Million

Channel: Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth is well known for her squishy makeover videos, and due to her intense passion for the Arts and Crafts DIY industry, she documents the processes through her videos.

98. Lily Ki

Subscribers: 2.74 Million

Channel: LilyPichu

Lily began her YouTube channel in 2011 and the same year gained massive popularity when one of her song parodies (entitled: I’m going to leave LoL) videos became viral on the platform.

She broadcasts video games and makes personal videos from Time to Time.

99. Adelaine Morin

Subscribers: 2.53 Million

Channel: Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin created her channel, C0Ok1EMONSTER, in 2011 and later rebranded it into a self-titled channel.

Her channel is tailored toward beauty, fashion, and music videos.

She also has a second channel of 1.22 Million subs where she documents her daily life, Adelines Camera Roll.

100. Savannah Labrang

Subscribers: 13 Million

Channel: The Labrant Fam

Savannah is a leading influencer on TikTok, a fashion blogger, and a professional photographer.

She documents her family life on social media, with the Labrant Fam (formerly Cole & Sav) being a channel dedicated to that.

Final Thoughts

Female internet influencers are nailing it worldwide and across different social media platforms. 

However, when it comes to YouTube, there you have it, the list of the Top 100 Female YouTubers that you may want to check out.

 In case you like to have fun, learn on the way, and develop your personality, in addition to staying inspired and getting motivated, stick around and get something from this article.

With the list of the top 100 female YouTubers at your fingertips, let us know in the comment section about your favorite Female YouTuber.

Care to also add some to the list? 

Please do so by listing some of the top female YouTubers nailing it on the platform.

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