As a YouTube content creator, your mobile device is an invaluable tool.

 It has the potential to replace as many tasks as that of your PC and lets you manage your YouTube channel on the go.

It gives you that flexibility and ease of access to your YouTube channel whether you’re on vacation, in that coffee shop, or just strolling on the streets.

Fortunately, there are thousands of apps that can help us create content and manage our channels on our YouTube channels, but they are all dependent on the operating system of your mobile device.

Today, we focus on some of the best Android apps for YouTube content creators.

So, if you have an Android mobile or tablet device, the list below will come in handy.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the thread.

1. YouTube Studio Mobile

The official YouTube channel manager on android is a powerful app developed by Google.

 It helps manage several things about your channel, some of which are not available on your mobile device.

Even if you aren’t a fan of using your Android mobile device to Vlog, you must not let the YouTube Studio app slip away.

 It is one of the best YouTube apps you can ever install on your mobile.

Features of YouTube Studio Mobile

With YouTube Studio, you can:

– Have a check your analytic insights to see how your channel is performing in real-time.

– Change your video thumbnail.

– Edit the video title, description, and tags.

– Tweak advanced video settings.

– Read and reply to comments.

The YouTube Studio android app will have your back for your basic YouTube Creator Studio needs.

2. VidIQ Android App

This app has made a name for itself as one of the best android apps for YouTube content creators.

When optimizing your videos to get more views, getting analytic insights into your video performances, keyword research, and more, the VidIQ web browser extension on your PC is worth checking out.

If you’re fond of this splendid tool that several YouTube content creators are leveraging to oversee the growth of their channels, it’ll be a great idea to install the VidIQ android app on your mobile device as well.

If you’re starting with VidIQ, there’s a lot you can do with the free basic plan.

 Upgrading to the paid plans will also allow you more features and robust keyword research insights.

For their paid plans, you can either opt for the Professional plan, the Boost, and the Boost+ plans.

 You can also share your plans on your VidIQ android and web versions.

Features of VidIQ Android App

– Competitor insights.

– Keyword research

– Subscriber analysis

– Channel performance

3. TubeBuddy Android App

Here comes a twin brother of the VidIQ Android app, but from another mother, the Tubebuddy Android App.

You can use that App for YouTubers who are determined to reach for success.

It comes as a browser extension and has a mobile version available on the android play store.

The mobile version of Tubebuddy is a scaled-down version of its web browser extension, but still a lot more powerful in its functionality.

Features of TubeBuddy Android App

– Tag editor, suggestion, and explorer

– Real-time subscribers, views, and video uploads count

–  Topic planner and comment replying, and response.

Some of its features are limited to free users and unlocked when you upgrade to a premium TubeBuddy account.

4. Canva

Thumbnails give users the first impressions about your videos.

 They are among the crucial parts of your video marketing.

 That is why you must take any app that’ll provide you with such, with a heart of gold.

When designing graphics, intros, and outros, you can get these done by leveraging the Canva Android app, which does away with the need to open your PC and begin designing them.

Features of Canva

– Can be used to design a YouTube thumbnail, subscribe button, channel icon, banner, and other graphics.

– Thousands of design templates to choose from.

– Create a video Ad

– Can be leveraged in designing video intro and outro.

5. InShot Video Maker

Creating professionally looking videos on YouTube always pays its dividend both subscriber-wise and engagement-wise.

With InShot, you can take advantage of splendid video editing right in the comfort of your android mobile device.

It is a free tool but has top-notch features many would be glad to pay for, and you get to publish your videos with higher quality.

However, you may notice some ads within the apps, which the developers use to sustain the project.

Features of InShot Video Maker

– Basic video editing features such as merging, splitting, trimming, and more.

– Advanced video editing features such as Control video speed, sound effects, aspect ratio, background tweaks, etc.

6. Open Camera

You don’t have to buy some fancy gadgets to succeed on YouTube.

 I got this inspiration earlier from great YouTubers out there, realizing that a large percentage of them started with mobile phones and had to reach tens to hundreds of thousand subscribers before considering opting for expensive cameras.

If you have a mobile device with a great camera, you’re great to go.

You must also use the camera app when shooting videos on your android device.

If your stock camera app doesn’t give quite great features to your liking, you can opt for third-party camera apps and get your job done.

If you’re considering this, the Open Camera android app may come in handy, but let’s see what features this camera has.

Features of Open Camera

– Noise reduction and dynamic modes of optimization.

– User interface configuration and the ability to set up the volume keys for photoshoots.

– Camera filters, geo-tagging, mode selections, grids, and more.

– It is free and open-source.

7. Screen Recorder Android

Screen sharing might be something you want to include in your videos to understand your viewers better.

  You may want to share your device with viewers more often

 if you’re within the tech niche.

For that reason, you need a screen recorder that’ll do the job just right and provide you with high-quality content.

If so, you may want to try out the screen Recorder android app, which is also available for free in the Google play store.

It has several features you’ll love and can be tweaked based on your preferences.

Features of Screen Recorder Android App

– A floating button pops out start options for screen capture in the foreground.

– Customization options let you add banner text, show touches, enable/disable mic,  bit rate, recording engine, and more.

– Recording stop options that make you exit the screen recorder with a shake, power button, or swiping.

8. Intro Maker – Music Intro Video Editor

Adding intros within your YouTube videos gives your videos professional touches and acts as a heads-up to keep your viewers interested in what they are about to see within your video.

 It also builds viewers’ anticipation.

However, things are more flexible these days, and you need not be a professional video editor to create your best intros.

With the Android Intro Maker app in the Google play store, you can leverage professionally designed intro templates, add your music, add some finishing touches, and export in your preferred video file format.

If the intro is what you’re about to design, you may want to try this Intro Maker app, and below are some of the features you’ll like about it.

Features of Intro Maker – Music Intro Video Editor

–  Thousands of Niches related intro templates

– Free to use, but premium unlocks more features

– Different styling presets that provide more customization options

9. BandLab –Music Recording Studio & Social Network

Finding copyright-free music can be a daunting process.

The YouTube Music Library is helpful, but difficult to see a piece of music you love sometimes.

Also, hundreds of providers offer royalty-free music, which mainly needs some subscription, and other times, you need to give credits.

That is why coming up with your music is one of the best things to do.

Unfortunately, making your music track isn’t an easy task as well.

 With Bandlab, you can develop pro-level music without much experience, and another thing about the Bandlab music track creation app is that it is entirely free to use.

Features of BandLab –Music Recording Studio & Social Network

– Multi-track editing & mixing makes it possible to create your beats.

– You can also leverage the default beats and improve upon them.

– 100+ Vocal, Guitar, band presets, and midi instruments where one can get what they want.

– Connect with other music producers and be at your best.

– Perform a song remix.

– It is free to use, and you can gain access to tons of music developed by other creators.

– Save and export your music whenever you wish.

As a YouTube content creator, using Bandlab would seem like you have an entire music studio right on your mobile device.

This way, you can create music beats or add your vocals and use them within your videos in a creative and copyright-free fashion.

10. Audio Editor: Cut, Merge, Mix, Extract, Convert Audio

It happens that I’m more good at editing videos than I am with Audio.

If you’re like me, you’ll love this app because it makes the whole audio editing process a lot smoother.

With the Audio Editor android app in your possession, you can do a bunch of basic audio editing and even get it amplified.

Features of Audio Editor

– You can amplify audio and mix different tracks.

– Mp3 cutter to trim or omit your Audio.

-Change audio file format, metadata, or extract Audio from a video file.

11. Easy Subtitles

Adding captions to your YouTube video is a great way to offer your video in another language.

 It also contributes to your traffic because it helps YouTube know the exact points your video covers.

There’s a YouTube automatic caption that, when switched on, makes the system transcribe the message in the video, which frequently doesn’t correlate to the actual word.

 That is why you need to add some manual touches.

With the Easy subtitles android application for mobile and tablet devices, you can easily create your video subtitles, map out the correct timing and add to YouTube.

This app is easy to use and very helpful for writing video subtitles.

You can also import your CC files to Easy Subtitles, get the edit done swiftly, or create subtitle files from scratch and save them in your preferred text format.

Features of Easy Subtitles App

– You get to set up your time offset for each word, phrase, or sentence added to match a particular video session.

– Multiple encoding characters and options are supported.

You can merge two subtitle files in a single file, split your file, and find a word with a simple search.

– Supports different subtitle file formats.

– Ability to redo and undo mistakes.

Wrapping Up

Content creation on YouTube can be fun but would be more spiced up if the growth of your channel is transparent.

 For that reason, you may want to leverage several ways and tools to succeed on YouTube.

If you have an android device, it can encourage the process by helping perform your tasks and content creation even on the go; that’s one advantage of portability.

Here are 11 of the best android apps for YouTube content creators to check out.

Which other android app could you recommend YouTube content creators to leverage for the growth of their channels?

Your input in the comment section becomes highly appreciated and would help other content creators manage and grow their channels right on their android devices.

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