Consistent content derived from carefully selected post ideas is an obligation for every personal YouTube channel owner.

If you’re interested in taking your channel on YouTube to the next step through superb content ideas, this blog post is for you.

70% of the 2 billion logged-in monthly active users are in constant engagement with the content creators on YouTube.

It is a great idea to launch a personal YouTube channel and get a tap from the ever-increasing number of users.

There are already several channels on YouTube, and every day, thousands of more tracks come up.

If you’ve already created your YouTube channel, that’s great, but if you haven’t, now is a great time to start.

YouTube channels are free, and the sooner you decide to start yours, the better.

But for those who have their personal YouTube channels live to the reach of their potential audiences.

Some of the most challenging aspects of YouTube are consistency and maintaining the value and quality of your videos.

These all have to do with what content your target audiences will be interested in watching from you.

Thanks to those green days when we had many YouTube video ideas.

Filtering the best Youtube videos and providing them to our audience was easy.

However, not all days are green.

Sometimes we find ourselves dried out and clueless on a particular topic, especially when our schedule for the next video is fast approaching.

Having no clue about what topic to discuss can be frustrating.

Sometimes the more you push forward, the more you are blocked out of knowledge.
As a result, you can end up putting uninteresting content into your work to meet the deadline.

That’s the reason why you need to come up with a schedule of topics at least three months in advance.

If you are skeptical about starting your personal YouTube channel topics, you can bookmark this page.

I will share a hundred YouTube video ideas for YouTube channel owners.

Without further ado, let us dive into our list.

100 Content Ideas For A Personal Youtube Channel

  1. Launch Question & Answer sessions
  2. If you’ve got some stuff to unbox within your niche, do an unboxing video
  3. Host interviews with other people
  4. Create a compilation video
  5. Create an event recap
  6. Show off your shopping haul
  7. Collaborations with other YouTubers
  8. Tell stories.
  9. Share life experiences
  10. Share tutorials about using products and other things your audiences would like.
  11. Take your viewers on tour, maybe your vacation or outing.
  12. Do you have any products to launch? Create a video about its launch.
  13. Share your favorite quotes
  14. Share some fancy facts
  15. Create an introductory video about yourself and what your channel is about
  16. Share what happens behind the scenes
  17. Create a video about unique statistical trends
  18. Brief your audiences with niche-specific news
  19. Create problem-solving videos
  20. Discuss other influencers or celebrities in your niche
  21. Discuss niche-related trends
  22. Create a comparison video
  23. Invite a guest
  24. React to specific trends
  25. Create a response video about something someone said, and you agree or are in concur
  26. Discuss what you like
  27. Your favorite book
  28. Share throwback scenes or discuss the past
  29. Consider sharing life hacks
  30. Your favorite sport
  31. Share travel experiences
  32. If your channel revolves around fun, create pranks videos
  33. Share tips and pieces of advice
  34. List products, websites, and books; create listicles
  35. Create contests and also consider some giveaways
  36. Showcase the talents you’ve got
  37. If you’re a business, create testimonial videos
  38. Attend to questions asked by viewers in a video
  39. Share inspirational videos
  40. Create a year ending recap video
  41. Celebrate events and well wishes
  42. Do a book review
  43. Do a case study
  44. Teach a skill you’ve got
  45. Create videos about surveys or polls
  46. Review a game
  47. Consider funny videos like comedy skits
  48. Mash up some clips and songs to form your video
  49. Consider streaming live
  50. Create a channel trailer
  51. Create video slides
  52. Share your conferences
  53. Audience participation where your audiences take particular videos, and you share them on your channel.
  54. Attend to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in your niche
  55. Share product demonstrations
  56. Do It Yourself (DIY) projects
  57. Share famous proverbs
  58. Create videos about the latest trends
  59. Repurpose old videos
  60. Thanksgiving
  61. Your career history
  62. Share presentations in the forms of slide shares, animations, and more
  63. Videos on your routine tasks
  64. Introduce your pets
  65. Summarize other people’s work
  66. Celebrate your achievements or milestones
  67. Participate in invited video tags, and if you can fuel up the trend
  68. Share your screen
  69. Share your crafts
  70. Create cover videos
  71. Compile your bloopers
  72. Show how you shoot your videos
  73. Create video series
  74. Share your video shooting instruments
  75. Discuss exciting and awkward moments
  76. Introduce your family and friends
  77. Create a beginner guide video to help those who need to follow your steps
  78. Share your resolutions, things you want to do and achieve in your field
  79. Create promotional videos about your business or products
  80. Share the results of your researches or discoveries
  81. Create a video infographic
  82. Turn your checklist into a video
  83. Talk about your industry-based role models
  84. Talk about the tools you use
  85. Give a video summary of an offline event you either hosted or attended
  86. If you’re hosting an event and wish to invite viewers, you can create an invitation video
  87. Explain some niche-relevant terminologies
  88. Host a challenge
  89. Tell your plans to your YouTube channel viewers
  90. Show the editing processes of your videos
  91. Celebrate your channel anniversary
  92. Talk about how to organize or set things up
  93. Bring forward an information video
  94. Talk about your career or position
  95. React to viewer’s comments in a separate video
  96. Share your comments about specific events
  97. Talk about controversial issues
  98. Talk about a lesson you’ve learned
  99. Compile pieces of advice from experts
  100. Use video suggestions from your channel viewers

There you go, a hundred content ideas for your personal YouTube channel.

It is understandable that the more you niche down on YouTube, the better your chances of growing quality subscribers.

The list of 100 YouTube video post ideas above will help you irrespective of your niche.

All you need is to let your creative juices flow when you come up with excellent videos from the content ideas listed.

So bookmark this page to know where to go when you run out of ideas for your next YouTube video.

Bonus Ways To Get Youtube Content Ideas

This list may take you a while before you exhaust it, but when this happens, below are a few sources to curate more content topics and post ideas for your personal YouTube channel.

  • Use Google trends to learn about trending topics out there.
  • Spy on your competitor’s channel, learn from them and generate even better content than theirs.
  • Do keyword research and use the suggestions to generate new video ideas.
  • Use the auto-complete feature that is available on YouTube search. You can also leverage the Google Search autosuggest feature to widen your research for more video content ideas.

Here is a word of advice. It’s best if you came up with as many topics as you’ll need over a long time. Having a content bank will help you come with ideas.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered a lot here.

Starting with why you need to create a YouTube channel, 100 YouTube post ideas, and ways you can generate new topic ideas for future videos on your channel on YouTube.

The videos are selected from the most preferred video topics by Users on YouTube.

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And if you are a lifestyle Youtuber, here are 150 More Content Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers.

Do you have any other post ideas you’d like to share with fellow YouTube content creators here?

What strategy do you use to come up with new post ideas on your YouTube channel?
Let’s get the comments coming in, and hopefully, we’ll all grow in this marathon called YouTube.