The Top 100 Best Lifestyle Bloggers

One of the best ways to have a more personalized voice in the blogging industry is by venturing into lifestyle blogging.

A lifestyle blog is more versatile than most niches. It allows you to talk about a wide variety of sub-niches.

It is also easier to build a personalized following when you have a lifestyle.

We were interested in finding out who the most famous and successful female lifestyle bloggers were.

So I’ll be sharing with you the female lifestyle blogging legends that we discovered and whose success in the blogging industry is nothing short of inspirational.

If you are ready, I am too.

Below is a list of the top 100 best lifestyle bloggers who are doing tremendous work in the blogging industry and, more particularly, in the lifestyle niche.

*The list is in no particular order.

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard is a blogger whose lifestyle has had an impact on many. She’s a mommy blogger with an adorable kid Cove. She is also passionate about fashion, beauty, and travel.

She’s grown her blog into a successful brand. She has grown a massive following on social media. Her YouTube channel has millions of subs, and her Instagram flowing with millions of followers. Aspyn has worked hard to make a name for herself as a lifestyle blogger.

Lauren Conrad

A lifestyle blog has the potential to be converted into a brand. Lauren knew that and has incorporated a fancy brand into it, selling beauty products and others.

Her blog covers topics such as beauty, home décor, food, family, and more.

Speaking about Lauren Conrad, she’s been a NY Bestselling Author, a television personality, and more, who is goal-oriented and driven toward helping other people stay empowered.

Julia Berolzheimer

Among the most famous lifestyle bloggers is the lovely creative Julia Berolzheimer.

She has created a brilliant lifestyle brand out of her name and has seen massive success as a result. She blogs about style, beauty, travel, and more.

Christine Andrew

Started her fashion blog in 2011, Christine Andrew now shares content in different niches that include family, travel, beauty, and more.
Among the top lifestyle bloggers, Christine is someone many would love to be with.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow started her blog called Goop back in 2008.
Although Gwyneth now has a brick-and-mortar shop, she has her online Goop shop within her blog. She also shares her travel experiences, wellness tips, food, home décor, and more lifestyle creative content on her blog.

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard is one of the most famous and best lifestyle bloggers out there. She is the woman behind Cup of Jo.

Forbes listed this blog among the top 10 lifestyle blogs. It has also been featured among the top 10 most influential parenting blogs.

Joanna has a team of experts that contribute to the Cup of Jo blog and covers topics that include design, relationships, food, and more.


Julie started her blog in 2008. Before that, she was running an event planning firm which she ventured from to pursue blogging.

On her blog, Julie talks about food recipes, entertainment, beauty, DIY, travel, and other topics. She’s been featured on the Washington Post, MSN, and other prestigious platforms.

Lauryn Everts Boostick

Her passion for beauty and wellness led Lauryn Boostick to start The Skinny Confidential blog, where she blogs about beauty, recipes, workouts, and more. She has a successful YouTube channel and mobile app for her Skinny Confidential course.

Camille Styles

Camille Styles founded her lifestyle blog under her name, inspired by her passion to pave the way for other people to live the lives they desire.

The blog has since grown to become one of the best lifestyle blogs out there, and she now has a team of experts behind her brand who help manage the brilliant brand she has built.

Nicole Joe

A fitness expert and an aromatherapist, Nicole started her blog back in 2012, where she blogs about things revolving around health, fitness, and travel.


Paula discussed how she first started running Thirteen Thoughts as a beauty and lifestyle blog that kept her out of depression and made her realize that there are more things worth exploring about life than just standing by.

With this, she has created one of the most interesting blogs out there, the thirteen thoughts blog.


Megan began the creative exchange blog back in 2010, which is supported by her husband, Mike.

On her lifestyle blog, the Fresh Exchange, Megan talks about recipes, gardening, and home.

She also runs a podcast relative to her cause.

Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber aimed to create an avenue for inspiring others. Since her blog launch, she has kept a stance at her course and has realized significant fame from her journey as a lifestyle blogger.

Meghan McDonald

Meghan McDonald as a co-founder, along with Justin Faerman of the Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, is an award-winning behavior and psychology researcher.

Her passion for personal improvement inspired her to co-found this successful lifestyle magazine covering health topics, culture, nature, and more.

Stacey Bewkes

Stacey runs a successful blog, the Quintessence lifestyle blog.

After being a director for 17 years, she quit her corporate job, and her passion for creativity and design led her to go into lifestyle blogging which is doing very well for her.

Rachel Parcell

Rachel is the woman behind the Pink Peonies blog, which is in the fashion blogging niche. In one of her interviews with Forbes, Rachel talks about how she started her blog as a diary.

Many people became fans of her fashion style. As a result, she has created a multimillion-dollar brand out of her blog and is now one of the best lifestyle bloggers out there.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah began as a television personality under her Oprah Winfrey Show that has gotten a lot of traction since the 90s.

Oprah’s mission is to inspire women to be at the best they could be for themselves through her pure authenticity. Now with the Oprah Magazine, she is continuing to drive that mission even further.

Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson

Emma Chapman is the CEO of A beautiful mess lifestyle blog, and Elsie Larson is its creative director.

The two co-founded their lifestyle brand and are effectively managing their roles.
Elsie and Emma are a sister team and have a team of creative professionals contributing to their blog development.

Kat Griffin

The founder of Corporette, Kat Griffin, started her blog in 2008 where she focuses on the female corporate lifestyle. Her audience is primarily women who want to not only look professional in their attires but also admirable.

Kate Arends

Everyone has what motivates them to go into blogging. For Kate, it all started when she got into debt and was worried about getting dismissed from her job.

Kate later started the Wit and Delight lifestyle brand. She was able to care for herself and keep the company of her over 3.3 million followers tuned in on how they could enjoy every bit of their lives and overcome the odds.

Amanda Holstein

An interview with some famous lifestyle bloggers would let you know that a couple of them tend to be motivated by how life is taking turns on them. For Amanda Holstein, it isn’t a different case.

She started Advice From A Twenty Something the moment when she has just graduated. She was feeling very lost. However, she uncovered a purpose where she could better herself and improve other lives by giving life-changing pieces of advice to her audience.


Liz is a mother of three and has founded a successful and award-winning blog called Say Yes.

She shares actionable tips and advice on styling, home decor, traveling, and more on her blog.

Anna Newton

Anna Newton started her journey as a lifestyle blogger in 2010, and during the same year, she launched her YouTube channel.

Bloglovin has ranked her blog as the 5th biggest lifestyle blog in the world.
She covers topics that include style, life, and travel.

Ashley Rademacher

Started her lifestyle blog, the Swift Fit, in 2016 to empower women to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Her dedication and the value she provides to readers makes it fitting for her to be featured among the top lifestyle bloggers out there.

Topics covered on her blog include wellness, fitness, nutrition, and travel.

Lauren Glucina

As a naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, and wellness coach, Lauren decided to share her experiences by educating and inspiring others on the essentials of plant-based recipes toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Naomi Davis

Naomi takes her audience along on her family adventures by sharing her travel experiences in text and photos and also shares awesome food recipes on her blog.

Courtney Quinn
Site: ColormeCourtney

Sometimes, your career is right there in front of you without your knowledge.

Courtney Quinn is my example of this.
She started her Color me Courtney lifestyle blog to build up her expertise as she entered the corporate world.

Funny enough, the blog she started as a resume builder turned out to be a life-changing opportunity that led her to leave her day job to go full time with her blog.

Emily Schuman

Emily started her lifestyle blog in 2008 as a way to document her interests.
She talks about various topics that can be bundled up to include decorations, DIY, fashion, and food.

Melinda Yvonne

Melinda lives in Canada. Although she blogs about Family and Health, her love for keeping the earth and water bodies as natural as they should be has led her to advocate for a safer environment and waste recycling on her website.

Emma Norris

She began as a writer and wrote for some renowned brands, including Canva. Later she decided to take things to a new level by writing about her journey and helping women realize their worth and discover their independence.

Kayla Itsines

This blog clocks back to 2008, when Kayla began her journey as a personal trainer.
Determined to help others stay fit, she launched a blog where she has helped many people and aggregated to educating and encouraging millions.

Her blog covers exercises, lifestyle, transformations, and recipes.

Site: DownShiftology

Inspired by the love she has for preparing and eating awesome meals, as well as traveling, Lisa began documenting her experiences and fun moments with her audience through her blog.

She calls the Downshiftology blog her online home and shares travel content, cooking tutorials, health, and more.

Molly Yeh

Yeh started her blog in 2009, inspired by her passion to document her interesting cooking and baking skills.

She has grown to become one of the best lifestyle bloggers there is.

Her lifestyle blog also includes travel content, where she shares her travel experiences.

Sandy Chang

She’s a mother and a successful lifestyle blogger who started the Sandy a la Mode blog in 2010.
Sandy Chang also has a passion for fashion and shares fashion content, in addition to motherhood, beauty, and other topics.


Lindsey is a mom blogger who started her blogging journey with the “Sisters and Sons” blog. However, over time, she pivoted from that to a different type of content.

She renamed her blog to The Motherchick to remind mothers that despite having kids, they’re still as beautiful and glamorous as before.

Jamie Chung

If you’ve watched either of Sucker Punch, Big Hero, and other movies she’s been featured in, then you might have known Jamie Chung as a Hollywood actress.

But another one of her endeavors is blogging. She has an excellent lifestyle blog, where she documents some of her beautiful life journeys. These include her travels, where she eats, and a lot more.

Julie Sarinana

When talking about top global fashion influencers, you may want to include Julie if your list isn’t going to include just 5 or 2.

Julie started her lifestyle blog back in 2009, where she documents her life experiences. She later moved into the creative industry, and she’s been nailing it.


Sina lives in Toronto. Her passion is to take others along with her, as she shares her lifestyle with her blog readers and covers topics such as motherhood, lifestyle, and more.

Because of her blogging, photography, and Instagram experience, she also offers valuable tips on these topics on her blog.


Steffy wouldn’t mind getting most things she could get colored, orange. She’s just into it right from some of her attires to the color of her dog.

On the Steffy pros and cons blog, she shares her daily journeys, including her looks, travel, and more.

Sam Ushiro

She’s always trying to be awesome and wishes the same for others that follow her.

Because of this, she began her journey as a lifestyle blogger with her blog Aww Sam, where she shares her favorite stuff, decorations, baking, and more.


Olivia’s blog aims to inspire her readers to always stay positive. She gives out styling tips, shares her daily outfits and some personal stories.

She started her blog to help petite people just like her realize that they can leverage many styles and brands to get good fitting clothing items for themselves. She also shares how to look better in them.


Taralyn loves blogging about her life.
Whether it is just sipping up coffee, working out, playing tennis, traveling, life challenges, and many others, Taralynn always keeps her audience posted.

Huda Kattan

Huda started her blog about beauty in 2010 and later built a brand out of it, which has grown to be among the world’s top growing beauty brands.

She has had her Instagram account grow to over 26 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel that she created after launching the Huda Beauty blog.

And now she has made a name for herself as one of the best and most successful lifestyle bloggers in the world.

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha began her blogging journey in 2010, where she expresses her thoughts, ideas, projects, and inspirations with others.

Her course has gradually evolved, and her blog now focuses on Fashion and Lifestyle. She also talks about beauty, travel, and media and has an e-commerce shop within the blog.

Barsha Bagadia

Barsha Bagadia is an indie blogger who talks about lifestyle, trends, health, kitchen, and other topics.

She also keeps her audience posted and engaged by sharing her recent achievements on her blog.


She lives in Hoston, where she raises her two teenage kids.
Led by her passion for writing, she started the Dawn and Hope blog, where she tells the story of her life and talks about her kids.

Ree Drummond

Ree has spent more than a decade and a half working on her blog and has a team of editors with her.

She talks about her life, beauty, style, and holidays and discusses news and entertainment with her blog readers.


Hallie started blogging in 2010 with her “Among Other Things” blog, then called Corals + Cognas which she rebranded in 2016 to the current name.
She quit her full-time job so she could focus on her blog and is doing well with it.

Kayla Buell

Working as a Social Media Manager and Copywriter with an Agency, Kayla decided to have more fun by blogging full time while taking care of her baby girl, Riley.

She is also a YouTuber and covers topics ranging from motherhood to personal financing and budgeting, among other things.

Anuradha Mahindra

As India’s first women’s luxury lifestyle monthly Magazine, the Verve Magazine was Founded by Anuradha Mahindra.

She studied at Boston University, and she holds the position of Editor and Publisher for her lifestyle magazine.


The Global Grasshopper is an Award-winning blog owned by Becky.
She loves traveling around the world and lets loose her photography skills while taking her audience along the adventures.

And now she is one of the best and most successful lifestyle bloggers there is.


Ella started her blog back when she was still a student in 2012.

A year before that, Ella was diagnosed with a health disorder. The treatment wasn’t much of a success, so she decided to go on a plant-based diet.

This was inspired by the stories shared by other people to try out this journey.

So she decided to battle her condition by keeping herself committed to blogging about good diet habits and recipes.

Noor Anand Chawla

With a corporate background as a lawyer, Noor manages a successful lifestyle blog.

Her award-winning blog was inspired by her passion for writing. She talks about art, culture, food, drinks, travel, and more.
She uses her knowledge to organize workshops that teach others about blogging and how to build an influencer profile.

Kath Rivera

Kath is a stay-at-home mom and full-time blogger who lives in the Philippines.
Her blog was geared towards beauty, motherhood, health, and fitness.

Chiara Ferragni

You can’t leave out Chiara Ferragni when talking about the best lifestyle bloggers.

She is a fashion mind who started her lifestyle blog, The Blonde Salad, in 2009, where she documents her travel and style.

Chiara was included on the Forbes 2015 list of 30 Personalities under the age of 30.

Lauren Kay

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Lauren attended the Baylor University, where she studied Business Administration and Apparel Merchandising.

Lauren had a passion for fashion, and this inspired her to help other women create a better sense of style through her blog.

Some of the categories she blogs about include beauty, inspiration, fitness, and health.

Janet Camilleri

Janet approves if anyone will call her Middle Mama because she cherishes her middle age.
She has a passion for looking good on a budget. She blogs about her travel experiences, parenting, relationships, fashion, beauty, health, and more.


She’s a native of California, but her love for solo traveling made her roam a different travel destination.

When she discovered her strong passion for traveling and soul searching, she quit her corporate job to pursue that.

She’s traveled to over 70 countries and blogs about the several destinations she’s visited and also shares lifestyle content, recipes, and photography.

Jess Ann Kirby

Through her lifestyle, travel, and wellness blog, Jess Ann is determined to keep airing her voice to let other women know that they have the potential to be and do what they want.

In doing so, she helps boost other women’s confidence while also inspiring them to live in style.

Katie Wells

The health of mothers and kids is of real essence and that of other women too.

Because of this, Katie and her team, which includes medical advisors and researchers, focus on women’s lifestyles, discussing how they can live better and healthy lives.


Holly’s a certified life coach and an international bestselling author for her book, Shaken Dreams.

She documents her travel within Arizona and the outside world, sharing stories, and content around gardening, cooking, and other topics to keep her readers engaged.

Katie Michelle

Katie has dual entitlements. First, she’s, of course, a blogger and secondly a mom.

She manages her blog solo and gets help with things like the financial aspect and technical stuff from her computer-savvy husband, Zack.

Site1: TheMachoMom

Kaysee has bagged several awards as a lifestyle blogger in the Philippines.

She had been a software developer and analyst for 10 years and later decided to make the switch to content creation, where she could work at her own pace.

Christina Lauren Pollack

Creating a lifestyle magazine was her teenage dream in the 90s. Over a decade later, she decided to pursue her dream by starting her blogging career in 2011, which grew into a paying business.

She discusses jewelry, shoes, accessories, hair, fitness, and more with her audience on her blog.

Sazan Hendrix

Sazan began her journey in the blogging world while still in university in 2011. Back then, she knew very little about the industry.

She later discovered that blogging is a lot more demanding than she thought. However, she was determined to succeed at it and managed to build a successful blogging empire.

Jules Acree

Jules Acree is a certified Yoga and mindfulness instructor. She also writes and creates lifestyle content.

She found herself undergoing hardships involving toxic relationships and heartbreaks, which led her to undergo therapy and mindfulness practices.

In the process of picking the pieces of herself up, she started Om & the City blog in 2014, which has grown into a successful lifestyle blog.

Crystalin Da Silva

She started her blog in 2009, and together with her husband, they have turned it into a two-people business.

She talks about female outfits, petite lifestyle, family, and other things, but her main topics are fashion and lifestyle.


Hannah started blogging while she was working on her 9-5 job as a way to explore up her creative juices.

Her first blog then was Champagne Lifestyle before she eventually rebranded it to Hello Hannah.

She loves animals; this is why she talks about aminal fashion on her blog, along with other topics such as home decor tips, recipes, and beauty product reviews, and more.

Petra Kravos

Petra is based in England. And although she started her blog to focus on healthy dieting, it has evolved into something bigger.

She now shares her inspiration and knowledge about anything healthy, including natural living, detoxification, and more.

Erika Fox

Erika Fox focuses on women’s lifestyle and fashion.

Her hard work has earned her an award as one of the “Top 40 digital influencers” in the United States and the “Top 20 New York style bloggers”.

She has also worked with renowned brands such as Refinery29 and others.

She focuses on Fashion, interior décor, fitness, travel, and lifestyle blogging.

Tanya Dhar

Urban Diaries is a luxury and lifestyle blog, and Tanya Dhar is the girl behind it.

She updates her blog weekly by dosing up her audience with inspiration, entertainment, lifestyle, and blogging tips.

Kate Waterhouse

Kate has stepped her feet into the media industry and is a television presenter, journalist, and radio talent.

She started Kate Waterhouse blog in 2013. Her blog is a powerful resource for several Australians when it comes to fashion, lifestyle & beauty.


Caroline bagged her bachelor’s degree in Art from the Chapman University in Orange county in 2011. Two years later, she decided to pursue a career in blogging through her Love and Loathing Los Angeles blog.

On her blog, Caroline talks about current trends, shares her fun moments, food, fashion, etc.


Cheryl is an IT graduate who loves singing in the bathroom and is a self-proclaimed beauty queen.

She started her first blog in 2010, which was based on poetry, and in 2012 shifted to a blogging lifestyle.

She focuses on personal style, skincare, makeup, and travel.

Arianna Lauren

Arianna is someone who loves spending a part of her life on the beach and the other part in the city of San Francisco.

She started a lifestyle blog under her name, where she shares content around travel, photography, and inspiration for women.


Sai believes You Only Live Once and aims to inspire people to have fun and make the most of the life they have.

She’s a mother of two and loves blogging about fashion, food, travel, and fitness. Her online shop comprises female clothing and kids’ wear.


Corinne has a full-time job in the securities and stocks field, and she manages her blog on the side.

She started blogging in 2012 and shares her experience in blogging through sharing tips and also talks about technology and fitness.


Yvonne started her e-zine so she could help share her tips and ideas. So far, she has grown it into a place she writes about fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle.


Vintage Frills to Catherine is a humble abode where she shares her love for vintage and modern clothes, in addition to topics like baking and crafts.

She started the journey in 2012 and has built a decent blog and social media following.

Makeba Giles

A wife and a mother of two, Makeba Giles has a strong desire to always be there for her family in providing resources, means for better health, and inspiration.

She had a desire to expand the love to others, some of which she hadn’t known, and this was why she began her faith and health blog.

Through the blog, she now provides inspiration to her loyal audience and shares her real-life journey.

Amy Havins

With a huge passion for beauty and style, Amy pursues her career as a style consultant while also running a successful blog.

She lives in Dallas, Texas, and launched her Dallas Wardrobe site in 2011.

She leverages her blog to showcase her style while she helps others look beautiful too. She’s a travel girl and blogs about her travel experiences, as well as other things about her life.


She calls herself Queen and lets others call her Z, although she goes by the name Zainab.
She loves things that go along with being fit and healthy and shares her journey to inspire others.

She began the Slim expectations blog, where she shares talks about weight loss, healthy living, and her fitness knowledge to pave the way for others.


Laura is a South African and ex-pat living in Wales. While going full-time with her freelance writing job, she also loves traveling and documenting her trips with her audience.

On her blog, she also talks about relationships, book reviews, and family, etc.


Dating back to 2010, when Mary began her blogging journey, she started with Nuts 4 Stuff. To make things suitable for her cause, she rebranded and changed her blog name to Beauty Cooks Kisses.

Because of her desire to become the best version of herself by equipping herself with new ideas and solving challenges, she took on starting and running a lifestyle blog, which has become a success.

Elizabeth Dhokia

With a passion to unravel more ways to live a happy life, Elizabeth took it upon herself to help others live a happy life as she pursued her own.

She’s a podcaster, writer, and successful lifestyle blogger.

Nancy Mulligan

Nancy started her journey as a blogger to help find her true purpose in life, grow on the way, and take others along.

She blogs about food, wellness, motivation, parenting, and her daily challenges.


Briony is one of the best lifestyle bloggers out there.

She started A Girl A Style blog in 2009 as a side hustle while doing her day job.

She left her job as a political advisor and started working as a freelancer and lifestyle blogger.
Now she covers topics from travel to beauty to lifestyle.


Based in Dubai, Pollyanna is passionate about current affairs, style, and other lifestyle topics. She shares her thoughts on these topics on her blog.

She’s the Global blog award winner from Ukiyoto, and she continues pushing for more success.

Sofia Clara

Sofia’s blog is her creative outlet; she shares her interesting DIY decoration ideas, recipes, fashion, and beauty interests.

Besides her blog, she also manages her YouTube channel and keeps her audience posted on both platforms.


Started her blog, Growing the Givens, in early 2016 after leaving a rough 2015 of a year behind.

She’s a wife, mother and has a day job for herself. Nonetheless, she finds time in her busy schedule to write and blog about her passion.

Kathy Haan

Weight loss is a huge thing, and many are looking for ways to get it.

Losing 123 lbs in a year is huge, and after making that achievement. Katherine (aka Kathy) was motivated to share her tips with other women.

Her approach for this was to start a blog where she could share her journey, and now she has branched to food, money, food, home, travel, and lifestyle blogs.

Aiisha Ramadan
Site: Blog.Aiisha.Com

A Lebanese fashion designer residing in the UAE, Aiisha has won several awards for her sense of fashion and her designs.

She has worked with celebrities like Jenifer Lopez, Arianna Grande, and many others during her blogging career.

Her content includes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Emilia Rossi

As a senior marketer who loves puzzling with complex data for analysis, Emilia has over 10 years of marketing experience, and she shares her expertise on her blog, where she focuses on lifestyle and business.

Laura McParlan

Featured in Chicago Magazine, Refinery29, and other places, Laura is passionate about not just looking good but fabulous.
She blogs about beauty, fashion, and home décor.


On her blog, she documents her travel experiences, food, fashion, and more.

Her site’s archive dates back to 2012 when she started Amanda’s OK blog.

Jo Castro

Years are just numbers, and Jo has unveiled plenty of secrets about how older women can fit into trends by being beautiful even in their 50’s.

On her blog, she shares inspirational content along with vacation and packing guides, among several other things.


Started her blog in 2018, and just as a year-old blog, it had been featured in several places, including Thrive Global, Hometalk, and Houz, etc.

She blogs about lifestyle, home decorations, and things related to that.

Marilen Faustino Montenegro

Her powerpoint is making any interior look awesome. Marilen derives inspiration for her decor from beautiful interior decor pictures, which she shares with her audience.

Eager to share her passion with others, she created her blog, Marilen Styles.


Cynthia is popularly known for fashion, beauty, and travel.

She believes that life is truly meant to be lived and inspires others to live their lives to the fullest through her lifestyle blog.

There you have it. *Our list of the best 100 lifestyle bloggers who are worth noting for their work and success in the lifestyle blogging niche.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. There are many more wonderful lifestyle bloggers out there whose work and success are worth noting.

Which lifestyle bloggers do you know of who have inspired you and whose lifestyle blogs you have been following? Let me know in the comments below!

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