There are many blogging niches to choose from and picking which one to concentrate on is one of the most important and often underestimated steps when starting a blog.

You are already passionate about blogging, right.

Ready to invest your effort, money, and time to make sure you build yourself around a successful one?

So you ask yourself what you should blog about.

Well, asking yourself this question is standard.

There is absolutely nothing to fear.

You have to start from somewhere.

Anything you blog about is your blog niche.

Niche Blogging is your ability to create a blog with the intent of focusing on a specific area or industry.

Having a blogging niche allows you to target an audience that belongs to a particular location, ethnicity, gender, age or interest.

Niche Blogging speaks about being as specific as you can with your blog as opposed to having a general blog.

However, many bloggers confuse choosing their blogging niche for general niche blogging or post random topics.

As good as this might seem, it doesn’t give good results, especially for someone looking for long-term success. You want to be known for one, two, or three things as opposed to being known for nothing.

Therefore, having a blog niche should be your primary objective when starting your blog.

The more you niche down, the better it is for you to attract a specific audience and ultimately turn your blog into a successful brand.

If you are not sure which blogging niche you should focus on, here are 20 of the most popular and profitable blogging niches you should consider.


The entertainment industry is a big one, and the number of potential audiences your Blog may have here is superb.

From the tons of available areas within the entertainment industry, you can focus on one or just a few and build your audience by writing topics around that.

Here are a few topics in the entertainment blogging niche you can blog about.

  • Music
  • Celebrity News / Gist
  • TV shows
  • Movies etc.


With a health blog, we aren’t just looking at its popularity but its profitability as well.

Coupled with the eternal need by everyone to always remain in good health, the opportunities of making money are endless.

If you make a good blog out of this niche, you can easily attract a couple of health brands that wants collaboration with you.

Different health brands aim at taking advantage of the range of health products and devices you can sell or market.

If you’ve studied or worked within the health industry, working within your area of expertise would be an additional advantage.


This niche might be confusing if you are a beginner.

Here is what it entails:

With a lifestyle blog, you can blog about various things such as parenthood, food, fashion, etc., and target people with a particular lifestyle.

For instance, a music blog that focuses on women within the age brackets of 18-24 years is a lifestyle blog.


The finance niche is one of the most profitable niches in the blogging world.

Everyone wants to make money as well as learn to manage and grow it.

The range of audience here is very wide.

The number of brands and products you can promote here are massive.


Travel bloggers are some of the highest earning bloggers in the industry.

Becoming a travel guide or agent through your blog is a great way to be in this profitable industry. You can focus on migration, tourism, or backpacking topics and build an audience based on that.

Or you can travel and share your experiences. This is a very popular niche in the blogging world and a high income one as well.


Food blogging is not only popular with dieticians. Blogging about food will not only serve you tons of blog traffic but income too.

In fact, according to this research, food blogging is the highest earning blogging niche in the world. Not a surprise considering every human needs to eat to live.

It also attracts different businesses or brands for sponsorship post placements.


This area is one of the fastest growing industries.

With technology advancing every day there is a lot to talk about. Having a blog that discusses gadgets, apps, devices, and accessories is a great way to attract an audience and build a successful blogging brand.

Product Reviews

The product review niche is one that is often underestimated but is very popular and greatly profitable.

Many people search for product reviews of the products they want to buy before they part with their money.

Because of this, the product review niche is a high traffic one and many brands are willing to pay for you to write good reviews about their products.

From the range of products that people use, you can select some and review the products.


Politics is another exciting area for Blogging.

The range of audience you are bound to attract is also worth giving it a try.

Of course, your passion for politics will also be of great advantage to you.


Not everyone loves reading the news.

However, the number of people who read news on a daily basis dramatically outweighs those who don’t.

For this reason, news blogging will always top the list of most profitable and popular blogging niches.


Gaming is one of the most profitable niches today especially on visual platforms like Youtube.

Many gamers have seen great success on youtube and completely changed their lives as a result.

If you also choose to become a gaming blogger, only the sky can be your limit.

Fitness & Sports

Fitness and sports are areas everyone has a viable business.

There is a shocking number of bloggers doing great in this niche, and you can too. Both the sports and fitness industries are high earning industries.


Love and relationship blogs are some of the pinpoints in blogging.

Many people want to be in love and build or grow their relationships.

So whether you are offering information about love and relationships or you are sharing yours, the audience and possible earnings are worth the venture.


If fashion and its trends are your passion, having a fashion blog would mean that you can also earn and create massive followership through sharing your style.

Fashion blogging is very popular and is a highly profitable niche to go into.


Starting a family blog is fun.

You get the satisfaction of having one and also the opportunity of venturing into a sustainable blogging niche.

Everyone either has a family or planning on starting one in the future. So many people are genuinely interested in seeing how other people do family life.


You can choose to target students by giving academic tips, scholarship opportunities, admission guides, school insights, thesis guides, and more.

There is always a massive audience you can attract with an educational blog.

The internet has become the main source of research for students all over the world and you will always have an audience as long you continue to provide value and remain relevant.

Personal Care

Everyone needs to take care of themselves. Personal care is becoming increasingly popular by the day as more and more people are prioritizing self care and mental health.

This makes the personal care industry a popular and highly profitable one to venture into.

The more you niche down on your personal care blog, the better it is for you to run and succeed in your personal care blog efficiently.


Bikes, cars, planes, and other forms of transport are both necessities and part of a luxurious lifestyle.

Irrespective of the kind of vehicles you chose to blog about, you will always grab people’s attention with this kind of blog.

People are looking to buy vehicles, maintain them, or are just fascinated by the ones they don’t have and aspire to have. Because of this there is a large target audience for this niche and it is a very profitable one.


To many of us, religion is an essential part of our lives.

Faith is a very personal yet universal niche, and simply sharing your journey, growth and things you’ve learnt in your faith walk ca inspire and help a lot of people.

You can manage a faith-based blog and help people improve their faith while monetizing or earning from your blog through adverts, donations, etc.


Home appliances, machinery, and other electronics are always in demand.

While some people need to make a purchase decision, many others want to learn how to operate or get their electronics repaired.

Thus, blogging about electronics is never saturated, and affiliate marketing is lucrative as well.

After picking a good niche, the next step is to write content that is evergreen and that will rank well on search engines. This is done by learning How To Create Content That Is Evergreen and Understanding Everything You Need To Know About SEO.

20 Of the Most Popular and Profitable Blogging Niches
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