It’s pretty common as a blogger to run out of new blog post ideas. If there’s anything constant about blogging, it does not fall behind when it comes to challenges.

You have to fight for everything right.

From designing your site to dragging your share of the audience from the stream of competitions, you need to be diligent.

Getting things right and having a realistic number of page visits gives us that sense of accomplishment as bloggers.

Little do we know that we tend to crave more audience within a while.

The audience is like money; they will never be enough, so we will keep promoting and adding more content to engage them all the time.

In feeding our audience with content, we have to ensure that we provide value in the process.

Putting this into consideration, we have to come up with great content.

Sometimes, coming up with new blog post ideas can be a bit challenging.

If you are stuck in getting blog post ideas, the 20 ways discussed below will help in times when you are experiencing writer’s block.

1. Check other Niche Blogs

Whenever you are skeptical about getting blog topic ideas, take your time and scan through other blogs related to yours.

Study your competitors.

Look at their best-performing content using tools like Ahrefs, Buzz Sumo, and create new content from them.

2. Expand Existing Content

When you run out of ideas about the nature of content to write, you can consider going through your content and updating some.

You can decide not only to update and elaborate more on your existing content but also to add more points to improve its readability and search engine visibility.

3. Ask Your Audience

One of the best ways to come up with post ideas is by seeking suggestions from the audience.

Your priority is the audience, so here and there, ask for feedback from them.

If a chunk of the audience wants you to provide specific content, that means you’ve got a vital topic, and this kind of content performs incredibly.

4. Get Inspired by our Best Posts

Every blogger has a few posts that perform optimally compared to the rest.

That is an indication that people like those posts.

Your next step is to brainstorm content ideas.

Consider best posts, and take a portion, make it a sub-topic from the table of contents and make another topic out of that.

5. Get Inspired by Real-Life Events

Personal experiences or stories are very significant in terms of engaging the audience.

Therefore, you can choose to turn them into a topic, which can be a new well-performing idea for your posts.

6. Ask a Friend

Your friends may have valuable input, which you can use.

If you ask them, you can get another pool of content ideas for your blog.

7. Scan Through Comments

Comments from your readers can be a good way to get blog post ideas.

Check some of your best engaging posts.

Scroll down to the comment section.

Someone might already have a question or input that may lead you to write an entire blog post.

8. Leverage on FAQs

FAQs pages tackle frequently encountered problems by providing answers or solutions.

So, why not consider taking a question that requires more explanations and turn it into a blog post.

9. Use Google Auto-Completion

When users begin typing their search queries on Google, the search bar introduces a completion of related or similar topics.

You can leverage the automatic search suggestions by opening an incognito browsing session and typing a few phrases related to your niche.

The Auto-suggest feature can give you a bunch of related topics that are worth considering.

10. Using Keyword Research Tools

Most keyword research tools offer keyword search volumes and analytical data.

These can serve as an excellent source for topics through keyword suggestions.

11. Leverage on Q&A Sites

Question & Answer websites like Quora are excellent sources for prevailing topics that you can leverage whenever you are short of ideas.

Reddit is also a great pool of ideas for getting topics to discuss on your site.

12. Discuss Your Team

Personalizing your brand is a great thing that drives user engagement and brand trust.

Why not introduce your team; share fun moments behind the scenes and other stuff by formulating blog posts about that.

13. Rub Minds With Your Team

If you work with a team, you can welcome inputs from your team members.

Someone within your group may supply a couple of new blog post ideas you can use for your post.

14. Using Idea Generators

When you blog, you will understand that tools help a lot.

Fortunately, we’ve got some that look promising when it comes to helping out with topical ideas.

Content Ideator and Link Bait generator are some of the standard idea generators you may find out there.

15. Leverage on the Social Media

Information is power.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are goldmines for getting information to turn into ideas for your next blog post.

Trending topics are worth writing about because they perform well in bringing a surge of traffic to bloggers.

If you are looking for trendy topics, the free tool by Google called Google Trends is a great source to consider.

17. Keep Notes

Bloggers are known for their eternal need to research for knowledge.

When next you research on the internet, don’t forget to place a paper and pen beside you to jot down important information you come across.

18. Brainstorm

Find time and move to a quiet place, precisely your go-to place when you’re about to meditate.

Think about your industry, user challenges, and use your past experiences to formulate new topics.

19. Source Ideas From Youtube

Youtube is, no doubt, the second largest search engine and a great place to watch all kinds of videos.

When you struggle with a blogging idea, consider heading to youtube and find several videos you can turn into blogs.

20. Talk to Experts

Have an interview session with an expert in your industry

Through the period of the conversation, seek their advice about the trouble you have.

They might help you with solutions to your problems.