Do you feel overwhelmed or intimidated when managing your finances and wish you’d have access to experts to get you right on track?

Well, consider today as one of your lucky days because I will put together the ultimate list of the Top 20 Finance YouTubers in this blog post that will make those tedious and intimidating financial concepts a breeze for you.

These YouTubers are good at breaking down financial concepts into bits of pure gold across various finance niches and markets.

So let’s embark on this little journey of knowing these top 20 finance YouTubers filled with financial inspiration and education. Along the way, find some comedic relief accompanying their methods and personalities to make finance less intimidating and more approachable.

So, let’s dive into our list of the top 20 YouTube creators that could transform your finances today.

20 Best Finance Youtubers To Follow In 2023

1. Graham Stephan

Channel: @GrahamStephan

Subscribers: 4.21M

Graham Stephan, a financial expert with hundreds of millions in real estate sales, makes understanding money fun and easy.

He is good at explaining challenging financial jargon, so they feel approachable. This significantly boosted his channel on YouTube to over 4 million subs as he became a go-to source for financial knowledge to many.

His YouTube channel is primarily about real estate investment, but he’s also passionate about cars and makes videos about that, along with cryptocurrency, financial independence, and other related topics.

2. Erika Kullberg

Channel: @Erika2

Subscribers: 1.16M

Erika is a well-known financial guru on YouTube, providing her audience with valuable content geared toward investing, budgeting, student loans, and other areas of personal finance.

With her legal background as an attorney and personal finance expertise, Erika can give viewers more value through her content, which helped her stand out from the rest, not to mention her charming and easygoing personality that keeps the learning seamless.

She likes stating vivid examples and illustrating her points, making her content educational and entertaining, and always trying to hit the nail in her discussion rather than taking more of her viewers’ valuable time.

3. Ryan Scribner

Channel: @RyanScribner

Subscribers: 801K

In all things, money, investing, and personal growth, Ryan Scribner had become an authority through his long journey on YouTube in 2016.

Leveraging his personal experiences, humor, and easygoing personality, Ryan can communicate topics in his videos in a pretty engaging and relatable manner.

From tips to financial advice and inspiration, Ryan Scribner’s YouTube channel is one great resource you’d enjoy checking out when it comes to improving your finances.

4. Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose

Channel: @wealthhacker

Subscribers: 380K

Jeff Rose is a personal finance expert who empowers others to achieve their financial dreams. He started his channel in 2011, intending to spread financial literacy. His channel has been a huge success ever since, making him one of the top 20 finance YouTubers.

Jeff’s content on YouTube combines facts and fun and uses simple words to relay his teachings. To top it all, he practically demonstrates what he teaches so viewers can have a better glimpse.

So, if you’re looking for videos from a financial guru who is a bank of experience in financial planning and wealth management, Jeff Rose’s Wealth Hacker YouTube channel is worth checking out.

5. Ivan on Tech

Channel: @IvanOnTech

Subscribers: 490K

Ivan Liljeqvist is the brain behind this popular YouTube channel, an energetic and charismatic personality who’s also talented at interestingly teaching even the most boring topics.

Ivan is a blockchain enthusiast whose content strategy revolves around delivering high-quality, informative videos that are both informational and entertaining.

On Ivan on Tech’s YouTube channel, you’ll find videos that cover popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, hosted by Ivan himself or with guest speakers. With this, he can give his input and has other experienced guests demystify the world of cryptocurrencies to his viewers.

6. Marko – WhiteBoard Finance

Channel: @WhiteBoardFinance

Subscribers: 933K

Marko Zlatic, the creator and host of Whiteboard Finance, is a bank of experience in personal finance, real estate investing, the stock market, and entrepreneurship.

Marko’s content strategy is straightforward yet effective in helping his channel grow over the years. He stays on top of financial news and information, making viewers aware of current financial events.

Marko Zlatic is a lively personality who uses his platform to promote financial literacy, constantly engages with his YouTube audience, and strives to address their concerns with genuine care.

7. We Profit Day and Night with Stock Curry

Channel: @StockCurry

Subscribers: 62.6K

Scott E Curry is the brain and faces behind this YouTube channel, a space where he shares content within the scope of the stock markets.

Stock Curry, a former investment banker with over 20 years of experience in the field, decided to give his input to the stock industry by educating as many people as possible so that they could make intelligent investment decisions driven by knowledge rather than emotions.

He’s consistently posted on his YouTube channel, and his engaging and educative content helped him grow and become a trusted voice in his niche.

8. Andrei Jikh

Channel: @AndreiJikh

Subscribers: 2.2M

Andrei Jikh’s channel is one of the most successful YouTube channels in the financial industry, with over two million subs and hundreds of millions of views.

The channel covers a range of topics in the financial scope, ultimately focusing on giving a helping hand to viewers so they can achieve their financial goals.

Andrei’s charming and fun personality is clearly displayed in his content, and his audience appreciates the card-playing tricks he embeds within his explainers, making his content super engaging and his unique perspective on financial trends.

9. Minority Mindset

Channel: @MinorityMindset

Subscribers: 1.51M

Minority Mindset is a leading YouTube channel for personal finance and achieving financial freedom. Hosted by Jaspreet Singh, this channel has earned a spot on our list of the top 20 finance YouTubers.

He covers all essential topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and wealth building, and provides practical tips to help his viewers to achieve their financial objectives.

Jaspreet’s personality is one of the elements that inspire viewers and keep them engaged with his videos, and coupled with the quality of knowledge he shares, he’s been able to create a dedicated and supportive community on YouTube, making his YouTube channel one of the best places to seek for financial knowledge.

10. Nate O’Brien

Channel: @NateOBrien

Subscribers: 1.3M

A prominent figure in the space, Nate O’Brien began his journey on YouTube in 2016, sharing his expertise on productivity, minimalism, and personal finance.

His channel is a treasure trove of practical and actionable tips and advice on managing one’s finances and increasing efficiency. Because his content is backed by research and real-life experience, this makes it easy for viewers to understand and retrieve the value.

With the conversational style content and wealth of experience that Nate O’Brien brings, his YouTube channel is one of the best sources of financial information and knowledge.

11. Coin Bureau

Channel: @CoinBureau

Subscribers: 2.21M

Looking for a fun and engaging way to learn about cryptocurrency? Look no further than Coin Bureau.

Hosted by an experienced and charismatic personality, Guy Turner, this YouTube channel is your go-to source for all things crypto. From the latest news and trends in the crypto industry to in-depth reviews on projects, Coin Bureau always breaks complicated pieces and terms in this niche into what is understandable to even beginners.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just dipping your toes into digital currencies, Coin Bureau can be a perfect resource for your crypto needs.

12. Brian Jung

Channel: @jungernaut

Subscribers: 1.24M

Brian Jung’s hugely popular YouTube channel focuses on investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. As one of the top 20 finance YouTubers, Brian Jung has a wealth of experience in those areas and shares his knowledge with the world through his easy-to-understand videos on YouTube.

Brian covers a wide range of topics in the areas we mentioned, from the basics of investing, saving, and building credits to advanced strategies for building wealth and running a successful business.

For anyone interested in achieving financial freedom, this would be an excellent resource for learning and becoming inspired.

13. One Unified Home

Channel: @OneUnifiedHome

Subscribers: 111K

One Unified Home is an ideal channel for families wanting to take charge of their finances. Hosted by a married couple, Brittany and Tommy, this channel is packed with practical and actionable advice on budgeting and reducing family expenses.

Whether you’re looking to get a handle on your spending, set financial goals, or make informed decisions regarding your family finances, One Unified Home is an excellent resource.

With a focus on real-life examples, this channel is, by extension, for everyone wanting to take charge of the finances of their homes.

14. Kris Krohn

Channel: @KrisKrohn

Subscribers: 900K

Kris Krohn is a man with many caps on his head, a real estate investor, a business mentor, a bestselling author, and more. He aims to help his viewers diversify their portfolios through his experiences. Because of this, he shares valuable and actionable insights and tips on real estate investing, wealth generation, and mindset preparation and covers other topics.

His videos are informative and easy to understand, making them perfect for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and build wealth. 

15. Phil Pustejovsky

Channel: @philpustejovsky

Subscribers: 330K

This channel covers vast areas of real estate investing. From buying and selling properties to managing rental properties and more, Phil covers it all in his engaging and informative videos.

He’s an expert in the real estate industry, leveraging his almost two-decade pool of ideas and experience to break complex and difficult-to-understand concepts into topics that can be understood by total beginners.

So, whether you’re stepping into the real estate industry or already a pro, you can always learn one or two things here.

16. Devin Carroll

Channel: @DevinCarroll

Subscribers: 402K

If you’re looking for a trusted source of information on social security, Devin Carroll’s YouTube channel is a place to be. He’s an experienced financial planner with a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with his viewers.

Whether you’re a young professional just starting to think about retirement or an experienced investor looking to optimize your benefits, you’ll find the information and guidance you need on Devin’s YouTube channel.

Devin Carroll values his viewers’ time and always goes straight to the point in his content, making every point in his videos worth the watch.

17. BeatTheBush

Channel: @BeatTheBush

Subscribers: 370K

Everyone can learn to get smart about their money, and Beat the Bush is another resource for content that is made with this in mind.

Through his engaging and accessible videos, Beat The Bush helps his audience to understand the fundamentals of personal finance and how to make intelligent financial decisions.

So, no more confusion about your finances, as this channel makes it fun and straightforward.

18. Living On A Dime To Grow Rich

Channel: @LivingOnADime

Subscribers: 319K

Living On a Dime is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping individuals make intelligent decisions to grow rich.

Mike, Tawra, and Jill are the team behind this successful channel, packed with actionable tips and strategies for saving money, managing debt, and building wealth.

Their aim is not to get you an ultra-cheap lifestyle but to help you make smart lifestyle decisions that set you on a route to build sustainable wealth from a better life.

19. Brad Finn

Channel: @BradFinn

Subscribers: 113K

Bradd Finn, another Youtuber making it to our list of top 20 finance YouTubers, began his journey in 2017.

He aims to provide information and inspiration to those interested in creating passive income streams, smart investing, and gaining financial independence.

With his easy-to-understand and motivating content, Brad’s channel has become an ideal resource for anyone wanting to take charge of their finances and become a pro at making intelligent investments.

20. Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

Channel: @JordanPageFunCheapOrFree

Subscribers: 936K

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on budgeting, Jordan Page’s YouTube channel “Fun Cheap or Free” might be an excellent spec for you.

Jordan believes that personal finance and a fulfilling lifestyle can go hand-in-hand, and she’s on a mission to show you how. In her videos, she shares practical advice on saving money, living frugally, and having fun without breaking the bank.

With Jordan’s expertise in frugal living and personal finance, coupled with her upbeat personality and inspiring approach to budgeting, you may never look at your finances the same way again.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the financial world can be tricky, but having someone experienced enough to show you the way will always work in your favor, and these top 20 finance YouTubers can be your most valuable guides. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others, they are the ultimate resource for helping anyone looking to achieve their financial goals.

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