The built-in Instagram editor has so much in-store functionality.

Its many in-store features beat a PC’s average video editing software.

Let’s not go far up there but confine ourselves to creating reels on mobile devices.

Although the built-in editor has much functionality in its piles, it has so many limitations, some of which are that you can spend a lot of time trying to make a reel on it.

In some instances, you may even lose your work to an application crash.

For various reasons, having a dedicated video editor to take charge of your social media reels is always a good idea, and the excitement has yet to start.

Wait until you grab the list of the ten best apps to create reels that help establish a new milestone on your social media account.

Not necessarily Instagram Reels, the video editors we will discuss will cover all portrait-size videos like TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Now, let’s dive into the 10 best apps to create reels and short form videos.

10 Best Apps To Create Reels, Tiktoks & Other Short Form Videos

1. Inshot

One of the early video editing apps in the mobile markets, Inshot has gained much traction from reel makers and generally mobile video editors.

Due to its simplistic user interface that does not intimidate newbies, the app has become synonymous with making professionally-looking videos regardless of one’s experience.

The app is very light, making it an excellent option for mid-range device users and those with older devices.

With Inshot, you’ll be able to perform top-of-the-level or advanced video editing that covers essential packs of a regular editor, such as cropping, effects, and filters, and extend to fairly advanced things like timeframes, chroma key, and more which requires a paid subscription to unlock.

Despite its advanced features, Inshot should be improved on the side of creating advanced reels, and having no templates to work with makes the work more of a manual kind which does not suffice during a lazy day.

Even as a free user of the Inshot app, it won’t add watermarks to your videos, making it a rare gem on the market.

2. FilmoraGo

One of the many Wondershare products, Filmora, prides itself on bridging the gap between simplicity and strength in video editing, but let’s not just take their word for it.

Although it can be used for anything related to video editing, it mainly targets social media users for its extensive functionality, which makes it an excellent app for making reels.

As you can expect, Filmora Go is free. Still, despite having sufficient free features that can get you excellent content, it comes with the disadvantage of watermarks that will downplay your reels on the professional side.

However, getting a paid subscription to FilmoraGo, on the other hand, unleashes the beast completely, and that’s when you’ll be able to unlock the remaining features that wouldn’t usually be available in trial mode.

Another feature that is distinct to Filmora is its AI Smart Cutout, which gets your cutouts done with much precision.

3. Kinemaster

Whether you’re about making reels on your iPhone or Android, Kinemaster is another app that would quickly get the job done.

It is one of the go-to apps for professional video editing on mobile devices.

When it comes to adding some manipulation touches to your edits, it has plenty of features that you can find helpful.

With Kinemaster, numerous pre-installed templates are available; they will save you a lot of time and become a bonus if you are inexperienced in video editing.

Whether you want to perform basic reel tasks such as cropping, splitting, or masking some elements of your videos or advance things like working with keyframes to add motion graphics, chroma keys, and more, the Kinemaster app gets the job done.

However, you will have to subscribe to its premium to get the best out of its functionality because, as a free user, it would mean that you have to cope with its intrusive watermarks and also have limited access to its asset store.

4. VideoShow

An old name in the video editing apps market, our list of the ten best apps to create reels can only go that far, including VideoShow.

It has a clean, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes reel editing more fun.

Packages of icons, stickers, templates, effects, music free from royalties, and more elements make video editing a breeze, which is why it is one of my favorites.

I’ve worked with VideoShow for years and never got disappointed; hence, it will top my list of apps I could recommend to anyone wanting to create reels.

While it has many tools that will complement your editing needs, it could be better for doing pretty advanced tasks as it does not provide chroma keys, time frames, or the like.

A few years ago, you could gladly enjoy this application as a free user, but it would not afford to fold in this era of watermark video editors.

To remind you what is in it for you while using VideoShow for your reels, it has so many features that very few others own, including an audio library with fully licensed files.

This great camera is an excellent alternative to your stock camera app, animated stickers, and sound compression, among many others.

5. Canva

One of the best graphic design apps for experts and beginners, Canva has evolved beyond the simple creation of graphics to something more, and video editing is just one segment of this evolution.

In addition, Canva has a feature called Canva Reels, which enables you to create visually attractive reels from scratch and use premade video templates specially designed in reel forms.

Aside from the numerous templates that make for professionally-looking reels, Canva has hundreds of other features you can use to make the best reels.

Some of the features that you may find very helpful include various design elements such as stickers, graphics, effects, and a built-in audio library, coupled with other third-party tools embedded within Canva.

For added convenience, Canva allows you to share your reels directly to your Instagram and other social accounts, save on the cloud or download them directly to your device.

Unlike many of our ten best apps to create reels, Canva can not be used without an Internet connection, but considering its features, it’s pretty well understood.

6. Splice Video Editor and Maker

Splice is another widespread and full-fledged video editor from the line of the ten best apps to create reels for your online followers.

It has features that fit professionally looking reels, ranging from trimming, cutting, splitting, and duplicating up to adding stickers, text overlays, effects, and textures to your edits, which we’ll be classifying as basic features to go with.

It does not just end there, as Splice also has top-of-the-level features that make for more advanced editing of your reels, such as Speed control, Keyframe animation, audio mixing, and transitions.

In addition, Splice also comes packed with various templates, which are ideal for starters and will come in handy in the event you want to save time creating reels from scratch.

Another thing worth noting is that the team behind Splice is quite innovative, which makes the app get frequent improvements and updates for a better editing experience.

7. VivaVideo

One of the most popular video editing apps on the market, VivaVideo, surpassed 500 million downloads in 2022.

Like other typical editors, it comes stacked with essential features that make standard video editing possible, among other advanced features that create a bridge into the professional domain for video editing and, in our case, reels.

With VivaVideo, you’ll dive into some of the best transitions and effects you can come across, among other tools that make you the most satisfying reels for your audience.

While its paid features are the real deal, the free version also gives you enough functionality.

As many people consider its watermark non-intrusive, you could consider the free version to a certain extent.

Furthermore, it allows the export of your videos in 4K by resolution.

8. Promeo – Story, and Reels Maker

We’ve been looking all this while into general video editing that has special provision for reels; why not this time laser focus into an app that is specifically made originally for reels?

With Promeo Story and Reels Maker, that’s what we are about to do.

Promeo is an ideal reel maker made by Cyberlink Corp, the same company that owns the famous video editing app, Power Director.

Now that we mentioned Power Director, this app has basic and advanced features that make for fantastic reels and general videos.

More about this would be a discussion for another time, so let’s get back to Promeo.

Using this app to create reels unlocks access to more than 10,000 templates, millions of stock images, and other items like stickers, a font library, and more.

Its Magic Cutout feature allows you to separate objects from their backgrounds and export them for different usage.

The app, as you would notice, is packed with a few advanced features but considering that its interface and features are made especially for reels, it is worth the inclusion as one of the ten best apps to create reels.

9. YouCut

Remember that video editor Inshot we spoke of earlier?

Well, YouCut is its sister app, a product of the same company.

YouCut has many features that are not distinct from other video editing apps, but what distinguishes it from others is that you can use most of its features free of charge.

You don’t have to struggle to get rid of watermarks as it comes with none, and at the time of this writing, you also don’t have to worry about the ads as it does not contain any.

It also has an intelligent compression algorithm that ensures your reel outputs come in the minimum size without affecting a hefty chunk of the quality.

10. CapCut

The last of our list of the ten best apps to create reels is CapCut.

This video editing tool is also trendy and has more than 500 million downloads so far.

It is one of the most accessible apps to play around with while unleashing your best creativity to create those viral reels.

Using this app, you can create PC-level editing right on your mobile device, and with its web version that allows you to edit on your browser, this extends its usage.

From basic editings, such as cropping and cutting, to advanced ones, such as keyframe animation, background removal, 3D zooming, and auto velocity, our list may only be complete by mentioning the CapCut Video editor.

Final Thoughts

There are many apps available out there you can use to enhance the production value of your reels on Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform, and the ten best apps for reels we just talked about are just a few.

Each app has unique features and abilities to help you create engaging and high-quality reels, so it is worth experimenting with a few to find the best fit for your needs.

They help take your reels to the next level and make you the most followers and engagement, ranking you ahead of your competition.