Ever wondered about expanding your blog outreach through Twitter?

With over 330 million monthly and 145 million daily active users, I don’t think you are ever going to be wrong in choosing Twitter as one of the best places to get your blog a decent viewership.

An average Twitter user follows at least five businesses.

Yours may be inclusive if you could take that bold step to let more people notice the unique content that deserves a better audience in your blog.

Moreover, no one relies on just a few sources for traffic these days.

No matter how okay you are with your traffic, you’re not in any position to relent.

Now that you’ve been a bit gingered up, I guess you will be curious to learn some ways to get blog traffic.

Rather than opting for voodoo stuff, I’ll guide you through some basic but still more powerful ways to increase your bog views using the Tweety Bird Platform called Twitter.

How to Increase Your Blog Views Using Twitter

1. Pin Your Latest Blog Post

No blogger ever scales through the love we have for our most recent blog post.

Nothing is wrong with the scenario mentioned above because that is what is fresh at the moment.
The audience, too, is liable to follow a similar pattern.

That is why pinning your recent blog post on Twitter works excellent.

Therefore, you must pin your recent post so that users can easily find it.

Since pinned posts tend to draw attention and engagements, they can easily promote your presence on Twitter and bring traffic to your blog.

2. Include Keywords

Keywords generally tend to improve visibility, and this is no exception in the case of Twitter.

Right from the time you use the Signup button to register on Twitter, you get fields to insert keywords related to your brand.

Or, maybe you’ve forgotten to fill in that same space.

Don’t worry; it is better late than never.

The good news is that you can always go back to fill in the keywords you’ve missed.

Here is a link to do that.


Twitter has made it super easy to select your favorite keywords.

3. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are good at making your tweets pass several miles.

In case you find it hard to distinguish Hashtags from keywords, Hashtags are single words or two written at the back of a # symbol, just like this “#Blogging.”

Hashtags are now the norm for trending stuff on Twitter.

Leveraging this can significantly increase the visibility of your Tweets and possibly increase your posts’ virility.

Find hashtags that have a lot of engagement happening under them and use them as often as possible.

4. Use @Mention

We mention people on several social media platforms by adding the “@” symbol, followed by their name.

On Twitter, you can use the same symbol to extend your tweets to anyone.

The fascinating fact about Twitter is that you can mention someone with great followership on your blog and tweet about that, and the person will get notified.

If the person finds the tweet very interesting, they might retweet, and before you know it, some of their followers will retweet it.

This sequence won’t end without your blog post handle experiencing a substantial amount of growth.

5. Ask for a Retweet

When you make a Tweet that references your blog post, encourage your followers to make a retweet.

When they do, there’s a chance that your blog post will travel farther, which increases your possibility of getting more blog post views.

Some people are likely to retweet if they find your content interesting, but you will multiply that likelihood by a ton by asking them to.

6. Use Images

I didn’t believe the famous saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

However, with digital marketing, I had to make a 90 degree turn on the same matter; images are indeed powerful.

Moreover, you have a limited tweet character.

Since images can explain more, using that to your marketing advantage won’t be wrong.

Besides, 32% of marketers said that images are the most important forms of content for their businesses.

Make sure you are creative in your choice of photos, as this goes a long way in drawing the audience’s attention and encouraging retweets.

7. Tweet Right and at the Right Time

Make sure you stay on track with your tweets.

You can do it in such a way that you make tweets that are related to your blog and the audience you’ve worked hard to develop.

You need to find the best time your audience is prone to engage more and schedule your tweets around that time.

8. Consistency is Key

There is a favor for being consistent.

When you manage to hold your place, the chances are that you will experience massive growth on Twitter.

The more you are consistent, the better your chances of developing a good rapport with your audience.

Being consistent can be very daunting sometimes, and many bloggers are yet to overcome that.

If you are struggling with consistency, you can use the extra time you have to create and schedule your posts for automated posting in the future.

9. Add a Tweet Button on Your Blog

Try to add a Tweet button to your blog posts.

This way, your audience can assist in promoting your content by sharing on their handles, and you also will find it easy to share on Twitter.

10. Be patient

You might not realize enough increment in your blog views when you start promoting on tweeter.

However, sooner or later, a planned and strategic approach will reward you with natural growth.

The key is to put in the work and be patient.