Whether you manage your Twitter company account or you’re about to create a Twitter business account, knowing how to grow your account organically is a big deal.

It would count to your success in the long run.

There are substantial other benefits to you if you decide to set up a Twitter business account.

The most prominent are lead generation, conversion, creating brand trust, brand awareness, becoming an authority in the industry you belong to, and so much more.

However, we can have a more insightful discussion about the benefits that accompany your decision to set up a Twitter business account and grow it organically later.

Now, it is essential to know that there are various moves you can take.

Take one step at a time when adding a Twitter account to the list of your most valuable and cost-effective marketing assets for your blog or brand.

For the part of research and experience, I’ve worked my muscles up to help you with the heavy lifting regarding the best ways to grow your Twitter account organically.

So, here are ten of them:

1. Have a Plan

They say, “A good journey starts with good preparations”.

I have no clue where I got this from.

However, the statement above is true because backing yourself up with strategic planning through some set goals is a great way to know where you are heading.

When you are about to add a Twitter account for your organic reach, make sure you’ve already drafted out some goals that you want to accomplish in the long run.

There is nothing wrong with you making an error from your strategy.

As you learn further, you have the chance to adjust so you can attain your goals.

There are many ways to design a master plan for your Twitter company account or blog.

Having strong research skills and the right marketing team in place is vital.

2. Visit the World of Your Competitors

Have you ever wondered how to turn the competitors you have within your niche or industry into an inspiration to grow organically on Twitter?

If you haven’t, it is high time to consider spying on your competitors and seeing what they are up to and doing well.

When you find enough insights from your competitors that are already way above you, you should decide to imitate their moves and add up some additional improvements.

That way, you can stand out and stand as an authority within your niche.

Some of the critical insights you can focus on are the number of Twitter followers they have, the frequency of their tweets, what exactly they are talking about, and the tweets that attract more engagements.

You can’t see their analytics, but having some of the listed parameters in your possession is enough to give you a competitive edge.

3. Provide Value To Your Audience

Whether you own a blog or Twitter company account, each of your audience followers is hoping to get value from you in one way or the other.

Therefore, giving them value is more of a necessity to retain them and help broaden your reach through engagement and retweets.

It would be best if you took the time to figure out the types of content that drive you the most engagements and outreach.

That’s what signifies your audience’s point of interest and work toward providing those types of content more often.

As a general rule of thumb, try to be more creative because that implies originality.

Your followers will also respect you for that.

Moreover, your creativity has the potential to help you go viral on Twitter, and that would mean a good return for you.

4. Pull Your Cap for Hashtags

The little Hash (#) symbol is now part of something big on social media. It is a great way to make your content fit into categories on Twitter to increase your content discoverability.

Using the right hashtags can go a long way in helping to place your tweets in front of more people.

It would be best to consider finding trending topics and hashtags relevant to your business and include them in your tweets.

However, you must not forget to keep that minimum so you don’t bore your audience on the lookout for more discoverability.

5. Define Your Location

You might be handling a local twitter company account or having a blog that serves people within a particular area.

Make sure you increase your potential of growing your account using the immediate audience from your targeted area.

When you define your location within your bio, you are also opening up to a location-constrained audience and influencers who can also be interested in lifting you.

6. Join Twitter Chats

Twitter chats have their respective Hashtags and topic threads that include questions initiated by the hosts from which other participants deliberate on matters on the ground.

Some hosts may decide to host their Twitter chat sessions periodically, which may be in a matter of weeks, months, or even seasons.

Suppose you are looking for additional ways to grow your account organically.

In that case, you must consider joining some Twitter chats and, from there, relate with the hosts, participants and connect by following them.

This way, you can build some relationships out of the chats and even earn their loyalty.

7. Remain Consistent

Consistency can sometimes be daunting, especially when starting up, with just a little followership.

Many people are guilty of inconsistency, especially when it comes to building their social media presence.

Inconsistency is understandable.

However, the scary part is that being inconsistent makes people ruin their online presence by destroying the relationships they’ve already built, lest to talk about winning more.

This is why being consistent is so valuable.

Thankfully, many tools can help you tackle the loop of inconsistency by scheduling your tweets and automatically posting them in due time.

Another way to handle this is by hiring a social media manager or, better still, cut the cost through a social media management agency.

If you can do that yourself, posting a few times a day or seven times a week will do just fine.

However, doing more would be more preferred, although I don’t tweet much.

8. Use Visuals

A general rule of thumb regarding how to grow your Twitter account is that the more you can capture user interests, the better your chances of growing.

Given this, you have to keep throwing different persuasive techniques that will help get more people’s attention.

If you can, make sure you also make your tweets irresistible to the audience.

To do this, you need to have worthy content in place.

Adding visuals like Images or GIFs and Videos in place is a great way to secure enough attention and engagement to your tweets.

9. Become a Master of Experimentation

Adding a Twitter account to your list of best marketing sources means you need to be familiar with creating a Twitter business account and getting to the experimental ground.

You can then pull out what works best for you by trying out new strategies and using that to increase your Twitter outreach and followers.

Suppose you are scared not to mess up or make your audience have a wrong impression.

In that case, you should consider opening a different Twitter account and expand your tweet trials, visuals, and other twitter promotions on a separate handle.

If that works for the trial account, there is no reason why it won’t work in your original setup of a Twitter business account.

10. When Tweeting, Be Time-Conscious

One good quality that would help set up a Twitter business account is your ability to observe any new change from the Twitter you handle.

If you are a lucky observant, you might have noticed that the tweets you publish within a particular time perform way better than the others.

The reasons may be that you publish that particular tweet when a considerable percentage of your audience is online at that very time.

Therefore it’s advisable to post your tweets when you are likely to get exposed to a large audience.

If you are only targeting followers within your time zone, publishing your tweets within the night hours when many are sleeping may not be a wise idea.

That way, they may not reach many people, compared to posts made in the daytime.

Wrapping Up

To set up a Twitter business account to help you reach your goals, you need to learn different ways to grow your Twitter account.

I believe the ten ways discussed here will help you find improvements in no time.

You will not be in any way wrong if you decide to reread the article so you can have a better understanding of how to grow your Twitter account organically.

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