Allow me to take you on a ride through 9 of the best books for bloggers.

One major thing I love about blogging is that as much as you are inspired, you have to keep researching one thing or the other.

You need to consult different information products such as blog posts, YouTube videos, Udemy courses, podcasts, and many others.

Of course, many resources gather enough information about blogging.

One of the best means to tap into in-depth information, yet overlooked, is reading books about blogging.

You may ask yourself this question; how many books for blogging have I read so far?

When you do, compare them to the other pieces you have leveraged to learn about blogging.

Like many people, I am positive that book reading occupies just a smaller percentage compared to other resources.

When I talk about books, this covers both the digital copies (Ebooks) and the printable ones (textbooks).

Whichever type of books you read will count toward our discussion since they give similar value.

I get it, book reading, but how does it matter, and besides, why should I care?

Good question, and glad that you asked.

Now, here is what you need to know:

A Book provides in-depth knowledge about a specific topic by discussing it in a broader sense, making it perfect for grasping.

One of the troubles you may encounter while doing your research is being cut off without fully grasping the subject you are working on.

If you are on YouTube, a blog, or on a Podcast platform, you have to move from one information piece to the other so you can consume that pain point you missed.

By reading a single book, you may grasp the full context.

There might be no need to research any further.

Many advantages come with reading books, and if we should narrow our focus to books for blogging, we enjoy the journey.

There are thousands of printable and eBook copies about blogging, suitable for starters.

At the same time, there are books out there that are for expert bloggers.

Unfortunately, not all are good reads.

As a result, you will have to research the best books for blogging, which inspired you to read this article.

Below, I have written down some exciting and informative blogging books you may want to check out.

Mind you; they are potential good reads and bestsellers.

9 Helpful Books for Bloggers

1. How to Start a Successful Blog

By: Hubspot

For their dedication to making the world a better place, MIT students Brian and Dharmesh gave birth to Hubspot.

Hubspot offers a range of digital tools to help businesses succeed on the internet.

When we talk about digital marketing globally, Hubspot is not only a significant player but a game-changer.

Regarding the best books for bloggers, Hubspot has a range of Ebooks for free on their site.

One of the books got my breath taken.

The book’s name is “How to start a successful blog”

As the name implies, it is a 28 pages book that takes you on tour and guides you on how to start your blog the right way.

It gives your blog a purpose, setting it up, promoting it, and finally monetizing it.

It indeed has to be brief to talk about all these.

However, by reading this little but informative book, I understood the power behind it.

2. WordPress for Dummies

By: Lisa Sabin Wilson

WordPress is such a powerful Content Management System that powers most blogs on the internet.

If you have a blog, then chances are more than it is on WordPress.

The “WordPress for Dummies” book comes in handy if you are a WordPress beginner and/or have no prior experience with WordPress.

Dummies books are known to be insightful and beginner-friendly.

The book in viewbook was a franchise with the cofounder of the world’s most extensive WordPress design and development agencies, Lisa Sabin Wilson.

The book explains how to customize your WordPress theme, use the cms, and work with different file formats on your site.

It explores more about your dashboard, hosts more than one website, and more.

This book sells on Amazon, and whether it is the paperback or kindle format you need, you will have what you want.

3. HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites

By: John Ducket

These are the fundamental builders of most websites.

Although you need no knowledge of these to launch or keep your blog running smoothly, learning their basics will permanently save you a lot of headaches.

From these fundamental builders, you get the services of experts to fix a minor thing on your blog.

With the HTML & CSS book, you get to understand how the coding works on your site.

If you choose to go in-depth into the programming languages, it will also get you covered.

The author of this book, John Ducket, has been a web developer and designer for more than 14 years.

If we should talk about experience, the author has got what it takes.

Also, it is written in the most simple language that even someone jumping into programming languages can understand.

Most ideas in the book are justified with a visual.

4. The One Hour Content Plan

By: Meera Kothand

As a blogger, chances are that you will experience writer’s block once in a while.

It is that moment when you are unsure what to blog about and get your audience to find it appealing.

You kept staring at a blank screen, knowing nothing to write.

Well, I am not a fan of pouring some praises, but I will say Meera Kothand is an angel if I should.

She wrote the one-hour content plan book.

The book promises you, as a blogger, a year of riddance to writer’s block.

Using the book, you can generate as many topics as you can with a masterpiece.

Meera takes her readers on tour right from content ideation, furnishing your content, promotional pathways, and down to the editorial workflow.

This book has what it takes to unlock the blogging spirit in you.

I am not surprised why the book happens to be a bestseller on Amazon. It’s one of the best books for bloggers out there.

5. How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul

By: Ruth Soukup

Ruth Soukup is a successful entrepreneur and New York Times, bestselling author.

In her book titled How to Blog for Profit: without selling your soul, she discusses how she turned a personal blog into a business that fetches her seven figures.

Through her book that generates almost five stars in terms of rating on Amazon, you gain insights about how you can make the most earnings from your blog.

The pain points that this book focuses on include how you can leverage content marketing to prosper.

The book teaches you how to produce content that will compel your audience to keep reading.

It helps you learn ways to uncover different means for monetizing your blog and trying them out and ways to maximize your income generation.

Through her 229 paged book, Ruth discusses in-depth how best to profit from your blog.

Her first edition was published back in 2014.

She published her third edition in 2020.

6. Blogging for Dummies

By: Amy Lupold Bair

The journey to a successful blog begins right from the day; when you make up your mind, you will create a blog.

If you’ve made your mark that you’ll go into blogging, the blogging for dummies book is one resource to learn from.

It teaches you how blogging works and what tools you require to begin.

This book will not just take and leave you at the doorstep.

It takes you through its guide on how you can start writing your blogs.

The book teaches you to plan your editorial calendar and let your blog become a great representation of your business or brand.

Amy Lupold Blair ensures that this book is an invaluable resource for beginners and bloggers already into blogging.

Therefore it isn’t late to read the book even after launching your blog for quite a while.

Reading the book helps you rebuild the foundation of your blog to make it more geared toward achieving your desired goals.

7. 300 Email Marketing Tips

By: Meera Kothand

Remember we talked about Meera Kothand and her one-hour content plan book that will help map your content ideation plan to have you succeed on your blog?

Well, here she comes again to our aid.

Email marketing is something; as a determined blogger, you cannot afford to forgo.

It is one of the surefire ways to make one-time visitors convert into recurrent visitors and from those to sales.

Suppose you have an email list and struggling to make an effective marketing strategy to utilize those contacts.

The book written by Meera Kothand is 134 pages long.

It contains 300 email marketing tips that can be an eye-opener for you on how to send those killer email marketing campaigns and reach for success.

8. SEO 2021; Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Internet strategies

By: Adam Clarke

Organic-search traffic is the best that many bloggers will choose to dry themselves out if that would mean having as much traffic as possible for their sites.

However, unless you learn enough about SEO, you can not implement it.

You will realize an incredible boost in your site traffic if you utilize search engines.

Suppose you are looking for a beginner guide to SEO that can escort you up to the point where you become excellent.

In that case, the Adam Clarke SEO ebook is an excellent idea for you.

The book discusses the inner mechanics of the Google algorithm and how you can turn the tides raised by the platform in your favor.

It also talks about keyword research, Google algorithmic updates, link-building techniques, and ways to get free expert advice about blogging, in addition to more.

You may choose to call this 257 paged book an SEO tool kit because it consists of knowledge that can help you take your blog on the rail to success with organic traffic. It’s a great book for bloggers who want to learn more about SEO.

9. Monetize Your Skills

By: Randwick Chance

There are several ways to monetize a blog.

One unique way is by leveraging the skills you already have and making the audience find the beauty of paying to tap into your potentials for their benefit.

Randwick Chance, who has also written about 8 Amazon bestselling books, is now on his feet.

He discusses how best to leverage your expertise, experience, or knowledge to generate up to 6 figures and grow to generate even more money.

There are also case studies and interviews with influential personalities.

He hopes that everyone can earn from their skills if they know how to turn the tide in their favor.

Final Thoughts

There you go, 9 of the best books about blogging for success-oriented bloggers.

How successful can I become through reading these books?

Good question, and here is your answer: the fact is that no amount of books about blogging you will read will make you succeed in it.

Then what is the point?

Another good question; something about blogging that no one can do away with is the amount of competition.

Everyone is determined to tap a more significant share of traffic from different sources on the internet.

Reading blogging books will help you open your eyes to actionable knowledge.

Implementing it will contribute to helping you stand out from other bloggers, which is the quality that will set you up for success.

So, acting will be the point of reading your blogging books.

I believe you will adopt reading books about blogging and also implement what you read right away.

Have a blog? Have you ever thought of turning it into a book of your own? Click here to see how!