When it comes to getting traffic to your blog, there are many ways to go about it.

Exploring as many of the options you have as possible must be your point of focus.

There are many untapped traffic sources.

Pinterest is one of the places you probably haven’t considered.

From the sight of things, Pinterest seems to favor women in the DIY and recipe niche.

However, if you see it that way, the chances are that you are leaving a chunk of food on the table.

Moreover, if world-class brands like Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon see Pinterest as a place to wage up their marketing efforts, squeezing your small blog in for a traffic tap will pay you off in the long run.

In light of this, you should cut out a fraction of your time and read till the end.

Below, I will share some fantastic ways to increase your blog views by leveraging the Pinterest platform.

10 Ways to Increase Web Traffic Using Pinterest

1. Create a Blog Board

One good feature you can use on Pinterest to secure many blog posts views is the board feature.

Create a blog board and make sure to name it after your blog page.

Including your master keyword in the board and the title is excellent to increase search engine visibility.

Make sure that you pin it to your blog board whenever you write a new post, so your followers know there’s a new update.

Doing this will also go a long way in helping your audience keep a tab of your blog posts.

To accomplish this, make sure you include a description or snippet from your article, an image, and a link that will lead the audience to your post.

2. Optimize Your Profile

This is one thing you should consider doing as early as possible.

It will help if you start by filling up your bio descriptions with what your blog is about.

The description field to fill is right under your title.

When writing the description, make sure you include good keywords related to the things you cover on your blog.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are search phrases or words that begin with a # symbol. The chances are that you’ve been using them across different social media platforms to increase your post’s visibility.

Similarly, Hashtags on Pinterest are great for increasing your pins’ exposure.

Therefore, try to leverage the Hashtag suggestion feature and go with the more promising ones.

4. Engage With Your Audience

One of the best digital marketing skills that you can’t afford to forgo is the ability to engage with your community.

Right from the way you write your blog contents up to the part of promotions, getting your audience engaged is an excellent way for retention.

Similarly, converting Pinners into your blog readers means that you’ll need to make your followers feel connected before you earn their loyalty.

Below are a few engagement tips you must keep in mind:
Pin relevant and great content.

Consistency is key.

Follow back those who follow you.

Get social by commenting, liking, or even repin the pins of other followers when they seem fantastic.

Raise issues that you know you already have tackled on your blog.

5. Use Appealing Images

Images are a priority for Pinterest, and leveraging them for your blog’s growth is a great way to remain on track.

Make sure you draw people’s attention by posting creative, relevant, and exciting images.

Adding text to your images is also great, not only in giving them a professional look but also in promoting engagements.

6. Be Consistent

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest adds value to your Pins primarily if you are focusing on evergreen content.

Social networks like Facebook quickly forget posts.

The more you’re consistent, the better your chances of earning more exposure as a token of appreciation from Pinterest.

A dozen pins every day is great for consistency and natural growth.

7. Join a Group Board

A Group board is a collection of boards that allows members to pin into it.

The exciting thing about a group board is that you can reach followers of a particular contributor easily through posting to a mutual board.

When they come by, they are likely to see other pins in the group, and when yours capture their attention, chances are that you will secure additional clicks.

Group boards are very effective in reaching out to a targeted audience.

8. Schedule Your Pins

We all understand the effort needed to maintain a blog while promoting it on different social platforms and search engines.

You will also be racing with time.

That’s especially the case when you manage everything alone or with just a minor team.

However, scheduling your pins is a great way to remain consistent and get the audience engaged without being around.

Also, try to find when your audience is most active and schedule your posts along that time.

That way, you increase the likelihood of your pins reaching more people.

9. Use Keywords

Pinterest is a photo search engine and can as well be leveraged for Google ranking improvements. You can use keywords on Pinterest the same way you would when trying to rank on search engines.

Either way, you must use keywords to your advantage and gain more exposure on both platforms.

10. Exercise Patience

Just as Patience is required to reach success in blogging, growing your blog traffic using Pinterest is more a marathon than a sprint.

So, it is best to learn more about increasing views using Pinterest and then put in the work, give time to grow on the platform, and gradually realize massive growth.

That results in a boom of constant traffic inflow down to your blog.

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