Wondering what Pinterest mistakes are costing your account growth and website traffic?

There is a ton of information and resources out there that teaches you how to leverage Pinterest marketing to improve your online presence and promote whichever business goal you want to achieve.

However, there isn’t as much information when it comes to correcting the mistakes you probably are already making on your Pinterest account.

Regardless of how experienced we are at managing our Pinterest accounts, there are always some things we might be doing wrong.

There are two kinds of Pinterest mistakes we might be making.

The first is the one we don’t know we are making.

The second is the one we know we are making but fail to make the appropriate correction.

Irrespective of the kind of mistake you are making, getting them fixed should be your aim if you want to see better results with your Pinterest.

Doing so will warranty you significant growth in no time.

Therefore I will discuss common Pinterest mistakes you might be making with your Pinterest account and how you could fix them.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the common Pinterest Mistakes.

1. Not Using Keywords

Pinterest is a visual search engine, but for the algorithm to pick you up in related searches, you need to put in extra work that helps showcase your pins.

That is the point where keywords would come in handy.

On Pinterest, you could add keywords relevant to your cause.

Since they are named “keywords,” they ought to be the ones users are searching well.

Now you might be wondering where exactly you can place your keywords and gain significant outreach.

Here are three sections where you can add your keywords on Pinterest:

  • Profile Section:

Right from the start, you can add your keywords to your profile name on Pinterest.

Secondly, include similar keywords when adding your information in the bio section.

That will go a long way in helping people to reach you.

  • Board Names & Descriptions:

All we are doing is to clarify things and help the algorithm connect us with targeted users.

One great way to achieve that is by adding keywords within the board names we’re creating and their descriptions.

  • Pin Description:
    Another place where keywords are golden is adding them in pin descriptions.

Doing so has the potential to make your pins reach out to a broader audience searching similar terms and is ideal for natural growth on Pinterest.

2. Not Using Hashtags

If you are wondering if Hashtag on Pinterest has a different purpose than social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, well, it doesn’t.

Hashtags have been designed and brought to Pinterest for quite a while now.

They help improve your discoverability on the platform.

You can use up to 5 hashtags and a minimum of 3 in every pin of yours for Pinterest growth.

Place your hashtag within your pin description, and ensure the hashtag words aren’t compacted together.

3. Not Using a Business Account

There are two types of accounts on Pinterest that you can sign up for.

Either you decide to open a personal account for personal stuff.

If you are in business or promoting your brand, the Pinterest business account fits you.

Another Pinterest mistake you can make, and will undoubtedly come to the detriment of your success on the platform, is using a personal account to achieve your business goals.

That is because the platform clearly states the penalty accompanied by adding commercial stuff on a personal account.

Regardless of how far you’ve gone, Pinterest won’t hesitate to close your account and get you to start all over.

If you have a personal account and wish to convert it to a Pinterest business account, you can easily do that by going to your profile section.

4. Pinning Low-Quality Images

As a pinner, you already know that Pinterest is a photo search engine, so everything you do revolves around photos.

The more interesting photos you bring forward, the better your chances of getting a better outreach.

Regardless of how excellent your pins are, having poor-quality photos in place could drive away many audience.

They will decline your chances of getting those photos to go viral.

Therefore, you need to provide high-quality photos.

If you don’t choose the correct aspect ratio, background, text, and other properties, you cannot accomplish this.

5. No Links on Image Uploads

One of the Pinterest mistakes you might find yourself making is not adding your website links to the images you are uploading.

That is very bad for business because you miss out on real-time from the number of audience interested in your pins and who love to move further by accessing the link behind them.

While uploading images on your Pinterest boards, you should make sure to add links that refer the audience back to your site.

6. Treating Pinterest Like Other Social Media Platforms

Pinterest is more of a search engine for images where you get to share your food recipes and crafts.

However, that’s not all you can do with your Pinterest account.

You can also leverage the massive opportunity for traffic to reflect on the growth of your business or blog within your preferred niche.

It will help if you do not treat Pinterest marketing pins like regular Instagram or Facebook stories.

Instead, take a different approach.

Social media updates on platforms like Instagram target building a community.

Still, you have to take a slight shift here on Pinterest by focusing on placing evergreen content for people to keep finding value in your pins.

7. Equating Followers to Success

We like to measure the success of people and businesses online by the number of followers they have.

Although this may be true sometimes, it doesn’t have to be the case all the time.
You can get many followers on Pinterest and still have few sessions with them or have just a few followers, but the session is superb.

Therefore you must not put followers and success in any correlation.

However, getting massive followers can help place your pins to the front of a broader audience on Pinterest if you can use the perfect keywords.

Still, when it comes to getting engagements and blog traffic, those followers aren’t worthy.

8. Being Desperate to Sell

Understandably, your goal is to get as many people as possible to purchase that Ebook you sell or any other digital or physical product, especially within the eCommerce niche.

However, selling mustn’t be your only focus on Pinterest.

Even if selling is the only reason, you should do it strategically.

Due to the poor performance of product pins, you can instead focus on creating at least mini blogs and add your product images in a collage pattern.

A 250-word content that is descriptive enough to give people an idea about your product is enough, and you can tag it as a blog post.

9. Your Pinning Strategy

Having a pinning strategy matters a lot.

If you have one, that’s great, but it can be a big problem if you don’t.

Even if you have a strategy in place, the possibilities are either they are working, not working, or just partially performing.

If you are unhappy with your success, check your strategy and see what you are doing wrong. If you don’t have one that you are already following take some time to create one.

10. Impatience

Patience is the key to everything we do.

If you already have a carefully crafted strategy and great content, you now need to be consistent in following that.

Keep researching ways to leverage Pinterest marketing for your goals.

The chances are that there is nothing wrong.

At this point, you have to remember that Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint.

Remain patient while growing through it.

Final Thoughts

There you go!

Those are the Ten mistakes you might be making in your Pinterest business account.

If any of them are relevant to your case, it is time you fix them so we can all move further.

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