Getting a decent viewership for a blog is one of the most challenging parts of blogging.

Social media is one of the best options you can ever consider when looking for a realistic amount of blog traffic in real-time.

At whichever point you consider paying heed to social media marketing, Facebook is a great platform to consider, mainly because it has one of the largest databases of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

It is popular among digital marketers and you are almost guaranteed to find the kind of audience you’d love to attract.

Considering growing your blog views using Facebook is an excellent move towards achieving your traffic goals.

There are many different ways you can use Facebook to increase your blog viewership and we are going to dive into the how.

10 Ways to Increase Blog Views Using Facebook

1. Create a Facebook Page

While there are many channels to get traffic down to your blog, building a Facebook Page has proven invaluable to different brands and websites.

Depending on the marketing skills you have in place and the effort you put into it, you can build a fan base that will continually generate a decent amount of traffic for your blog through a Facebook page.

You can also leverage the post-boosting feature to extend your post outreach.

2. Write Outstanding Copies

The copywriting skill is one of the best skills that can help immensely at different points in your blogging journey.

Now on Facebook, the more irresistible your copies sound to your audience, the better your chances of getting them to initiate some clicks.

If your copies attract more people, that means your Facebook marketing campaigns will drive in more traffic to your blog.

3. Create a Killer Content

Ensure that your blog content is engaging, informative, and great in many aspects, including readability.

When you have this kind of content in place, share it with your Facebook audience.

When they read the snippet and find it interesting, they will have no choice but to click through your blog and get a complete grasp.

4. Target The Right Community

Trust me; you don’t want to generalize your audience because not everyone is interested in what your blog has to offer.

Instead, channel your Facebook marketing efforts by targeting the right audience.

Since Facebook is an easy platform to sort out people based on categories and interests, getting people interested in your content isn’t always that hard.

5. Use Facebook Live

Video marketing is a great way to promote your blog.

With Cisco predicting online videos to dominate above 82% of the total consumer internet traffic to date (that is 15 times compared to how it was in 2017), it shows that video marketing is becoming more prominent and a promising way to tap from social sources of traffic.

Live streaming is the trend now as it has the potential to double the number of engagements on your fan page compared to a prerecorded video.

That can also go a long way in making the Facebook algorithm favor your page regarding recommendations to more audience.

You can also add an in-video call to action and get a share of traffic from your live shows.

6. Add Call to Actions

Many people aren’t willing to initiate specific actions such as clicking your links or returning engagements.

That is why a CTA is becoming more and more functional these days.

It would be best to ask for feedback, likes, comments, clicks, or shares with family and friends.

This way, you multiply the chances of getting those engagements and publicity for your social handle and blog at large.

7. Share on Your Profile

Not everyone is cool with sharing their business or site-related content on their profile.

Please consider selecting some of your best posts to share on your Facebook wall if you can do this.

If your friends find them appealing, they can as well give you more views or, better still, turn into loyal blog audiences.

8. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great places to promote your blog posts and get some site views.

Therefore, consider joining a large and very active group that contains your target audience.

It also helps if you consider creating a Facebook group for your blog and grow it.

Doing this will help build a community of audience that gets you a consistent inflow of traffic to your site without having to break the bank.

9. Leverage Facebook Stories

It remains one of the untapped places to get blog views using Facebook because many bloggers are yet to realize its potentials.

With Facebook stories, you can easily share your content and include your site’s link from which viewers can quickly swipe through and land themselves right into your blog with ease.

10. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods that is often considered one of the cheapest anyone can think of.

There are many bloggers out there who depend on Facebook ads as their sole source of traffic.

That usually isn’t the best move because there are additional accessible sources worth giving a try.

Nonetheless, if you could promote your blog using Facebook Ads, the chances are that you will get more qualitative and targeted traffic funneled to your blog.

One of the best moves you should consider making is to make your audience subscribe to your newsletters, so you don’t let them loose, and later you can re-market to them.

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