When it comes to improving your social media presence, having a Facebook page that helps you attain your marketing goals is essential.

However, reaching for success through your fan page Facebook business account isn’t that easy at all.

Even if you are successful on the onset, you must not be surprised if you discover that the tide has turned against your favor.

Many things can affect your fan page’s Facebook business account growth.

Algorithmic changes on the platform can be one reason affecting fan page and account growth.

A decline in the rate at which your audience engages with your Facebook Page also affects Facebook growth accounts and many other factors.

That is why you need to constantly remain on the lookout for ways that will help you improve.

One of the best and cost-effective ways to find success through your Facebook page is to seek ways to broaden your outreach through organic means.

Growing an FB business page organically can be fun and stressful simultaneously, depending on your approach.

As much as I would love to remove the stress from the equation, it is impossible.

I may not be able to because you are likely to feel discouraged when you experience it.

However, you will appreciate your decision in the long run.

In this article, I’ll share with you about ten ways to grow your Facebook page organically.

It would help if you did not feel scared; they are a no-brainer.

1. Invite People To Like Your Page

When you have created a new FB business page, finished setting up the page, and posted your first few posts, the next thing is to consider the audience to visit your page.

Like me, most people start by inviting their family members and friends and then move to the outside world.

That shows that the people we associate ourselves with help build our social media presence.

When you are just starting, make sure you invite anyone you can reach to and let them know that you need their support.

You must also not forget to encourage them to share your page and content with other people.

Even if you already have an established Facebook page with decent followers, inviting your friends and encouraging them to share would also help grow it.

Your immediate connections can also help give you some engagements that help boost your outreach in no time.

It is, therefore, time to take advantage of your connection to grow your social media presence.

2. Embed Your Facebook Posts on Your Blog

You might already have enough traffic on your blog that you’d want to follow your Facebook business page.

If this is the case, consider embedding or adding your Facebook post links on relevant pages so you can funnel some of your traffic to your page and gain more followers there.

Besides getting organic traffic to your Facebook business page, embedding your relevant and interesting posts could help give your blog audience more insight relating to that particular blog post.

3. Advertise Your Page Via Email

Email marketing is an excellent model of digital marketing.

Although it has been around for so long, its potential seems to be going nowhere soon.

Suppose you have an email list from which people had subscribed to your newsletter or any other service you offer.

In that case, you must consider using a single stone to hit two birds simultaneously by adding a social follow button that leads to the page in your email messages.

Even if you don’t have an email list or subscribers, letting your connections know about your page by sending an email message that gives them some insights regarding your page would be a nice thought and a great way to influence organic fan page Facebook growth.

4. Focus on Interesting & Valuable Content

That is the main goal of digital marketing.

Your ability to offer the exact content that your audience is interested in can be a game-changer.

When you post content that people love, the chances are that it reflects in the growth of your Facebook business page, starting with engagements, new followers, and post shares.

When these parameters add up, the Facebook algorithm will likely favor you by increasing the recommendation of your page to a more extensive base audience.

5. Run Contests and Be Generous

There is the psychological proof behind people needing to win prizes even when they could afford things beyond that.

Since you are looking for as many ways as you can find to grow your Facebook business page, this is even more golden.

You should consider coming up with a contest and come up with prizes that would not hurt your pocket in the end.

One of the things you can do is ask people to follow your page and tag a number of their friends.

You can offer a specific freebie, a percentage slash from your services, event tickets, Ebooks, devices, or any other fabulous prize.

You will be surprised by the number of organic engagement outreach you can secure for your page through this means.

6. Promote Your Page In Groups & Other Social Platforms

We are in the social age, and many of us have different social media accounts on the central platform.

If you find some potential within other social platforms, feel free to let them know that they shouldn’t hesitate to head over to Facebook and follow your page if they are Facebook users.

You can do this on your personal or business-related connections on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and even in other Facebook groups where there are opportunities to share your links.

Doing so goes a long way in growing your follower base.

7. Familiarize Yourself with Facebook Insights

If you’ve been working hard to grow your page and only care about the number of likes, followers, comments, and any engagement given to you by the audience, you are missing out.

You have to pay heed to Facebook insights as well.

The Facebook insights area is an analytical ground where you get more insights about your audience, such as their gender, age, devices they are using, and behaviors.

Having a clue about your audience through Facebook insights helps you design tailored posts that better serve their needs.

This way, you grow your fan page on Facebook through engagements and indirect outreach that comes through shares.

8. Engage With Your Audience & Show Personality

Understandably, large brands can’t answer each of their audience queries on their Facebook business page due to the loads of comments they get.

However, if you are a small brand, ignoring your audience often is more like you’re signing a death sentence for your page.

Everybody wants attention. And when your audience reaches out to you for answers to questions or takes the time to engage with your content. Make an effort to respond or engage back.

Followers won’t hesitate to turn their backs when you fail to attend to their needs when they demand so.

That is why you need to show them that you care and always stand by their side.

That will help in personalizing your page, building trust, and making it livelier.

When people aren’t asking, you should encourage them to ask questions and promise to help them out in due course.

You can also take advantage of automation by using Facebook chatbots to reply to your audience or tell them to hold on while a human attends to them later.

9. Create & Post More Visual Content

Images and videos are great baits to attract people’s attention.

The more you can capture your audience’s attention, the better your chances of engaging through comments and sharing your content.

Branded visuals have a lot of exposure. And now with most social media platforms pushing for more video content from creators, the algorithm is leveraging accounts and pages that are doing more of these.

Visuals, in general, attract about ten times more engagement than text-based posts.

It is a great idea to include images and videos in your posts frequently.

GIFs are suitable for serving visual purposes as well. The idea is to capture the attention of people as they scroll down their social media feeds.

10. Have a Strategy & Remain Consistent

Not many people tell you to be consistent when guiding you on improving your social media presence.

I often emphasize it because it is the backbone of every success here.

No matter the Facebook marketing strategy on the ground, being consistent will trigger the algorithm to favor your page even more.

You can also take advantage of the scheduling feature within your Facebook Page so that your audience gets your post without you having to come online.

Wrapping Up

Growing a Facebook page is more of a marathon than a sprint, but paying attention to these ten ways to organically grow your page will help you see better results.