Are you confused about email marketing choosing the best email service providers as a blogger? Learn about the top email providers here.

Email marketing is one of the earlier digital marketing models and is still very efficient for lead generation.

So, whether you have a business, advertising solely on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, your blog, or any other means you need your audience.

Getting them to subscribe to your email list and reaching out to them by leveraging different email providers is a great way to control things.

Suppose you’ve been part of this blog for a while now.

In that case, the chances are that you have read many blog posts about ways to create an email list.

The list is essential to your lead generation campaign and shows your ability to convert those leads you’ve generated into recurrent sales.

Those blog posts are goldmines, and you may want to check them out as well.

Until now, I haven’t covered a critical part with you.

It is nothing else but how you can send those pitches and blog updates to your email prospects.

As scary as this part may seem, many services can significantly assist us in delivering those emails to our list within the blink of an eye.

You are on the right platform if you aren’t familiar with email service providers for bulk emails.

It is essential to note that we are to send emails to thousands of people on our list.

As a result, we will not leverage the email providers that let us send personal emails, such as Google (Gmail) or Yahoo mail.

We can leverage different email providers as bloggers, and if you need to focus on the top email providers, I’d say look below.

9 Best Email Service Providers To Grow Your Email List

1. ConvertKit

If you are looking to build up your email list by leveraging multiple traffic sources, especially social media then ConvertKit is the type of service you want to choose.

ConvertKit is among the most popular email providers and a personal favorite of mine.

The service prioritizes user engagement and is very easy to use if you are not tech-savvy.

It offers a lot of features that enable you to achieve your goals through its top-notch email marketing service.

Audience segmentation is vital in email marketing and ConvertKit not only provides that functionality but also provides you the opportunity to host a group of contacts within a single list.

This feature is not easily found among other services.

That’s the reason why ConvertKit is worth giving a resounding consideration.

ConvertKit has three pricing plans from which you can choose.

The first is the basic plan, which is the free plan.

Then comes the creator plan, which unlocks more features.

The third, known as the creator pro plan, rewards you with the maximum number of features.

2. Moosend

Coding could be one thing, email marketing another. With Moosend, this could be the case for you because you don’t have to code to send those professionally-looking blog newsletters.

You can leverage the drag and drop feature to craft your newsletter beautifully.

I can not mention the hundreds of email templates you can use.

All you need to do is write your text and begin sending it to your list.

Email segmentation allows you to categorize your audience into different classes.

This enables you to send a more personalized email.

With Moosend, you get different segmentation templates to get you going.

There is just more stuff you can uncover about email marketing than just making email deliveries to your list.

When it comes to their pricing plan, you have about three options, depending on your preferences.

The first is the free plan that offers several services but with more limitations destined for paid and enterprise users.

The second is the pro plan which, for your standard email marketing needs, it has your back.

Thirdly, the enterprise membership delivers you top-notch service that no regular email marketer.

3. Mail Chimp

The term above is a market dominator; hence it’s a household term in email marketing. It is among the most popular email providers and tends to over-deliver its promises when giving users a top-notch email marketing service.

Although not so many email marketing experts prefer to use MailChimp for their email marketing campaigns, as an unsophisticated blogger, you’ll be okay with the service.

Something most people consider as a drawback with this service is the fact that it operates based on the list model ( many other providers use the tag model).

If you as an individual subscribe to different services you offer, It’ll count you as three people.

Mail Chimp offers a free plan that many are glad to have.

Even though it does not support more than 2000 contacts and has the footer credit, it is suitable for controlling your email marketing .with Mail Chimp.

The paid plans start with the essential plan, which gives you additional functionality, followed by the standard, and lastly, the premium that unlocks you the best of its features.

4. AWeber

Aweber has been around since the early days of email marketing. It has earned the trust of several bloggers over time.

So, when choosing unlimited email templates, know that it’ll have you covered, and I don’t wish to discuss reliability.

It is one of the top email providers among the most popular email providers you can ever find in the industry.

However, there are certain limitations with AWeber, just like in others.

In this age of automation, users are looking for more robustness, and AWeber seems to be limited in that aspect.

This makes the platform look a bit obsolete.

However, AWeber is renowned for its simplicity and a free plan that permits 500 subscribers, along with the paid or professional plan.

5. SendinBlue

As a blogger, the chances are that you’re looking for something simple enough so you can attend to other stuff and cut on costs.

Just in, SendinBluel comes in handy.

Unlike the different email providers that cap you with their limited number of contact policies, this service has an unlimited number of contacts you can bring.

However, it is still worth it to get a top-notch service by paying for the paid plans.

You can start paying for the lite plan and grow up to the premium or enterprise.

It is wise to take one that suits your goal.

6. GetResponse

Ease of use and popularity gives bloggers that are just starting with email marketing more confidence.

Thas the reason why GetResponse is the go-to service for most beginners.

The drag and drop feature is the new normal, which saves you a lot of the hassles.

GetResponse feels like a game that makes creating your email campaigns fun.

If templates are things you can’t do without, there are many of them to handle on GetResponse.

They have everything seen from a different perspective regarding email marketing.

It is mainly driven by the platform’s level of creativity and simplicity in sending email campaigns.

Although GetResponse has no provision for free forever plans, all the plans have free trials.

The package helps you get enough insights about the service.

If you should proceed with the paid plan, the free trials can help you to determine whether the service is a real bang for your bucks or not.

However, the paid plans are cheap compared to the value you can get on the platform.

It starts with the basic plan, followed by the plus plan, professional, and lastly, the max plan, making four plans in total.

7. Active Campaign

Managing your contact list with utmost flexibility might be one of the features you’re looking for in an email marketing service provider. ActiveCampaign comes in handy.

Automation is one other focal point on this platform.

You get to segment your audiences based on your preferences.

The innovative lead scoring that makes you score your contacts according to their reactions toward your email

Marketing campaigns are another functionality that would help add to your future remarketing campaigns.

With ActiveCampaign, you have more than just this.

This way, you can study as well as implement robust marketing decisions on your email contacts.

A free plan isn’t an option with Active Campaign, but there’s a 14-day free trial to give you confidence in the service.

However, the paid plans could be scary to bloggers who have limited budgets.

The available paid plans fall into three categories.

These categories are suitable for all kinds of business ventures you’re into and the nature of your target audience.

The first goes to digital businesses like blogs which is our ideal choice.

The other two are for B2B and eCommerce businesses, all of which have different subscription plans.

8. MailerLite

There’s nothing wrong with trying out new email marketing services, especially if they seem promising. You may check out MailerLite, and I believe you’ll be astonished by the level of simplicity.

It seems the service is gaining dominance in the industry through its ease of use.

For everything essential about email marketing, you’ll be fine doing it on this platform.

Still, when it comes to getting more functionalities that would help you gain an edge, I’m afraid to say that MailerLite, as the name implies, is dedicated to light email marketing tasks.

Something you’ll love about MailerLite is its mode of pricing.

Even without subscribing to the paid plan, you get a handful of features that helps you get on the go.

Moreover, the pricing plan here is simple.

You either go for the free or the premium plans.

That choice gives you the spontaneity you may be craving, as per marketing to your list.

9. Campaign Monitor

Simplicity coupled with power produces growth potential. That is why Campaign Monitor matters. Drag and drop is something that eliminates the most stress in email marketing.

Campaign Monitor vibes, along with the trend, enable you to employ lead segmentation to your list and keep tabs on your subs’ current status.

The above exercise helps you to identify whether they are still with you or not.

You also have full branding capability that ensures you never worry about footer credits from the service.

Also, there are bunches of responsive and free email templates you can leverage to showcase more professionalism to your audience.

The pricing plans are bundled into three, starting with the basic plan.

The plan provides the least of features at a lesser rate.

The basic plan is followed by the unlimited plan, which I’m sure most users will go for.

Last is the premier plan that includes all the luxuries, including exclusive customer support options.

Final Thoughts
Choosing the best email service is more than just finding the one that covers your basic needs.

You need a service that will help you get the most out of your list and that has the most potential to help you reach your defined goals.

It’s important to note down what you’re looking for in an email service provider.

From there, you’ll be able to choose from the top email providers knowing exactly what you are looking for.

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