One advantage of freelance writing is that you can go full-time with it and it gives you the opportunity to earn money at your own pace.

Writing is one of the surest and most straightforward ways you can earn extra income online.

So, are you interested in writing content for blogs or websites but are not sure about how to go about getting yourself some writing gigs?

If yes, this article is for you because many websites are ready to pay writers to write content for them.

Below is a list of 30 websites that are willing to pay you to write content for them.

1. Copyhackers

If you can follow and implement the guidelines given on their website, your submission will get accepted, and for each approval, you get paid up to $325.

However, the process here is a bit rigorous as the quality of your content determines its approval.

If you are OK with that way of doing things and can deliver, then you can submit posts about branding, copywriting, finance, and many others.

2. Bitch Media

Excuse the french, but that’s really what it’s called.

This site is willing to pay for write-ups within several niches they coin as Feminist Analysis of Culture.

They pay within $250-$1000, depending on the type of content you submit.

3. Funds for Writers

If you are comfortable writing content that meets the standards of the writing industry, then there is a place where you can write and earn from the ideas you have.

The pay on Fund for Writers is $50 for a single completion.

4. Do a Living Writing

Just as the name of the site implies, you are helping writers achieve a breakthrough.

If you can write articles covering topics about earning through writing, this blog is worth giving your submissions. They pay as much as $75-$150 for a start.

5. Back 2 College

This site welcomes article writers who are good at writing educational content that targets adult learners.

You get paid about 30 days from the date of content acceptance, and $55 is the pay.

If you can submit a decent and qualitative write-up, you will be able to earn $100-$750 for your submissions on this site.

7. Cracked

For people with creativity and some humor, this is where you can earn up to $200 through your creative writing.

8. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a ground for content marketers that are into the technical aspects of the internet ranging from design & development.

If your content is very elaborate and extraordinary, then Sitepoint is worth giving a try.

9. Godaddy Garage

Your pay per article here varies, but your initial earning is $100 for submissions within the scope of freelancing, business, and web development.

10. Music Tuts+

This site is most suitable for those with a background in musical works. But if you’ve got that passion and can deliver high-quality content, then you will get paid $50 for every approval.

11. Code Tuts+

Offering short and informative website development tutorials within a vast number of supported programming languages will put you in their $100 payroll, while a broader content would make you earn $250.

12. Just Parents

Having parental experience is of great advantage because you can earn by writing about that on this site.

However, you can also make money from your submissions without any parental expertise.

13. Money Pantry

This site is excellent for getting paid by writing articles that are within the scope of income-earning and economics.

You get paid from $30 to $150 for each article.

14. Vector Tuts+

Here, writers earn $50-$200 by writing articles that discuss vector graphics, and if you can write about such topics, then this site is for you.

15. Insteading

This blog is explicitly homesteading and gardening-related, and they pay $50 for any writer who can provide articles following their guidelines.

16. Inside 485

Inside 485 is a cultural and delicacy-related site. The site is in constant need of writers that can offer content in that niche.

17. Design Tuts+

This site is well known for its constant need for writers within various categories, and this time, the slot focuses on designing blogs ($250).

18. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is famous for what they do, i.e., web development and design.

Top-notch contents within this field are also welcome for realistic pay ($200).

19. Snel

This site accepts as short as 300 words of content, and the more you make submissions, the better your pay rises, starting with 39 Euros.

20. Long Reads

Here is a site where you get paid to write stories that earn you $250 to $1000+.

Besides, payers also accept other literary works like essays and journalism content.

21. List Verse

This is a general niche blog that pays writers $100 for every accepted completion of 1,500 words.

22. Informed Comment

They pay $100 per article accepted, and the kind of content they prefer is diplomatic or foreign policy content.

23. A list Apart

Digital marketing-related content is welcome here, and writing about 2000 words here could earn a writer up to $200.

24. International Living

This site deals with living overseas, and it pays writers anywhere from $400 for content that is about 1400 words.

25. Tuts+ WordPress

Tuts+ WordPress pays writers up to $500 per article for WordPress content and other content relating to its plugins.

26. Zizzle

Zizzle is a great website to earn from by writing stories for both kids and older people.

They pay about $100 for each completed article.

27. The Arcanist

If you are creative and can write short stories, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 for a single story on The Arcanist.

28. Asimov

Asimov is a science fiction magazine that also collects creative short stories for pay.

A line of the literary piece can earn you 8c to 10c per word on Asimov.

29. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean requires content that is related to Linux and internet cloud.

Their pay starts from $50 up to $200 for each article that they accept.

30. Teaching Tolerance

The audience here are mainly teachers, and the content they are interested in has to do with diversity, multi-culture, social justice, and antibias.

Payment can be as high as $1 per word for every accepted article.

That’s it! another great site to find some writing gigs is They pay from $30-$60/hr and they have many writing gigs to choose from.

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