If you’d ask me about the 30 best blogging podcasts for bloggers, I’d say read this article twice.
Why? Because each one of the 15 podcasts listed below would equal two or more blogging podcasts out there.

Blogging is a career that requires passion. For this reason, unlike other things, no one will tell you that they were forced to go into blogging. The above scenario happens to be the beauty of it.

To perfect in the act, we never become tired of researching to grow our blogs. Thankfully, there are several resources from which you can grab information about blogging.

You may choose to read blog posts about blogging, videos, and blogging books, but all these need maximum concentration to grasp the content thoroughly.

But, there’s one informational piece that you can leverage whether you’re washing the dishes, walking around, or just sitting somewhere, which is audio or podcasts.
I like listening to podcasts, especially while typing my blog posts. I keep the podcast playing while writing, on the other hand.
Well, I guess I’m just good at dividing my attention.

I keep a tab of different podcast channels across other platforms, some of which may interest me.

Because podcast channels can account for your success as a blogger, I will share them with you guys today in this article.

Are you ready to go on a tour with me while sharing the best podcasts for bloggers with you?

Glad you are, so let’s dive into the list of the best podcasts for bloggers.

List of the Best Blogging Podcasts You need to check out.

The Pro Blogger Podcast

Darren Rowse was indeed a professional blogger.
His site has been in existence since 2004.
If I had been in the blogging industry by then, I have no idea which world I would be in by now.

The fact is that learning from the old blood within the industry is insightful.

For this reason, you may want to join Darren on his podcasts where he speaks about everything blogging, but from the angle of making income from it.

If I should challenge you for something right now, I’d ask you to try to listen to Darren Rowse’s podcast for just 3 minutes and then quit the episode.

The 3 minutes of listening to Darren Rowse,s podcast can easily entice you to listen to the whole podcast.

The podcasts are magical, and because the host focuses on some pain points, most bloggers would love to stick to it to the very end to grasp something.

Boss Girl Creative

If someone speaks a word, even in a dream and as melody tags, I won’t mind hearing Taylor Bradford. She’s the one brain behind the Boss Girl creative blog and its podcast series.

She talks about different blogging-related stuff in her various podcast episodes. To tell you how far she’s gone, each of her podcast categories has hundreds of episodes.

Besides blogging, Taylor Bradford also covers self-development, interviews, and more which I believe are incredible.

The Ask Pat 2.0 Podcast

There are burning business blogging questions that we wish could be answered by an expert in the field.

Such experts can make a cross-examination of everything related to particular areas of concern.

The man behind one of the best blogging podcasts out there, i.e., Ask Pat 2 0, is Pat Flynn.

The first time to know the name, right?
I guess you’ll be glad you did.

Pat Flynn features entrepreneurs and bloggers on his weekly Ask Pat 2.0, a new version of his Ask Pat podcasts.

In his weekly episodes, Pat Flynn hosts a coaching call with random entrepreneurs and bloggers.
In these episodes, he allows his audience to ask the most challenging questions on their journey.
Ask Pat episodes are all-encompassing. All you need to do is apply for the coaching call, and when you’re involved, you can ask any question related to your Business.

I’m sure this sounds exciting to most bloggers as it helps create room for them to have a free creative consultation.

The Ask Pat series isn’t the only podcast Pat Flynn hosts on his site.

So, if you’re looking forward to learning some of his proven blogging and business strategies, you can check his SPI Podcast episodes (The Surprising State of Podcasting in 2020).

The Blogging Millionaire

When talking about the best podcasts for bloggers you can’t forget to mention The Blogging Millionaire podcast.

This is a personal favorite and I have learnt a lot from this podcast. It is run by Brandon Gaille, a very successful blogger who is popularly known as a keyword research guru.

He has used his keyword research skills to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly to his blogs and uses this podcast to share practical advice and tips on how to grow your blog and take it to the next level using search engine optimization and many other methods.

The Influencer Podcast

This is also one of my favorite podcasts for bloggers and it is run by Julie Solomon. Julie has a passion for helping other women succeed and make a living through their influence no matter how big or small.

She hosts many successful bloggers, influencers and content creators on her podcast who share their journey and tips on how they got to where they are. She also share very practical advice that will help you both grow and monetize your influence.

Amy Porterfield Podcasts

Amy Porterfield, a female entrepreneur who blew up through automating and optimizing her efforts in the digital world over several years, caught my attention.

Her awesome podcasts are ever on point.

She tagged her podcast series “Online Marketing Made Easy.” In it, she covers some varieties.

From her few podcasts that I came across, I immediately knew her words aren’t just theoretical. They can be grown into something actionable.

Any blogger who wants podcasts that could easily be implemented and realize immense growth should listen to the Amy Porterfield podcast.

Whether you’re looking for podcasts about how you can grow your market from zero to hero, how to excel at content marketing, or how you can explode your email list, Amy Porterfield s podcasts have it.

Being Boss

Just as you immerse yourself into the Amy Porterfield podcast, you may want to merge things up with Being Boss.

Emily Thompson brought to life this podcast service back in 2015, but as of 2020, she had already gotten over 9 million downloads.

Currently, she is among the best blogging podcasts.

Now, you may be wondering what Being Boss podcasts entail.

The site targets businesses, entrepreneurs, and those in the creative industry. It helps them realize their full potential in their marketing strategies.

Among some of Emily Thompson’s awesome podcasts, which talk about growing one,s business like a boss, features Autumn Witt Boyd, a female entrepreneur, and a lawyer.

This podcast is an eye-opener that you may want to check and reflect on for blogging tips.

Autumn Witt Boyd is also part of the Being Boss team.

The Being Boss podcasts interview different experts who provide listeners with strategies to realize significant growth and success.

It’s a no brainer that this is one of the best podcasts for bloggers and content creators out there.

The Blogger Genius Podcast

Jillian Leslie is the girl behind the blogger genius podcast episodes. In these episodes, she interviews different professional bloggers who have climbed up the success rail.

As we all know, the blogging world is a revolving one, and one always needs to stay updated with the latest information.

Because of this, Jillian Leslie emphasizes interviewing professional bloggers and have them discuss some of the working strategies they are currently implementing.
Such interviews assure them more success on their journey as entrepreneurs or bloggers.
Jillian Leslie has 150+ podcast episodes. She has been consistent in producing comprehensive podcasts that cover different topics that are up for grasp for her audience.
If you join them, then you also become one of her beneficiaries.

Marketing over Coffee

Receiving updates on recent technologies and marketing tips would be something most bloggers want because it offers them better strategies and tools for success. Marketing over coffee comes into play in that case.

The marketing over coffee podcast program is hosted by John J. Wall, with Christopher S. Pen as his co-host. They take their listeners on a weekly tour on several topics around marketing and the technology industry.

Also, John has a couple of blogging podcasts that you can like. His marketing over the coffee program has many other insightful programs.

The Copyblogger FM

As you take that sip of coffee while diving through the marketing over coffee podcast experience, you can also consider spending time with Copyblogger.

As time goes by, bloggers realize that being good at content marketing can reshape what they consider a failure to success.

Darrell Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart are experts in content and digital marketing.
They have mini podcasts in that area.

Each week, you get full episodes covering something important about copywriting, social media marketing podcasts, content marketing, and more.

So, if you’re looking for ways to be at your best in digital marketing, you may want to subscribe to the Copyblogger podcast.

The SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Search engine marketing is a broad area and happens to involve complex processes.
More-so, it is something that keeps evolving.

Well, search engine algorithms keep getting smarter, so the evolution continues.

Something you can always do as a blogger is to stay current with the working strategies within the industry.
This way, you’ll always be steps closer to reaching more audiences.

Chris Burres and Matt Bertram have 20 years of experience in hosting an SEO podcast program.
In it, they touch different segments of search engine marketing for their listeners.

This podcast is insightful and has the potential to change how you perform SEO on your blog. It is one of the best podcasts for bloggers and content creators out there.

So, if you’re cool with listening to podcasts, I recommend that you listen to their SEO podcast episodes.

Goal Digger Podcast

One way to best influence others and impart knowledge to them is by being honest and genuine.

This quality will help your words be as effective as you’d want.
That way, you win your audience,s trust, and that helps you to keep them.
Jenna Kutcher, an entrepreneur and a blogger who’s the woman behind the Goal Digger Podcast, seems to have known and imparted this for the whole time.

Her podcast sound quality is just super.
As many others know, she’s got a fancy studio for her recordings.

To my greatest surprise, while reading her about us page, I realized that she’s recording from a closet.

This approach explains many things about the nature of her podcast.
And yes, they’ve got some personality touches that will have you spend hours listening and never get bored.

In her Goal Digger podcast episodes, she talks about Business, marketing, Inspiration, and many more things that will help you achieve your defined goals.

With this knowledge, there’s a lot you can achieve as a blogger.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Last but not least, and closing things up with my favorite website, social media marketing happens to be among the top best blogging podcasts.

The social media marketing podcast is an excellent resource with insightful topics about growing on social media.

The social media examiner site has articles to read and videos to watch, but I prefer listening to their podcasts.

Every week, the social media examiner releases two hot 45 minutes long social media marketing podcasts hosted by its co-founder, Michael Stelzner.

The podcast gives you that safari kind of experience where you hear the sound of elephants and other jungle animals.

The Social Media examiner clarifies everything, which is absolutely an excellent idea for anyone who loves to listen to the podcast.

Creator Club

Creator Club is run by Katie Steckly. On her podcast she share many tips to help you grow your social media while sharing some practical content creation tips.

If you’re looking to grow your social media, reach more people and increase your content’s reach then this is a podcast you need to add to your playlist.

Marketing School

Last but certainly not least on our list of best podcasts for bloggers is the Marketing School.

The Marketing School podcast is run by the all time SEO guru Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Not only is it a podcast for marketers, but if you are a blogger you will learn a lot about search engine optimisation as well as content marketing tips to help you grow your site traffic and grow the business side of your blog.

If you are also looking to sell products and services on your blog, this is a good podcast to learn some business tips that you can use.

Wrapping Up

While podcasts are great even while you perform other tasks, they are understood even without going visual, which is the beautiful part.
Hopefully, you’ll find the above 15 best podcasts for bloggers incredible resources for learning more about blogging.

Let’s stop here for now.

Now, over to you, which other podcasts for bloggers and content creators are you listening to that you would you recommend to someone today? Let me know in the comments below!

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