Blogging has many benefits.
There are blogging services you can offer, products to promote, and many more ways .

This is why so many are rushing into it.
However, there’s always room for others who make up their minds to get started despite the competition.

One of the ways blogging can prove beneficial to you is if you decide to monetize it.

Whether you choose to participate in publishing sponsored Ads on your blog, become an affiliate marketer, or even sell the products you own, you can never exhaust the possibilities of making money out of blogging.

Whether you are skillful or not when it comes to specific service offerings, you can grow your blogging into a decent part-time or even full-time income-generating business.

It’s just a matter of time, your ability to improve, and hard work.

Another thing that makes service offering awesome is that your blog can serve as your portfolio.

Even if it doesn’t correlate with your skillset, it gives you the benefit of building reputation and authority that’ll get you to win as many projects as possible.

I guess you might be wondering what services to offer as a blogger to unlock an additional stream of income for yourself.

This article comes in handy.

The more you are skilled in what services to offer, the better.

It is never too late to get yourself enrolled in particular courses primarily online or learn from platforms such as youtube.

Moreover, the blogging exposure you have alone is a disguised skill.

Having cleared the pathway, let’s check out some services to offer as a blogger and make you earn extra cash.

Here are seven (7) of them.

Website Design Services

There are two classes of bloggers relative to this. Bloggers hire a developer to design their sites or have it done by handling the designs themselves.

If you belong to the second class, regardless of whether you are a professional web designer or just having the basic skills, the chances are that you’ve already got the web design skill in you, to an extent.

To offer web design services, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic knowledge of the major programming languages like HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript.

You also need to complement your knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) with WordPress, Blogger, and Squarespace.

If you can design a fully functional blog, you can use that skill to earn blog income by offering your services.
Having basic knowledge in web design means you should only accept light web design tasks.

That way, you don’t fail your clients by taking high-end functions that require the experience of a professional and which you aren’t, for the time being.

If you don’t have the required expertise when designing websites for clients, you should consider improving your skills.

However, even if you have the essential experience, developing your expertise by taking courses on web design would help you win more gigs.

So, if you are looking forward to some lucrative services to offer as a blogger, web design is something you should consider.

Graphic Design

There are so many tools behind graphic design, and whether it is Photoshop, Indesign, Behance, Canva, or any other device you are cool with, mastering it will place a ton of money on your table.

There are several areas of specialization to choose from that are at your disposal.
For example, you can choose to offer just logo designs, posters, flyers, infographics, charts, photo editing, book covers, artworks, thumbnail covers, promotional campaign designs, and so much more.

There are several things you can offer as a graphic designer.

Although you need a great deal of experience to handle several tasks, the little skill you’ve got from designing graphics from your blog alone could take you somewhere far.

Just as with anything else, graphic design, needs practice and the more you practice, the better you become, and the samples you’ve got tell more about you.


Another thing that makes blogging respectable is that you need to keep tabs on systematic research and constant learning about new things. Learning new ideas is ideal in helping you become better at what you blog.

From the knowledge you’ve gathered through the unending research, you find yourself providing valuable content to your audiences.

I believe you can do even better with blog coaching services.

You can host coaching sessions as a tutor or mentor in return for money.

You can do this right from your blog or by leveraging other platforms.

What makes blog coaching services unique is that although it is niche-specific, you can always host coaching sessions around your respective niches and earn huge blog income from your audience.

You may choose to host one-on-one coaching sessions or in groups and batches; the choice is yours.

Your potentials are great here, but it depends on how willing you are to offer blog coaching services that are great.

Social Media Management

Several social media managers have a blog, and they use that as leverage to grow. If you can tap into this growing industry which has a massive demand for digital marketing-related experience, you can earn a decent amount of money as a blogger. Social media managers are in continuous demand, especially now that businesses, individual corporations, and agencies have their eyes wide open to the concept of digital marketing.

If you already have a social media handle for your blog and it seems to be doing well, the chances are that you’ve got social media management skills enough to start making more money.

Becoming an expert and charging more for your services wouldn’t be that much of a problem if you are already in the field.
So, if you are game here, you should start looking for gigs as soon as you could and who knows, you might be running a multinational social media management agency someday.


How persuasive do you think you are? Are you able to persuade people to patronize your blog, subscribe to your mailing list, or even purchase your affiliate or personal products?

That’s a copywriting skill you’ve got there.

Now is the time to open another stream of income by writing intelligent copies for other people and help sell their market in no time.

Both small and big brands are willing to pay if you could persuade people to perform their required actions.

Most copywriting tasks are well paid.

If you are a skillful copywriter, you can write great copies that’ll sell you to clients and help you deliver your service.

If you are willing to improve your copywriting skills, you should take courses in that aspect and later put what you’ve learned into action.

Content Writing

Do you write your blogs, or you let someone handle the writing part for you?

If you write blog posts yourself and write grammatically correct, informative, and engaging posts, you are a good writer.
If you are looking for another way to earn money as a blogger, you should consider writing articles for other blogs.

As a content writer, you can earn blog income by offering your write-ups to other blogs, and thankfully, there are thousands of sites and clients who’d be willing to work with you.

Learn how to write content that is evergreen here.

SEO Services

In this era, having a great deal of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization means that you have a treasure within yourself. You can use the knowledge to improve your blog stand on the internet.

Also, there is a vast market demand for the service offered by SEO experts.
Therefore, if you are a specialist in this aspect, the only thing that will stop you from earning from your service is yourself.

Search Engine Optimization is comprehensive.

Whether you choose to build backlinks for a particular client, create sitemaps, optimize the loading speed of a web page, ping blog pages, optimize content for search engines, or any other, earnings here are decent.

Wrapping Up

When you want to make more money as a blogger by expanding to the service offering, the seven suggestions I have laid out for you are worth trying.
There is more to this list that is worth checking out before making up your mind.
If you are interested in learning about other ways to earn money from blogging, I’ve written about 10 of the best affiliate programs for bloggers, so check it out.

Do you have any other service that you think would be suitable for a blogger?
Please help us with the 8th point on the list by giving your suggestions in the comments section.