If you are a blogger or content creator then these blogging side hustles are for you.

As a blogger, there are many ways to monetize your blog and get a fortune out of it.

The possibilities are just endless.

There are also many other ways you can earn additional income outside the blogosphere.

Today, we’ll be discussing ten side hustles you can start as a blogger.

Find them below:

10 Blogging Side Hustles

1. Online Tutorials

Many bloggers hold online tutorials as their primary blogging niches.

You can also take online tutorials without actually running them on your blog.

Selling your skills to earn more is a great way to go for your side hustling.

You have to market your skills to prospective students and figure out the most appropriate time to hold your lectures.

Thankfully, blogging tends to give you more writing experience to capture your audiences’ attention.

Similar expertise is needed to render the best explanations to your students, so you already have some qualities of a great online tutor.

2. Virtual Assistance

There’s a huge demand for virtual assistants on the Internet.

You can handle social media handles or accounts, customer service management, respond to messages, schedule appointments, and many more.

When you’re looking for a side hustle, opening up as a virtual assistant can be an addition to your current blogging career.

3. Graphic Design

Are you skilled in something that has to do with designing graphics?

Designing graphics involves making business cards, invitation cards, artistic designs, book covers, logos, Infographics and photoshops, etc.

There is high demand for graphics like the above listed.

Making your graphic skills count towards your earning is a great side hustling decision you could take as a full-time blogger.

4. Translation

What other languages are you fluent in?

You can land some translation gigs about books, web content, marketing pieces, etc.

5. Online Course Creation

Apart from online tutorials, you can create an online course in your area of expertise and market the approach to the right audience.

Udemy is a great starting point.

6. Sell an Ebook

As a blogger, with time, it is expected of you to become an excellent writer.

If you do, then the chances are that you could figure out some time to create an Ebook to sell at sites like Clickbank, Amazon, and so many others.

7. Web Design

Do you have what it takes to design websites for others?

If you do, then there are many businesses, organizations, and individuals needing your services as a web designer.

8. Freelance Writing

There’s a high demand in the writing profession, and being a great writer could land you freelance writing gigs.

9. Vlogging

Vlogging is a new term that means video blogging.

It is somewhat different from blogging because it focuses on creating videos in different niches to attract a YouTube platform.

10. Get a Part-Time Job

Maybe you need a job that’ll get you to mingle or socially interact with others.

If so, then getting a part-time job in a physical location as your side hustle will be a great idea.

These 10 blogging side hustles could help you start making extra income every month if you start working on them now. Some take time to master while others are things you are doing regularly for your blog and can be services you offer to others.