One thing that I love about YouTube is that it lets you host your videos for free and allows you to monetize those videos as well.

Not only that, but the fact that businesses can also take advantage of this platform to increase brand awareness and generate leads for their businesses also makes it extraordinary.

For whichever reason you want to start a YouTube channel, the chances are that you may be starting small.

Like I always do, I’ll recommend you start by leveraging what you have, and even without a DSLR camera, your mobile device can take you a long way on YouTube.

Not only in the part of shooting videos, but a mobile device is also an excellent alternative to a PC that helps you make stunning videos and manage your YouTube channel on the go.

If you’re considering which mobile phone to purchase for daily usage and still fit into your YouTube content creation, this is easy; buy a decent smartphone with a larger RAM and ROM to endure every further turmoil.

However, iPhone seems to be doing very well and is one of the best for this job.

It has a decent camera that presents detailed video shoots and will help you deliver to your viewers stunning video content.

More also, several apps can help you manage your channel as you would on a PC, and for this reason, we’re going to be discussing in this article some of the best IOS apps for YouTube content creators.

What is an iOS App?

iOS apps are designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad. They are created using the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Apps have become an integral part of our lives, whether we’re using them to learn a new language, play games, find a date, or create content for the internet. There are more than 2 million apps available on the App Store today.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into a list of 9 of the best iOS apps for youtube content creators.

Best IOS Apps for YouTube Content Creators

1. iMovie

There are potential inconsistencies that may happen during our video production.

As a YouTube content creator, you may want to edit your videos minorly. Sometimes, you may want to include foreign items or video elements.

With iMovie as one of the best IOS apps, you can do more than just that.

You can create a more professional-looking video right on your iPhone, and sometimes, it’ll make you forget reaching to edit on your PC.

On iMovie, you can take advantage of gestures to do things smartly, and when it comes to burning or exporting your videos, you can publish from iMovie straight to your YouTube channel, without the need to save on your device.

Features of iMovie

– Multi-touch gestures to help you do things in an innovative and faster way.

– You can easily import audio from your iPod library, and if need be, you can as well record high-quality sound through iMovie.

– Available video themes which are customizable to your preferred taste.

– Easy to use.

2. DU Recorder – Screen Recording and Live Streaming App

Recording your screen on iPhone is relatively easy to do, and with just a few clicks, you can start and save your screen records.

As a YouTube content creator, the chances are that you need more than a basic screen recorder to help you get the job done.

That is why you need to check screen recording apps that allow you more features.

If you’re looking for a tool more than just a basic screen recorder, the DU recorder for iPhone will come in handy.

A great way to increase your YouTube watch hours is by leveraging Livestream, and with this app, you can share your iPhone screen in a Livestream directed to your YouTube channel.

Features of DU Recorder

– You can add voiceovers.

– Screen share your iPhone and save the videos using different resolutions and quality.

– Livestream your screen shares with your viewers not just on YouTube, but a few others like Facebook and Twitch and also tweak your privacy settings on the go.

– Built-in video editor that lets you edit the screen records.

3. YT Tracker

Could you guess the dream of most small YouTube channel owners?

Of course, it is getting to monetize their YouTube channels.

Getting your channel monetized is vast; this is why you need to keep track of things and put in the required effort to scale up for the YouTube partnership program.

That is where the YT Tracker app will come in handy.

This app is exclusive to iPhone users and android users; they may have to look for its alternative in the meantime.

The YT Tracker IOS application lets you track your channel progress by providing data such as your subscriber count and watch hours in real-time.

The app provides monetization data in numbers and a graphic bar.

Features of YT Tracker

– YT Tracker is free to use, but upgrading to pro yields more features.

– Track real-time progress of your monetization eligibility.

– Capture screenshots to share your progress with others

You can leverage the YouTube tag analysis feature to spy on competitors’ channels so you can grow your channel more.

– Video quality analysis tells how optimized your videos are.

Although the YT Tracker app is basically for monetization tracking, you can also use it to ascertain your channel’s success.

4. VidIQ for IOS

When it comes to YouTube content optimization, VidIQ is a lifesaver.

It makes the journey a little easier by providing you feature’s that’ll help optimize your videos on YouTube.

Ordinarily, VidIQ comes as a web browser extension that has all-exclusive features available.

However, there’s a mini version of this extension that comes for installation on mobile devices, and for your IOS devices, it is as powerful as you may want it to be.

So, whether you’re a newbie YouTuber or professional, the chances are that you’ll find great value using the VidIQ iPhone app.

Features of VidIQ for IOS

– Insights on the most performing videos within your channel and the most ranking keywords on your channel.

– Competitor insights to the performance of your channel over theirs.

– Keyword research tool helps you perform keyword research right from your IOS device.

– You can achieve a lot with the VidIQ free plan, but to unlock more functionality, you need to upgrade to premium, including the Professional, Boost, and Boost+ plans.

– You can also carry down Your VidIQ web extension premium subscription to your VidIQ iPhone app, so you don’t need to pay separately for the mobile app.

5. TubeBuddy for IOS

YouTube channels can be demanding, and the growth is gradual.

That is why you need to do more, and just like VidIQ, there’s a lot you can achieve by using the TubeBuddy app for iPhone.

It also comes as a web browser extension and a compelling means to optimize your videos and rank them higher on recommended areas and search results.

The IOS app lacks some of its robust features, but the little you can get can help you achieve great things for your channel.

It is a free app that any YouTuber can rank their videos on the platform, irrespective of their expertise.

 By upgrading to the premium plan, you’ll unlock other features as well.

Features of TubeBuddy for IOs

– As a YouTube content creator, you can keep track of your subscribers and views in real-time with this app.

– Comment moderation and response.

You need Insights about your video metrics, including views, likes, the average number of likes, and comments about video views to ascertain if they’re in perspective.

– Video attributes for SEO, interactivity, and social shares.

– Tag explorer, tag list, and topic planner.

– Canned response.

– Upcoming milestones.

6. Camera Plus Pro

One thing I noticed about most YouTubers is that they love breaking their inner circles to try out new things.

Because of this, you may want to go beyond your mobile stock apps and try out third-party apps.

An excellent way to start is by comparing the features your camera app provides and compare with other apps you can find on the app store, and for a splendid camera app worth trying, the Camera Plus Pro app could fit in.

It is a camera app with professional features that help you shoot excellent pictures, improve stabilization, and make your photo or video shoots more intriguing with its editor.

Features of Camera Plus Pro

– Photo editing features of this app include but are not limited to exposure settings, live photo filters, and the burst mode that lets you capture a series of photos with a single click.

 – Photo editing features aren’t limited to live video filters, time-lapses, and professional-level video editors.

– You can save your content by leveraging different resolutions and qualities using the camera plus pro app on your IOS device.

7. Cute Cut

Here comes another video editor to help with your channel videos.

The cute cut doesn’t offer so many features as far as video editing is concerned, but it is worth giving a try when it comes to simplicity of use and robust drawing tools.

However, a free subscription with the Cute Cut app caps you with limited video length, with watermarks that most people don’t like to see in their videos.

To get rid of those, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium Cute Cut subscription.

Features of Cute Cut

– You can publish your video upon edition from the app, directly to YouTube.

– Although the app is easy to use and has a simple user interface, there’s a guide to drive you through how to be at your best when using this app.

– Impressive transitions that you can also customize with ease.

– Drawing tools and brushes.

8. Canva for IOS

You cant separate graphics designing from video content creation, especially YouTube.

That is why as we discuss some of the best IOS apps for YouTubers, it will be great to talk about designing graphics such as channel art and thumbnails.

For this, the Canva IOS app will come in handy and help design stunning graphics that will attract more subs and inspire more people to click and watch your videos.

Features of Canva for IOS

– Thousands of graphics templates to choose from.

– Share project designs with your team.

– Different resolutions to choose from.

– Can be used to design your videos or edit some, with hundreds of effects to add.

– You can design pro-level graphics with little to no experience using Canva for IOS.

– There’s a lot that you can achieve on the free plan, and to get more advantages, you can switch to the pro version.

9. YouTube Studio IOS App

I don’t think it’ll be fair enough to conclude the list of the best IOS apps for YouTube content creators without talking about the YouTube-owned native studio app for mobile devices, which also has a version for iPhone.

The app comes with basic YouTube creator studio features so you can take charge of your YouTube channel and fuel up your channel engagement right on your mobile device.

Features of YouTube Studio IOS App

– Track live video analytics.

– Edit video thumbnails, tags, descriptions, and tweak the privacy settings.

– Read, react, pin, remove or reply to comments.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to managing your YouTube channel and driving it to the success rail, there’s a lot that you can achieve by leveraging your iPhone.

To startup, you must check out the 9 of the best IOS apps for YouTube content creators as listed above.

With time, you’ll get to find ease as you learn more about the nine best IOS Apps that’ll help make YouTube content creation, promotion, and channel management more fun.

Which other IOS app can you recommend to other YouTube content creators today?

Let us hear from you in the comments, and you may be helping others find more fun ways to manage their YouTube growth on their mobile devices.

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