You may have read a myriad of contents on the Internet in the form of blog posts, social media posts, videos on either YouTube or other platforms.

It’s nothing other than making money online.

One of the reliable sources and the most frequent you’ve come across is probably Blogging.

  Of course, there’s a lot of money in blogging that you may want to quit your day job for it.

We’re going to take a bit of a shift from a question that many people have asked; can I make a living blogging?

There is already a yes answer to it, so let’s go one step further:

If you have a laser-focused mind such as mine, you’ll want to know how much money blogging can bring to your table.

Take blogging as any regular business; some people accumulate losses, others are still struggling to maintain their capital, while others are in profits.

Furthermore, those in the profits are either low or high earners; this counts in the monetary aspects of blogging.

Can blogging make you millions?

You want to become a high-income earning blogger and have this question in mind; is it attainable?

I, too, was skeptical of answering this question to myself, but right when I did, the thought of putting it into a blog post to help anyone wanting to join the quest to hover in came into my mind.

I’m a growing blogger, and I don’t make millions blogging either, so my contributions here are based on my research and the success stories about million-dollar earning bloggers I’m looking up to, and there you go.

Many bloggers make millions blogging.

You can quickly join their leagues, and if so, you can not be even among the first thousands to be making it this vast either because there are already more than these numbers.

Beginning with leading bloggers, Arianna Huffington, the face and mind behind the Huffington Post website, started her blog in 2005 and so far have recorded more than a Billion dollar income, with approximately $250 million in revenue per year.

Peter Rojas of the Engadget blog, technology-based, earns about 50 million dollars a year.

More other millionaire bloggers include:

The list of millionaire bloggers goes on.

Well, now that we’ve explored the possibility that you could make millions blogging by looking at the examples, let’s take the next step.

I’ve had the chance to look into the stories of different personalities that make their journey to making millions public and found they have some things in common.

The things they have in common are nothing unusual, and here you go, four of them.

1. Passion drives them

Passion is a decisive factor, and it can do your work for free and pay to work for free.

Does that sound weird to you?

Well, that’s a passion for you.

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad is one of the fashion trailblazers and one of the most successful influencers in the industry globally.

She started earlier by taking photos of herself outside fashion shows and sharing them with her friends, and then went further in pursuing her fashion career, which she’s now successful at.

2. They are Learners

In an interview, Brian Clark, the CEO of the intelligent blogger as I’d love to address him, despite his resignation in April 2021, revealed how he began his struggle in the 1990s.

If you knew how the Internet was in those days, you would realize that social media was not a thing then, and blogging is no option either.

 Still, even after studying law, Brian dived into digital marketing, starting with email newsletters and nurturing his audience to where he currently is.

There are a few pieces about what you could use the Internet for, as opposed to now, but his commitment to learning made him who he is.

And this is one trait each of the others respects.

3. They Started from Zero

At one point, Michelle Schroeder had to take out a student loan of approximately $40,000, and Patt Flynn had to deal with his job loss in the first three months of getting hired.

That’s to tell you that many people at the top of the scale today started from scratch and became what they currently are.

4. They Never Relent

Arianna Huffington is an incredible pacesetter, and in one of her speeches opened up with the below in quotes.

Suppose I have to quote my mother.

She always said, ‘failure is not something to be afraid of,’ it isn’t the opposite of success… Perseverance is everything.

I don’t give up.

Everybody has failures, but successful people keep going….”

This shows that success requires courage, and Arianna and her kind take this and turn it into their strength.

We’ve so far answered the can blogging make you millions question and looked into four things factored within famous millionaire bloggers, so let me close up with some of the untold facts you need to know if you want to blog to make you millions.

– You will need to become a research warrior.

– The sooner you realize blogging is a traffic function, the better.

– You will need a reliable marketing channel that you are in complete control of – an email list is an excellent example.

– You have to learn to do certain things on your own and delegate some tasks.

– You’ll have to take a strategic approach in doing things.

– You’ll need to follow blueprints.

– A willingness to make intelligent investments.

– You have to dip into several sources of monetization.

Final Thoughts

Making millions on your blog is much attainable, but to what extent are you ready to invest the effort, time, and other required investments?

Well, it is undoubtedly going to be a bumpy ride ahead. Still, by putting things into perspective, you’ll get monetary values from your blog and join the millionaire bloggers club.

So, does blogging seem like a thing you can do for a long time, and between passion and money, what will keep you steadfast and determined not to give up?

I like to read your answers in the comments, so let’s get the ball rolling.

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