Hey there! Let’s talk about selling digital items on your blog, easy digital downloads or on-site products that you can create, and keep reselling over time to make huge profits right from the comfort of your blog.

If you wonder how bloggers make money from placing easy digital downloads on their blogs for sale, this will also come in handy.

Selling digital items is a great way to monetize your blog and is also a perfect way to get off the loop of the low payment system incurred with several advertising networks.

Irrespective of why you started blogging, getting paid from it gives you that sense of accomplishment that shows you are heading somewhere.

Why Sell Digital Products on My Blog?

You might think about asking this question if you aren’t convinced, so I brought the question before your eyes.

If you are wondering why you should consider selling digital products on your blog and how bloggers make money from this, here are few points to note:

If you can create a digital product, you can keep reselling to buyers, a clear pathway you can earn passively on your blog.

You don’t have to go through the troubles of shipping or warehousing as in the case of physical goods. So, it saves you the costs, effort, and time you could spend handling that.

If you have what it takes, you can make yourself a digital product without incurring any startup cost.

Irrespective of the niche you belong to, there are always digital products that would fit the kind of audiences you have.
Now that you have a slight idea about why you should start selling digital items on your blog, you might be thinking about the options you have or the types of products you can present to your audiences.

If so, then I still have provisions for you on that.
We will be discussing 20 digital products you can sell and make a passive income right in your blog.
Without much ado, here are the 20 as promised.


These are popular digital items, and whenever a startup hears about selling easy digital downloads, ebooks writing comes into their minds first.

Ebooks are informational products, and if you have a value worth giving out to the people, you can write it down into an ebook and earn money online.

Depending on your niche, you can tackle some of the pressing issues or troubles people have and write an ebook giving solutions.

Online Courses

If you are willing to go an extra mile or a bit in-depth to give out enough information to people and feel like making an ebook won’t be an option, I believe you are looking for something more robust, like an online course.

Many people started their easy digital downloads journey by selling ebooks and making online courses over time.

The use of ebooks is a good idea, but getting straight into selling online courses is better.
It would be best if you have the expertise to build an online course on your site or, better still, hire a developer to handle what you can’t, but with WordPress plugins like LearnDash, you can get over it yourself.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are top-rated. You probably are using them, maybe for free, I guess.
So, you might be wondering if anyone could buy photos for free when there are hundreds and thousands of royalty-free stock photos available on different sources on the internet for free, among other easy digital downloads.

Well, it depends on how creative and unique your photos seem, but the fact is that many people will be willing to pay for exciting stock images that they couldn’t find anywhere else but on your site.
Many people are making a fortune out of their stock photos, and even sites that have a ton of free stock photos to offer have specific sections for paid versions of their images.


I knew you never saw this coming, but yes, you can sell fonts on your website and get substantial monetary benefits in return.

Many people will be interested in having beautiful fonts on their devices; some even find it addictive.
So, you should try out providing fonts on your blogs for sale, and if you have beautifully crafted and creative fonts in place, you can make a fortune from your audiences in no time.

Audio Contents

You have been writing blog posts for a while and gathered enough audience, right?
So now is the time to consider making a master class in audio format and place them on your blogs for sale.

If you blog for passion rather than profit, you can at least put up audio lessons and charge a little money to cover the production costs, and buy yourself a cup of beer from the extra.

Video Content

Videos perform great, and you can use that to pass on information and value to your audiences in return for cash.

The videos in high demand visualize the learning process and require little to no production costs most of the time. It makes them a great option to offer on your blogs for sale.

Swipe Files

Another good answer as to how bloggers make money is through the selling of swipe files.
These are usually put together in a pdf file format. If you are skilled in providing email marketing or sale copies, you can give swipe files to help digital marketers, especially the busy ones.

Suppose you belong to the legal niche or something related and feel proficient at providing legal templates or bundles to people who need them for certain things like signing up for contracts or agreements; in that case, you can make that provision and charge a significant amount the templates.

Website Themes

Whether you’re good at designing website templates or can hire a web designer to create some for you, you can make money by selling them on your blog.

Website themes, especially that WordPress, are in high demand and will always be needed.
So, there is no better time to start selling web templates than now.


Just like website themes, there is nothing to worry about in case you have no experience.
You can hire someone to develop a mobile app or PC software that solves a specific problem or give out some value and put the app on your blogs for sale.

You can also charge for In-app purchases or premium upgrades to increase your revenue.

Design Patterns

At this point, your creativity should pay you off.
So, if you have an audience within the tailoring, knitting, embroidery niche, or something close to that, you should consider crafting some great patterns and sell them to interested buyers in your blog.

Graphic Designs

Suppose you are a graphic designer, better! But if you aren’t, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can quickly produce professional designs with graphical tools like Canva and still sell for profit on your blog.


The exciting part of earning from your blog is that the more solutions you bring, the better your chances of being monetized.

Here, it would be best if you considered creating and selling off printable copies of planners, gift tags, binders, coloring pages, lesson plans, educational pieces, and more.

Canva has plenty of templates you can use to create high-quality printables that you can sell. Click Here to access the Premium version for free.


To consider writing scripts and selling them, you must be thinking that far.
Nonetheless, it is a great way to earn a passive income through your blog, especially if your niche is within the spaces of coaching, marketing, and public relations.

Master Classes or Webinars

Irrespective of how in-depth you cover your blog topics, there are always some areas where your audiences would have trouble learning by text.

If they value those areas that much or you can convince them, they won’t hesitate to pay for a master class or webinar that would give them better insights from you.


We’ve talked about stock photos and masterclasses, another point to turn the tide in your favor.
You can create membership sections based on subscriptions, where people get exclusive content, be it courses or photos on your blog, for a certain amount of money.

Host One-on-One Coaching Sessions

I believe you are already an expert in what you do on your blog.
If I’m right, you should consider giving your audiences a chance to sign up for a one-on-one coaching session so you can help them out or give them personalized advice to help them overcome their problems or clear their pathways in achieving their respective goals.

You can host sessions on personal development, business coaching, and more, depending on your audiences’ wants.

Offer Skilled Services

Skilled service is one of the best ways to earn from your blog, and although you are offering a benefit here, your submissions are digital, which fits them into the array of digital items you can offer.

Whether you are a programmer, graphic artist, SEO expert, business coach, technical expert, digital advertising expert, writer, or you have any other skill that people would be interested in purchasing gigs from you and have you deliver digitally, you can let your audiences be aware of that.

Wrapping Up

There you go, products you can sell to generate income on your blog.

Can you think of any other marketable products? Share your ideas to help make the world a better place by helping others out.

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