If you are in the travel bloggers clubs and looking for unique travel blog post ideas, then this is the right place for you. We are going to dive into a bank of 100 travel content ideas that you can use for your travel blog or vlog if you’re a Youtuber.

Travel blogging is one of the popular niches out there. It is also one of the most profitable ones as well.

There are also several topics to discuss with your audience within the travel blogging niche. However, it is normal to run out of ideas and things to blog about. You know, just like having a wardrobe full of clothes and still running out of clothes to wear.

This is the moment when some of us tend to rethink if travel blogging is in any way fit for us. Enough of the contempt; you are not alone in this.

If you love travel-related stuff, you are well fit to own a travel blog and find success through it.

What you need to do is to look into things with a bit of a change of perspective.

In doing so, you may realize that there are many topics you can write about that your audience appreciates.

Suppose you need a little motivation to get on the rail.

In that case, the 100 blog ideas I am about to share will come in handy for travel bloggers like you.

Without further ado, here are the 100 blog post ideas for travel bloggers.

List of 100 Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. Mobile apps every traveler must have
  2. When and how to start organizing your next trip
  3. Backpacking to New Zealand
  4. How to rent a Campervan when you are new in town
  5. Dangerous places to visit on earth
  6. How to plan for ex-pat life around the world
  7. Top 20 countries in the world you should visit
  8. How to practice self-care while traveling alone
  9. Animals you should see before they go extinct
  10. The seven legendary travelers and who inspired me the most
  11. Travelling solo – where is the fun?
  12. What got me scared while traveling to the east
  13. World most powerful passports this year
  14. Eat, surf, and sleep in Atlanta
  15. Tips to bring home enough compelling photographs this summer
  16. Best travel vloggers to inspire you on youtube
  17. How to cut your costs during a travel
  18. A helicopter ride over an active volcano in Hawaii
  19. Travelling had made me soft – read my adventure
  20. How much does it cost to walk the Camino de Santiago
  21. Top 10 Travel Quotes you never heard of
  22. Starting the week in a famous Canadian City
  23. I am astonished to see this in Ireland
  24. The risk I took climbing this mountain is now my pride
  25. Before I turn 30, this is where I ha to visit
  26. Lease a Campervan and buy one – Which idea is dumb?
  27. Amazing structures in Antarctica
  28. Hanging out in Beijing
  29. Top 3 reasons to give Egypt a shot
  30. The Chinese wall and its surprises
  31. My visit to 5 countries in a month
  32. My travel summary for the end of the year
  33. Same place but an entirely new place – where and why
  34. 15 relaxing places to stay around the world
  35. Health tips for a traveler – what you need to know
  36. Learning a foreign language but stopped – here is why
  37. Another kingdom beyond our sights
  38. An interview with a marine biologist – this one had seen it all
  39. A super bird’s nest and its location
  40. 10 books every traveler needs to check out
  41. Best travel groups you can join on Facebook
  42. Safety tips for your passport when traveling offshore
  43. How to travel in twos, without killing each other
  44. Awesome survival books: 10 true-life tales
  45. A love story – the tale of two travelers
  46. Solo female traveling tips
  47. 10 steps to take in planning your trip
  48. 20 of the best backpacks for women
  49. What you should know about when packing for a long term travel
  50. 8 travel alternatives you can enjoy right now
  51. Could virtual reality experience with travelers become the new normal?
  52. Taking nice photoshoots and how to make it happen
  53. 8 things to do at Sao Paulo
  54. Safe and easy hiking destinations for solo travelers
  55. What to pack for California
  56. Most beautiful fairy tale towns in Europe
  57. Famous architectural places you have never been to
  58. My two days in a Roman hotel
  59. 5 ways to explore Milan without a car
  60. Why everyone should travel solo… once in a while
  61. Best multipurpose tents every traveler can afford
  62. Finding cheap accommodation
  63. The long way to Istanbul
  64. Owning a travel blog; is it worth it?
  65. Planning to travel overseas? Here is how to start planning
  66. How to convince parents to let you travel anywhere
  67. 7 hiking trails around the world that will blow your mind
  68. The ultimate guide to traveling on a budget
  69. Couples hangout: funny ways to deal with malice on the road
  70. 10 adventure movies on Netflix that will shape your next traveling experience
  71. 5 things one must include in his luggage
  72. The real places behind the King Kong movie
  73. Buying things from the locals and how to communicate
  74. What an excellent travel companion; Google translate the mobile app
  75. How to plan a multi-generational family vacation
  76. 10 things you should keep in mind when traveling to Brazil
  77. Turning to 35 now but have not seen enough of the world
  78. The strangest flight ever
  79. 15 places in Casablanca to visit
  80. How to support local communities when traveling
  81. When traveling to Nashville, you should check these five restaurants
  82. Is this town really on earth? Check it out
  83. Top 10 Compass app and how to use them
  84. A traveler’s checklist and all you need to know
  85. A photography course for you before going on your next vacation
  86. When having a tour in the desert, pay attention to these seven signs
  87. How to explore ancient places when you are new in town
  88. Inside the Incredible kingdom of Thailand
  89. Backpacking to Italy? Check these five excellent gelato sources
  90. Travel themed crafts
  91. 5 statues and the bizarre stories behind them
  92. Do’s and don’ts for a perfect honeymoon
  93. 10 mistakes you probably are making on every vacation
  94. Acclimatizing to your travel destination
  95. My interview with a ferryman
  96. Favorite national parks
  97. Thai delicacies you should probably give a try
  98. How to start a travel fund for the future
  99. Informative travel forecast channels
  100. My favorite to visit every year

Suppose you need more content ideas about your travel blog.

In that case, you should consider checking out what other travelers are talking about in the blogs, YouTube channels, social media pages, and more.

Another great way is to think about the journeys you have made and think about some of your experiences.

In doing so, you might be able to come up with a fascinating topic that can drive your audience nuts and be pleased to learn more from you.

More also, content ideas can be inspired by keywords.

Making some keyword research might go a long way in giving you insight into topics people are searching for in your niche.

Auto-completion feature within search engines like Google auto-complete is another way to gain enough insights about topics you can write about.

Since the suggestions are mainly based on what people are already searching for, you will benefit from better exposure to more audience.

There are different ways you could leverage to be inspired and never run out of blog ideas anytime soon.

You have to brainstorm a little bit.

Fortunately, you can generate more blog posts from a few blog post ideas.

There you go—one hundred content ideas you should consider choosing from

Always put out a blog update, and never make your audience wait for more than they are supposed to.

Be free to use topics or make their variants, depending on your taste and which audience you are looking for.

Even if they do not look in the direction of a travel blog, you still can employ your creativity to turn the tides in your favor by being inspired through them.

Even if we had discussed more than these 100, the chances are that we will keep wanting more content ideas.

Here are more content ideas;

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Which other blog post ideas about travel blogging do you have in mind? Share them in the comments section below.