The Chrome Web Browser is the most popular one and arguably the best. This is no surprise because the browser has functionalities you can’t come across in any other place including its chrome extensions.

It simplifies the whole web surfing process, and the Chrome Addon made life even easier for a regular web surfer.

As a blogger, several google chrome extensions come in handy to make life easier.

Because of this, we’ll discuss some of the best chrome extensions that bloggers need to check out in this Article.

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Grammarly – Grammar Checker

Writing content can be demanding.

Irrespective of how good a writer you are, chances are you make errors in content writing.

With Grammarly, AI will proofread for you, highlight the points that need to be corrected, and suggest the correct way to fix those writing issues.

Anything from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, tone correction, conciseness, and more, the Grammarly Chrome extension will give you a hint about

Whether you’re typing on Google docs or social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can leverage Grammarly for your grammatical corrections.

2. Keyword Surfer – Keyword research and Implementation Chrome Addon

Keyword research can be daunting.

Fitting those keywords in their correct numbers is another daunting process that can make you fall into keyword stuffing.

The free Chrome extension of Keyword Surfer gives you insight into the relevant keywords.

It also shows you the frequency you can use them without resulting in underutilizing or over-utilizing them.

3. Email Extractor – Email Harvesting Chrome Addon

For one reason or the other, you may want to extract email addresses from a particular website.

The exercise mentioned above can be daunting.

Email Extractor chrome web extension enables you to stockpile many email addresses that are retrievable in a CSV file or have you paste them on your preferred text editor.

This chrome web store extension is a powerful one.

You can input a specific URL and get, in return, the email addresses on it.

If you have other URLs you want to retrieve email addresses from, you can queue them up and have them deliver one after the other in an automated pattern.

Also, this tool is free for everyone to use.

4. Article Rewriter – Article Spinning Extension

Making AI digest a certain content and rewrite it into a unique piece shows that writing blog posts may take a new dimension.

There are a couple of Article rewriting tools out there.

Although spun content seems less human, it still is something many people appreciate.

With the Article Rewriter extension, all you need to do is highlight your preferred range within any web page, open the options menu and select the rewrite option to get the content rewritten by AI.

Using this tool, you can rewrite as much content as you wish using this free tool.

5. Free Email Templates – Email Marketing Templates Extension

Your email service provider has you covered with great email templates for your email marketing needs.

However, getting a handful of other email templates won’t be a bad idea, especially if you’re getting them for free.

This is why the Free Email Template Extension will come in handy.

Next time when you’re looking for different templates for your email marketing, check out this chrome addon, fill in the blank spaces, and you’re good to send those marketing campaigns.

6. PrePostSEO Tools – SEO Toolkit

It is customary to get insight into a website’s SEO stand or sometimes make some competitive analysis as a blogger.

Either way, PrePostSEO tools will help you check different SEO metrics about a website you’re just visiting.

This includes its Moz Rank, Metadata, Link Rot Analysis, Domain/Page Authority, Domain age, and more.

There are about 50 SEO metrics you can leverage using PrePostSEO.

7. Ultra Accurate Word Counter – Word Length Counter

Another thing you may be curious about when reason a blog post from another site is the word length that showcases how lengthy it was.

Naturally, you need to copy the entire content of the blog post, paste it in a word editor and view the word length.

The process is a lengthy one.

With Ultra Accurate Word Counter, you only need to highlight the text and open the options menu to click on the chrome web extension icon to see the number of words you highlighted.

8. Blish WordPress – Content Publisher for WordPress Sites

You don’t have to keep logging into your dashboard, paste your content, and then hit the publish button to air your content out for your WordPress site.

All you need to do is leverage the Blish WordPress extension to publish your blog post within the shortest time possible.

9. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to keyword research and analysis, we can leverage a couple of tools.

Although premium versions are the most promising, a couple of free keyword tools try to give out the value we pay for free.

Let’s now look at the term Keywords.

Everywhere, you find a keyword research tool that offers near-to-premium-keyword data for free.

As a chrome web extension, you definitely can lay your hand on this tool by simply going to the chrome web store and activate it on your browser to get going.

10. ScreenShot Capture and Editor Tool

I can’t imagine surfing the Web as a blogger and not taking screenshots of some information that could be useful for my blog.

For this reason, whether I’m on mobile or PC, I always have a tool in place to capture screenshots.

Right on your PC chrome browser, you can take a screenshot, edit the image to your liking, then save it.

It is as easy as that, and if there’s a mistake, you can discard the screenshot and move on.

You can do all this with the Screenshot Capture and Editor Tool on your Chrome Web Browser.

11. Buffer – Social Media Scheduler

As a blogger, the chances are that you have one or more social handles across the extensive social media networks where you can promote your content to gain more traffic.

Growing on social also requires consistency, and with tools like Buffer, you can easily schedule your posts for publishing on your social handles.

You can also integrate the chrome extension with your site to share content with your social followers now or later.

12. Font Customizer

For your favorite website where you always go to, for blogging tips, why not consider tweaking your fonts over there so you can have a more unique and excellent reading experience?

With Font Customizer, you can easily customize the font style, size, and text color from your favorite websites you’re browsing through chrome.

This way, you can take charge of your reading comfort ad experience whenever you please.

13. WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

Sometimes, I get to go through several questions fellow bloggers ask about a particular WordPress theme or plugin a given website uses.

If you sometimes wonder about the plugin or themes someone uses on their site, the WordPress theme and Plugin detector chrome extension comes in handy.

With this tool, you can easily detect the theme’s name a particular site is using or plugin.

Another exciting thing is that you don’t have to pay to activate this tool on your browser so that the process will be free and fun.

The best experience comes from a clean browsing flow where we aren’t interrupted by other services when browsing through different websites.

Well, cookie consent that lets us either accept cookies of a particular site or decline can be intrusive and, in the process, get us frustrated.

With GDPR Auto Cookie Consent, you can automate the process of accepting web cookies without having the pop-ups or overlays affecting your browsing experiences.

Different sites have different cookie components, so this tool may permit some cookie pop-ups to show, but this happens in minor instances.

15. Save to Google Drive

While browsing the Web, the chances are that you may come across awesome files that you wish to download or maybe store for future use.

With the Google Drive Chrome extension, you can easily download those files to your google drive, where you can access them anytime you wish.

You can also capture screenshots on your browser and decide to leverage the save to Google Drive feature. The process is a hassle-free one.

16. Similar Sites – Website Alternatives

Finding sites related to yours isn’t hard to do.

You can take advantage of this chrome extension if you need another route to get things done.

Similar sites allow you to check other sites on the same niche from a particular one you’re visiting on your web browser.

So, whether you’re looking for post ideas, running a competitive analysis, or looking for similar exciting content to consume and more, Similar Sites will come in handy.

17. Similar Web – SEO Analysis

Similar Web is an SEO analytic tool that allows you to check essential SEO metrics about a website you’re just visiting.

With this tool, you can find information about a site, including its geography, sources of traffic, global ranking, visitor insights, and more.

18. RSS Feed Reader

Going through your feeds and subscribing to new ones has never been easier with an RSS Feedreader.

You get a fully fledge RSS toolbar that makes it easy for you to export your feeds and customize its display, in addition to more.

There are many features available with its free plan, and if you’re looking forward to its exclusive features, you need to upgrade to the premium plan.

19. SEO Analysis and Website Review by WooRank

A great way to improve your search engine visibility is by finding SEO issues and employing a fix.

This is why SEO auditing is essential.
Fortunately, there are many SEO audit tools one can find out there.

With the WooRank SEO Analysis and Website Review extension, you can easily access web address data by simply visiting the site and activating the extension.

There are several issues that your SEO analysis using the WooRank extension will cover.

For example, it covers a site’s responsiveness to mobile devices, backlink insights, SEO, and many others.

So, whether you’re spying on your competitors, running your site audit, or wanting to help a client as a developer, the data offered by this tool found on the Google web store can help secure excellent SEO value.

Several google chrome extensions have what it takes to be considered blogging companions that contribute to writing our success stories as bloggers.

When you visit the chrome web store, there’s a dedicated category for “blogging” with hundreds of related tools there, which I believe can be put to good use.

Which of the 19 best chrome extensions are you already using?

Which other Google Chrome Extensions have you discovered that you’d recommend?