When I started blogging, one thing I struggled with was finding a niche I could blog about without running out of ideas along the way. Something I could talk about for years to come without losing my passion.

One mistake most beginner bloggers do is starting a blog without a specific niche to focus on. They blog about everything and anything. Although I get where they are coming from because it’s hard to choose one, I wouldn’t advise this. Pick a niche or two to blog about that your audience will remember you for, and stick to that.

For example, when I need some fashion inspiration there are some specific bloggers I go to because their focus is fashion and they are good at it. I’ve remembered them for that and will always go to them when I am looking for fashion-related articles.

An advantage of having a specific niche you concentrate on is that your blog is orderly. When there are blog posts about everything and anything, it is hard for your readers to find good posts you’ve written in the past when they want to refer to them. It is also difficult for them to grow with you as it is in most cases difficult to follow where you’ve come from and are going when you blog about anything and everything.

Unless you are extremely good at maintaining a haphazard blog I wouldn’t recommend it. It won’t help your blog to grow as it should.

So as a blogger it’s ideal to pick a niche and focus on it. Can’t emphasis this enough.

Is it fine if you pick more than one niche? I would recommend two or maximum three. More than that would lead to an inconsistent blog style or pattern.

Now, because I understand how difficult it is for beginner bloggers to pick a niche, I’ve made a list of some of the best topics or niches to blog about in 2023. If you are already a blogger currently blogging about everything, I would recommend you check out this list and see if there is anything you can relate to and could see yourself blogging about long term. If there is, pick that and focus on it.

For some of you, as you read this list you might find that ideas for several of the topics come to mind. But to help you decide, I recommend you pick one before you start and write down a list of at least 15 blog topics you can write about that niche. If you find that you can’t even get to ten then I recommend you pick another that you can write at least 15 post titles about. Obviously more ideas will come as your blog grows, but 15 or 20 is what I recommend you start with so that you know for the first 15 weeks, you have at least one blog post per week.

You may not understand the reason for it now, but doing this helped me have a successful start when I started blogging.

Well enough of that here’s the list of some of the most profitable, popular, or shall I say potentially successful blog niches this year.

25 Best Blogging To Create Content Around

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Mental Health
  3. Finance (saving, budgeting, bitcoin, forex)
  4. Health
  5. Fashion
  6. Food/Nutrition
  7. Fitness
  8. Photography
  9. Hair
  10. Reviews (e.g. brand reviews, sports reviews, TV show reviews, etc.)
  11. Parenthood
  12. Marriage
  13. Entrepreneurship (startups, growth or investing)
  14. Life Hacks
  15. DIY’s
  16. Technology
  17. Blogging (setup, growth, monetization)
  18. News events
  19. Sports
  20. Religion
  21. Chronic illnesses
  22. Student life
  23. Shopping
  24. Comedy
  25. Ways of making money online

The list of possible niches could go on but these are the most popular ones to blog about. Pick one and start planning your blog posts. Or if you’ve been blogging about everything, pick one to start specializing in.

Also have in mind that there are several ways to blog including the traditional written blog like this one, vlogs most popularly found on YouTube, or picture blogging like an Instagram account so you can choose which one works best for you and start blogging about your chosen niche.

Here is a detailed guide on How To Start A Blog The Right Way.

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