The world is going through very difficult and uncertain times due to the pandemic. Most industries are facing the consequences of this shutdown and are slowly shutting down businesses. But one industry that has the opportunity to thrive during this season is the blogging and influencer industry, more specifically lockdown blogging and content creation.

There’s never been a better time to capture people’s attention or better opportunity to reach more people and grow your blog, vlog or social media. Now is the best time to create and leverage your content. And here are the reasons why;

1. You have more time

With everyone needing to practice social distancing, and stay at home, we as bloggers, Youtubers and other content creators will most likely find ourselves with more time than before to be creative and create content for our blogs and platforms. 

It may take extra effort to get yourself to work from home if you are used to commuting to and from a workplace away from home. But once you adapt yourself, you will find yourself working as usual and possibly flowing in your creativity and ideas for new content.

This is the best time to create content in bulk for the future and if you’re like me and struggle with being consistent then this is a good time for us to work on that!

2. You have fewer distractions

Life in general has slowed down and the busyness of life as we know it has come to a pause. There is less interaction with the outside world and less activity outside the home like traveling, shopping or meeting up with people. 

As a result there are less distractions and more opportunity to be able to reboot and refresh your creativity for new content.

So if you’ve been thinking of rebranding yourself, now is the best time to sit down and plan that  while executing the vision for your brand.

content creation during pandemic

3. Your readers have time

While you have more time on your hands to create new content, your readers, both current and potential are also stuck at home and have time on their hands to read, watch or engage with your content.

This is the time to give them something new to consume or recycle some old content (tactfully) for them to revisit.

4. People need things to do

With time on their hands, people need things to do! They are looking for fresh, interesting and insightful content to consume. They are looking to be entertained or inspired. 

Now imagine starting a daily series of an interesting topic and having your audience look forward to something new daily? That will keep people on their toes and wanting to engage with your content because you have given them something to fill up their time.

Here are some great content ideas for topics that people are searching for during the lockdown.

5. You can make more income

With more people available to consume and engage with your content, now is the best time to take advantage of lockdown blogging and earn more income from your blog, YouTube channel or Instagram account.

It is your opportunity to leverage your income sources from the content you create. If you’re a Youtuber more people watching your videos means more people will click your ads, same for bloggers. Now is the time to publish and sell that ebook you’ve been sitting on or create that course you’ve been postponing and sell it to the people who are looking to learn a new skill during this season.

Finally the pandemic has affected and changed a lot of things in the blogging world and affected how content creation is done. Here an entire post on The New Blogging Trends and Predictions to Expect this year as a result of the lockdown.

Don’t have a blog and inspired to start one? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a money making blog.  

lockdown blogging and content creation
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