Writing and posting blog posts is not the hardest part of running a blog. Driving high-quality and consistent blog traffic is what most people struggle with.

It is a challenge every blogger has to face and overcome in order to see success in blogging.

Here are 21 ways you can overcome this and make sure you are not blogging in vain, but that there is traffic coming to your site after you hit publish.

If you’re a new blogger wondering how to drive traffic to a new blog or and a seasoned blogger wondering how to increase your blog traffic, these 21 tips will help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Now some of these may be new and some you may be already using. 

For those that you think you are already using, do you know exactly why you are using them and how they are helping your traffic grow or are you just doing them because you saw other bloggers do it? 

Find out the exact reasons why below.

First, how to drive traffic to a new blog:

1. Use a Premium Domain 

You’ve probably noticed that all the blogs that appear on the first page of Google always have top-level domains. That is not by mistake.

If you want to have your blog rank high on the first pages of search engines, and drive more traffic to your site, then you need to have a top level domain.

What is a top level domain? A top level domain is a domain that ends with .com, .net, .org, .co for example  http://www.yourblogname.com

You can easily buy top-level domains at affordable prices from many platforms like GoDaddy and Namesilo. Don’t worry if your budget is low. You can buy a low-cost domain on Namecheap for as little as $8.99 a year. 

When you have a premium domain, search engines will be able to index your blog so that it appears higher on search engines.  This in turn increases your blog traffic from Google and other search engines.

When picking your domain name make sure to pick something that memorable, easy to spell and under 15 characters.

It will also give your blog a more professional look than a domain that looks like this – blogname.wordpress.com.

So if you are still using a free subdomain from sites like Blogspot or WordPress.com, then you should consider investing in a premium domain. With a premium domain, your blog has a higher chance of blogging success.

2. Use a Responsive theme

If you want to have a successful blog, then use a responsive theme for your blog. 

What is a responsive theme?  

A responsive theme is a theme which loads quickly and responds faster when a person opens your blog. 

We live in a “microwave” generation where people are generally less patient and want things quicker than before.

If you open a blog and it takes forever to load then you will most probably leave the site and never visit it again. 

Similarly, if someone visits your blog and webpage, and it doesn’t respond fast enough, they may lose interest in what initially brought them there. 

Google ranks faster loading websites higher as part of its algorithm. Faster site, means higher ranking and higher ranking means more traffic.

So if you want to get more people visiting and staying on your blog, you need to use a responsive theme.

3. Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

According to Statistica more than 50% of all global internet traffic and searches are made on mobile devices. It is therefore important to make sure that your blog loads fast and properly from a mobile device.

A mobile friendly blog is a blog which loads everything on the site properly from a mobile device. It means all your pages of your blog are properly shown to your viewers. 

Many blogs look perfect on a laptop or computer but when you open them on a mobile device, the pages don’t load properly and it looks messy. This leaves a bad impression and reduces the chances of people returning to your blog.

4. Start & Grow an Email List

A great way to secure continuous blog traffic is to start and build an email subscription list. 

Email subscription is when people subscribe to your blog using their email address and get an email whenever you post a new article on your blog. 

If they keep getting notified about your articles in their email then they will visit your blog again each time they get an email notice about your latest post, securing you some ‘automatic’ traffic over time. 

Email subscription is a great way to drive more traffic to blogs and many successful bloggers use this technique to increase their blog traffic. If you do not have an email list then this is your sign to start one. 

Add the email subscription feature on your blog and get people notified about your articles.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic:

5. Write Unique Content

Always write unique content articles which are practical and helpful to your viewers. When you genuinely offer value and provide content that is unique you build trust with your readers and gain a community of loyal return visitors. 

When people know that they can learn, be inspired or entertained by visiting your blog, they will return again without hesitation.

Research about your topic and always make sure each piece of content you put out provides value for your readers’ time.

6. Write Evergreen Content

Another way of driving traffic to your blog is by having evergreen content on your blog. 

What is the importance of evergreen content? Evergreen content means your content is always fresh whether someone reads it after 2 years from its published or later than that. 

It remains informative and fresh, and does not go out of season after it is published.

A topic on how to lose weight is evergreen because what works today will work 10 years from now. On the other hand, a post about last night’s football match will not be relevant months down the line.

Make sure your blog content is well researched and evergreen. That way people can still read and enjoy your posts three years after you publish them.

7. Write Longer Articles

When you are writing articles, try to make them longer. Provide more useful information in your articles. 

The longer and unique the article is, the more the chances of getting ranked on Google’s first page results. Higher rankings will help you build more traffic for your blog. 

The algorithm will assume you know more about a topic if you have more to write about it. 

It will therefore rank a 1000 word blog post higher than a 300-word blog post on the same topic because it is assumed that the longer one is more exhaustive about a certain topic.

Write unique and longer articles and it will help you get more traffic on your blog.

8. Connect With Your Readers

Connecting with your readers is a great way to build a loyal following and build a relationship with your readers.

Taking time to connect with them, creates loyalty and turns them into fans that will continue to support your brand and keep coming back to visit your site. 

A great way to connect with your readers is through the comment section on your blog. Another way is by adding a contact form on your contact page for people to contact you. If anyone wants to reach out to you about your blog they can communicate with you through your contact page. That way viewers get the impression that you prioritize their opinion.

9. Promote Your Content on Social Media

Billions of people are active on social media everyday. Leverage this by using social media to share and market your content.

Social media connects the world so it is the best way share your content and more views to it.

Pinterest is one of the best to drive tones of traffic to your site. Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram are also great ways to get more views for your website.

10. Use Google Search Console 

Its hard to drive traffic to your blog if your posts are not indexed on google search engine. 

Indexing your blog on Google search console, ensures that all your posts are listed and can be found on Google.

Make sure to list your blog or website on google search console, as it will index your articles on google. This will drive more traffic to your blog as your blog appears on search results related to your niche.

Always be creative with your blog and try to get backlinks. Let me explain what backlinks are. 

When another blogger includes a link to your blog on their website, and their viewers are able to click the link to go to your blog that is called a backlink for your blog. 

It is a way of sharing traffic because when viewers visit another blog which has your backlink, they can click your link and visit your blog. 

The more backlinks you have the higher your Domain authority (DA score), a measurement score that was created by Moz.

The higher your domain score the higher your site is ranked on Google and the higher your search engine ranking, the more organic traffic you can get from Google.

Not all backlinks are equal so you want to aim to get high quality backlinks from high DA websites. Examples of high DA websites are websites like CNN, Forbes or Business Insider. 

These carry more weight than backlinks from lower DA websites and will have a greater effect on your DA score.

Backlinks are great way to drive traffic but there is another way to drive traffic using links and that is interlinking your other articles with relevant articles on your blog. 

It means if you are writing one article and you have another article related to some terms in your existing article then you link your other article with the existing article. 

People will read that article after reading the current one, and this increases the average dwell time on your site. How long people stay on your site after they click it from google, is a ranking factor the algorithm uses to determine which sites are providing value to viewers. 

So when you interlink your posts, people stay on your blog longer. When the algorithm sees that people are staying on your site longer than other sites, it bumps your post up the rankings.

13. Use Long Tail Keywords

If you are not using keywords at all in your blog articles, then you won’t be getting much organic traffic from Google. Long tail keywords are the number 1 way to drive organic traffic to your blog. 

There are many free platforms where you can find low competition long tail keywords. Take some time to do keyword research and find some keywords to use in your articles and watch them grow your organic traffic. 

It will help your blog to rank on Google top pages and more people will come to know about your blog which will increase your traffic.

However, with keywords you can’t pick just any keyword and throw it into your post. You need to use ones that you have a high chance of ranking for. If you’re not sure what keyword research is or how to do it check out this post where I share all you need to know to start doing keyword research.

14. Guest Post On Other Blogs

Another way of driving traffic to your blog is through guest posting on other blogs, and guest features on podcasts and other youtubers’ channels. 

This allows you to grow your audience and tap into the following that others have already built. When you guest post other people get to find out about your work and may like it so much that they become fan of your content.

People also love to communicate and share their point of view. You can provide them a platform on your blog where they can share their experiences. There are three benefits of this;

1) You get free content for your blog

2) You get exposure to their audience when they share their feature on your blog with their community

3) You build a relationship with that blogger for future collaborations

4) potentially increase engagement by your own community when they regularly get her other people’s stories.


Create a guest post feature link and put it in the main menu of your blog so that people who visit your blog know how they can get featured on your blog to share their articles. You can choose to do this for free or to charge for the service, as this will be a form of marketing for them too.

15. Participate in Blogger Roundups

Round ups are where content creators come together to collaborate on a piece of content. Each person contributes something and it is all put together to create one roundup piece of content or blog post.

Each person then shares the content with their audience. The advantage of this is that as each person share with their community you gain exposure to their communities. 

If you have provided valuable information in your contribution, more people will want to connect with you or read more of your content. This is a great way to increase blog traffic.

When it comes to growing your blog traffic, niche popularity plays an important role. 

While its great to talk about things you are interested in, if you want to increase your traffic and see better results its important to serve your audience and write about things that they are interested in. After all they are your “clients”.

Picking a niche that is evergreen and popular is a great way to see better results from your blogging efforts.

17. Use Tiktok

Tiktok is one platform which you have a high chance of going viral on.

It’s popularly known for fun short videos but its also a good way to increase blog traffic.

You can create short high-value videos around your niche. If your content is put in front of a lot of people, some may follow you and become fans of your content. When they are fans it’s easier for them to look for you on other platforms or find out about your blog.

Include your website link at the end of your video.

18. Promote on Quora

Quora is a very famous platform where people ask questions and others answer them. Similarly, you can use this platform to promote your blog. 

Find questions that people are asking relating to your niche.  Answer the questions by giving a little snippet of your article with a link to the rest of your article. 

That way when someone reads your answer Quora, they will open your article to read the rest of it. This in turn gives you an increase in blog traffic.

19. Use Bloglovin to share your posts

Bloglovin like the name implies is platform where people can view and share blogs. It’s like a social media platform for bloggers.

Having your RSS feed connected to Bloglovin allows people who are searching for content in your niche to find you.

It then becomes a source of traffic for your blog.

20. Embed a Youtube Video Inside Your Posts

Video are always fun to watch. People always prefer to watch videos instead of reading articles. 

So now you have to be smart to drive traffic to your blog article, because people love to watch videos so embed a video in your article. 

How does embedding a video help with your blog’s traffic? Great question. 

With embedded videos within your posts, people who prefer to consume video content will watch the video and probably read the text after, or vice versa. 

You will now be providing value to both people who prefer videos and those who don’t mind reading text.

Embedded videos make your blog stand out and psychologically make your visitors feel like they are getting double value. 

They also make people stay on your site longer, increasing average dwell time which is a factor that search engines use to rank blog posts.

People will know that instead of trying to find videos on certain topics by themselves, they can find them within your blog posts which to them feels like bonus value.

Make sure the embedded video is related to your article and that it gives more information about your topic. 

21. Drive Traffic from YouTube

YouTube is a genius way to increase blog traffic that not many bloggers are making use of. 

Now you may be thinking how do I drive traffic to my blog from YouTube? If you have a Youtube channel with a related niche, you can create videos about the posts on your blog. 

Give some value and a taste of your content in your video. Then link your article in the description and tell people to use it to find out more using the link. Or offer a content upgrade or freebie from your YouTube channel that people can access through visiting your blog.

Are you taking advantage of all of these ways of increasing blog traffic? If not which ones are you yet to make use of? Let me know in the comments below.

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