Blog Coaching, Audit, Design & PR Services

Blog Audit

Our blog audit package costs $85. This includes an audit of your blog and detailed feedback on areas of improvement.

Blog Coaching

Our coaching services are personalized depending on where you are in your blogging journey and what your needs are.

These include blog monetization, SEO training, Keyword research training, Pinterest training, content writing training, and strategy for social media and blog growth.

1-hour session $150

2 Weeks package with 2 hourly sessions $250

1-month package with weekly 1 hour sessions $500

Blog setup and design

Are you a new blogger and need someone to set up your blog for you? Let us set up your blog for you.

What’s included;

-A WordPress site

-Premium web hosting service

-5 pages included

-Premium theme optimized for SEO

Price: $500

Blog Redesign

Looking to change and upgrade your current blog? We can redesign your blog and set up a new premium theme that has the following features;

-Modern look

-Optimized for SEO

-Fast loading

-User-friendly layout

-Mobile friendly and responsive

Price: $300

Mass PR

Get featured on top media publications like Fox, ABC, NCBC, Market Watch, New York Chronicle, and others.


$300 with your own article.

$350 with an article written by us.

Please note:

*We do not offer individual publication services, only mass media publications.

*This includes a nofollow backlink.